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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes January 15, 2015

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: January 15, 2015 at 1:00pm Room 150


  • Search Committee for the Diversity Librarian Residency Program
    • The search committee information will use the Diversity Committee’s website as its main webpage
    • Thura will work with Seth to make sure the page gets updated as needed –feedback welcome
  • Disability Services has invited the Diversity Committee to participate in the Traveling Disability Bus Tour –more specific details in the near future
  • Members of the Diversity Committee will be presenting at the 2015 Tennessee Libraries annual conference

Black Issues Conference Proposal Submission

  • The sub-group for the conference did submit a proposal but have yet to hear back from the conference programming
  • Anne Holst will contact the Black Issues Conference administrators to find out the status of our proposal

Status/Discussion of Lunch and Learn Series

  • VC Hall is thrilled with the Lunch and Learn topic: How to Have Difficult Conversations About …
  • He proposed that we kick off the series in Fall of 2015
    • The committee agreed to work on the programming concept starting February until program implementation
    • The committee will request that he appoints a contact person representing his office to work with our committee as we develop this program

Upcoming Meeting Dates

March 19
April 16
May 21
June 18

In Attendance

Thura Mack
Anne Hulse
Ingrid Ruffin
Steve Thomas
Cathy Jenkins
Elizabeth Young
Sara Bourque (ODS Proxy)
Seth Jordan

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