UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Diversity Roundtable March 15, 2012

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Diversity Roundtable
March 15, 2012
1:00 PM
Hodges Library 605
In attendance:
Michelle Brannen (UT Libraries), Earnest Brothers (Graduate School),
Travis Griffin (Diversity Programs), RJ Hinde (College of Arts & Sciences), Anne Hulse (Center for International Education) Matt Jordan (UT Libraries), Thura Mack (UT Libraries), Demetrius Richmond (Recruitment and Retention), Allison Roberts (UT Libraries), Marva Rudolph (Office of Equity & Diversity)

Roundtable Discussion:

Campus Diversity initiatives

Dr. Brother’s “UT is wired, but not connected”

Improve communication and collaboration within colleges and departments.

How can our group help to improve communication within colleges and departments?

Group focus on Recruitment and Retention:

How do we keep students in Knoxville? Intro to Knoxville (Library Course?)
Knowing the community helps retain and recruits future faculty to stay in Knoxville.

Outlay opportunities for engagement:
The Chancellor is focusing on STEM – how does that help the community- teachers.

How can our group support the campus STEM movement?

What can we do at UT to keep graduates here?
Community involvement – employers – Career services – More open houses – Job fairs focused on STEM opportunities – Oak Ridge

Celebrate small successes – Communications – Sell UT/Knoxville as a total package –
Joint Recruitment – future faculty – weekend visits
Money matters – Graduate student competitive funding –

Resources and solution

Recruitment collaborations – Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education (CIRE)
Resources for each department/college are limited. Collaboration of resources and sharing opportunity maximizes impact.
Library packets focused on STEM – lure future students and faculty with what our resources can offer – how they support your research – online resources – online help.
One stop shop – packets and people available with all the available resources and information at retention avenues (STEM) – conferences – Campus meet and greet STEM departments and librarians.
Professional Development – Graduate orientation – social engagement.

Life of the Mind programming – Bringing it home – collaboration with Ready for the World -sense of place -create packets with local information – place model

Next Meeting April 19: Bring STEM library resources and invite Donna and Jeanine.

Graduate Commons Ribbon Cutting

Join us to celebrate the grand opening of a long-awaited space just for graduate students in Hodges Library.

UT graduate students gather for a meeting in the Graduate Commons at Hodges Library