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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 20, 2014

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: February 20, 2014 at 1:00pm , Room 150

1. Quiet reflection in memory of Marva Rudolph

2. Announcements

  • Safe Zone Training Completed (Sojourna Cunningham)
    • Attendees will receive engraved stickers
    • Approximately 9 attendees; attendee names will be submitted to Dean’s Newsletter
    • Next up – hidden disability and suicide prevention training
  • Academic Program Review meeting for Library Diversity Committee Members  Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 3:15pm – 4pm in Room 605
    • Committee members must be prepared to ask and answer questions
  • 2013-2014 Library Diversity committee membership page begin updated by Seth Jordan.

3. Diversity Highlights

  • The Dean is nominating the library for a CCI Diversity award
    • We are requested to provide a narrative of our programming:
      • The Human Library Project
      • Veterans
      • SafeZone Training
      • Culture Corner
      • Black Issues Conference
      • The International Festival
      • VolAware Street Fair
      • Diversity Residents
      • Supporting Collegiality in the library
        • Cookie Contest
      • Supporting Community Causes
        • Race for the Cure
        • Race Against Racism
      • Upcoming
        • Year-long Disability Awareness Projects

4. Steve Milewski (Liaison for Disability Services)

  • Attended the February meeting and will also attend the March meeting
  • He confirmed that he is available to provide a tour of assistive services and technology in the library

5. Disability Project

  •  The International Festival Table April 11 from 10-3
    • Theme: Disability resources in the Libraries
      • A tour of ADA Compliant technologies (Steve Milewski) ; Invite people to browse and use what we have available

6. ADA Audit (Regina & Sojourna)

  • Capitalizing on the anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act in 2015
  • Provided updates on assessment activities that support the Disability Project

7. Disability Calendar

  • Official anniversary on July 26, 2015; kick-off year activities in July 2014
  • Regina and Sojourna provided a calendar of disability past and upcoming events
  • Brainstorm and will identify approximately 6-7 disability themed movies for October 2014
  • Disability Week in October campus connect with Disability Advocates
  • Disability Conference   4/4/14- 4/5/14

 In Attendance

Elizabeth Young

Vicki Palmer

Anne Hulse

Cathy Jenkins

Megan Venable

Sojourna Cunningham

Thura Mack

Regina mays

Seth Jordan

Steve Thomas


Next Meeting: March 20, 2014 Room 150 at 1pm


Tentative Topics for Discussion at next committee meeting

  • Recognizing student workers discussion
  • Discussion of display table set-up for the International Fair


Spring 2014 Meeting Dates

March 20th              April 17th

May 15th                  June 19th

July 17th


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