UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Diversity Roundtable January 19, 2012

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: Diversity Roundtable
January 19, 2012
1:00 PM
Hodges Library 605
In attendance:
Michelle Brannen (UT Libraries), Trisha Brady (UT Libraries), Earnest Brothers
(Graduate School), Travis Griffin (Diversity Programs), RJ Hinde (College of Arts
& Sciences), Annazette Houston (UT Disability Services), Anne Hulse (Center for International Education) Matt Jordan (UT Libraries), Thura Mack (UT Libraries), Katrice Morgan (School of Law), Demetrius Richmond (Recruitment and Retention), Laurie Roberson (School of Architecture), Allison Roberts (UT Libraries), Marva Rudolph (Office of Equity & Diversity) Allison Sharp (UT Libraries), Elizabeth Young (UT Libraries)

Updates and announcements
Kynita’s last meeting is today.
Trish will leave in 2 weeks

Roundtable Discussion:
Diversity Definition brought to us by Dr. Earnest Brothers
“Diversity in higher education is a systematic blending of academic programs, recruitment, retention, policies, and curriculum that provide college students with an enriched multicultural environment for learning”
Erwin, K. S. (2001). Multiculturalism, diversity, and African-American college students: receptive, yet skeptical? Journal of Black Studies, 31(6), 764-776.

We had a lively discussion of campus diversity initiatives but did not get to resources and solutions.
• I wish that we had gotten to the point where we discussed ways to collaborate.
• Can we take some of the issues discussed and use those for collaboration?
• The issues discussed were university wide. Suggested that we send the agenda again since we didn’t finish the agenda. Trust was established quickly and we learned about what each department is doing.
• Were there other who wanted to attend and couldn’t? Vern Granger.

They really embraced the committee and the round table group.

• Discussion about Intro to Knoxville course- some students feel lonely and isolate when they first get to campus.

• Interesting that we are having dialog with groups of diverse academics. Each has unique agendas. Try to establish regular meeting times. (for the roundtable group)

Resolved: Start where we left off. Recap 1st part then start with Resources and solutions. Send a follow up to all invitees not just those who could attend this gathering. Suggested same Thursday meeting in 150 – have greeters and signs. Doodle poll for next roundtable gathering and let the group decide how often to meet.

Upcoming events for Diversity
Culture Corner – Global Beauty
Spring international Festival April 20th – display and books
Black issues conference Feb 19th – Music Resources – use clickers to survey students – ask students about diversity issue-. Assessment- Digital Sign

Graduate Commons Ribbon Cutting

Join us to celebrate the grand opening of a long-awaited space just for graduate students in Hodges Library.

UT graduate students gather for a meeting in the Graduate Commons at Hodges Library