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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes March 19, 2015

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: March 19, 2015 at 1:00pm, Room 150


  • Next Thursday (March 26) the African American Trailblazer series will host Valisia LeKae, who recently starred as Diana Ross in the film Motown the Musical at 12:30pm in Hodges auditorium.
  • April 8 at 6pm the Office of Disability Services will host an induction ceremony for new Honor Society members.
  • April 27 4pm SALUTE (an honor society for student veterans) will host an event for new members and will also highlight the WWII project and the exceptional service honorees. An official invite will be coming soon.
  • Search committee for the two (2) new diversity residents will be conducting phone interviews next week and plans on inviting five (5) candidates to campus. The diversity committee will have a place on the agenda during the campus visit. Thura will update the committee with the meeting times with the candidate.

Lunch and Learn series

  • Possible groups on campus to connect with:
    • Both the Honors college and Greek life participants need service hours
    • The Teaching and Learning Center has agreed to help
    • The Vice Chancellor’s office will also help
  • Style of presentations
    • Fish bowl
    • A variety of different approaches the style may need to change with the subject
    • Please reiterate to facilitators that they are not lecturing. Want to create conversations.
  • Schedule
    • We will create the schedule on a rotating basis, for example:
      • September: Wednesday
      • November: Wednesday
      • December: Tuesday
      • October: Tuesday
      • August: Tuesday

Interest poll

  • Will be developed by Regina
  • When to distribute
    • One time very soon to gage interest for the first meetings
    • Again at the beginning of Fall semester to plan for Spring
  • How to distribute
    • Cannot distribute to entire student population because it would need to be approved and that does not work in our time frame
    • TN Today
    • Any listerserve we have access to such as honors college
  • Questions
    • A list of topics and participants put on a sliding scale of interest
    • Changing locations
    • Optional open ended question with what they would like to see
    • Will ask if faculty, staff, or student and if student what year
  • Brainstorm
    • Ideas for topics
    • What we actually want to discuss, but with a catchy name
  • Possible incentives for participation: Regina will look into that

Final thoughts

  • Look out for an email with information from the questions in attendance
  • Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 16, 2015, at 1:00pm in room 150

In Attendance

Thura Mack
Cathy Jenkins
Sarah Holt
Steve Thomas
Regina Mays
Melanie Allen
Tamara Griffin
Lili’a Neville
Shelly O’Barr
Seth Jordan
Megan Venable
Ingrid Ruffin

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