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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 2, 2016 (rescheduled from January 21, 2016)

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: February 2, 2016 (rescheduled from January 21, 2016) at 1:00 PM, Room 150


  • Members were invited to the Black Issues Conference
    • Scheduled for Saturday February 6th, 2016
  • Members were invited to the Libraries’ research poster forum where the Diversity Committee will be showcasing the updated Lunch and Learn Poster

Lunch and Learn:

  • ​Next program will be on Wednesday February 17th, 2016
  • Lili’a agreed to introduce the program and speaker
  • Megan agreed to take pictures for the event
  • The committee discussed various marketing and PR activities for promoting the program
  • Keila and Regina are working on the new survey forms
  • The committee agreed to advertise with the Daily Beacon for the remaining two sessions

Library Project Implicit Group Update:

  • The group will be reading Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People Mahzarin R. Banaji
    • Scheduled to meet with Dr. Ron Tredway from Campus Human Resources
  • Goal: create a certification program for in-house training to prevent implicit bias
    • ​STRIDE was mentioned as a reference resource, but STRIDE is only focused on bias in the hiring process
  • Goal: identify and invite a national speaker to speak to the Libraries
  • The committee tasked Thura with talking to administration about making an announcement that this group is in place and to list all of the members
    • Thura will also inquire if this group could be expanded to include more diversity in membership

Next Meeting: February 17th, 2016 at 1:00pm in room 150

In Attendance:

Ann Hulse
Cathy Jenkins
Lili’a Neville
Megan Venable
Thura Mack
Keila Zayas Ruiz
Kenya Flash
Seth Jordan

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