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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Diversity Roundtable May 29, 2012

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Diversity Roundtable
May 29th, 2012
1:00 PM
Hodges Library Mary Greer
In attendance:
Michelle Brannen (UT Libraries), Earnest Brothers
(Graduate School), Travis Griffin (Diversity Programs),
Annazette Houston (UT Disability Services), Anne Hulse (Center for International Education) Matt Jordan (UT Libraries), Thura Mack (UT Libraries), Allison Roberts (UT Libraries), Marva Rudolph (Office of Equity & Diversity) Allison Sharp (UT Libraries), Regina Mays, (UT Libraries), Meghan Smith (UT Libraries), Rachel Flemming May (Information Sciences), Teresa Berry (UT Libraries), Sekeenia Haynes ( Biochemistry,Cellular & Molecular Biology), Harry Richards ( Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology), Brad Binder (Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology)

Roundtable Discussion:
Engineering REU two secessions with Jeannie Williamson. Outline use of engineering information.

Biochemistry working with Donna, Dr. Binder

Use package for undergraduate orientation

REU stands for undergraduate research experience.

Undergraduate outreach programs can have up to 60 to 80 students.
PRESENTATION model for library training.
Rachel May Arts and sciences: Program this spring that might be useful
for undergraduate-looking at the support for
Construct a series of workshops designed to teach students how to us the Library. 3 week recruited from English 104. Late spring 3 sessions
Rachel Radom and Teresa Walker
Objectives apply to research library
Plagiarism, resources, reach skills development, when to use free resources
What are the lures-
Demonstrate how Liberians help students with these
Students are assessed by quizzes- Discussions- Scavenger hunt to gain familiarity of library.
Targeted information needs for research
Out come- comfort in the library knowledge of tools

Other possible assessment
Review writing citations, plagiarism,

Feedback from pilot- learned new skills, comfort level increased

Resources offered: James Agee, books, local newspapers, magazines, why writers use the information the way they do- How information is presented and why.
Electronic compared to physical resources. Over lap tools learned with resources used in workshops -Using research tools.

All participants were undergraduate. Recruitment was low -Looking into how to get more involved. Smaller student group have more impact. Larger groups can be accommodated.

Travis spoke of a grant from the National science foundation. Plan for August- session for diversity student group- Tennessee Louis Stokes alliance for minority participation.

The assessment groups working with science groups to make sure all the students are receiving the same information and assessment tools. Tailor for what the program want the student to gain for the program and ease library anxiety.

Model will work well with NIH cohort based PEER working for two. Get the information to entering graduate students at the beginning of their placement- Emphasis on the LIBRARY AS AN IMPORTANT COMPOONANT TO THEIR WORK.

GRA and new faculty orientation can individualize to what is needed. Word of mouth from people outside the library is a great promotional tool. Get faculty to back programs and spread the word

Hitting them at orientation can affect retention.

Library is working toward a cohesive message – workshops and training

Addressing the needs group
Focus on engineering and science group – focus on plagiarism
Summer REU program directors-graduate school

Customize For grad school and the grad school will helps promote assessment to follow program

Tennscore summer program

Request for a list of programs and when they are held.
Request for notification of upcoming programs.

Peer meets weekly
GTA Orientation
Grad announcements, newsletters, what Make students aware of what the
Library has to offer.

Assessment will occur after the summer REU in August.
Suggest that staff and faculty to attend information sessions to know
What content is available.
Library service bulletin (infomercial)

Library will work together on market the info Announcements to
Departments about diversity issue– Assessment- Digital Sign

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