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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes March 17, 2011

Diversity 3/17

Pow wow fill in
April 8th and 9th Fire dance set for Friday evening. Once in a lifetime opportunity to see an Aztec Fire dance. Big event for the Cherokee – first gathering on this land in over 100 years.

International festival
Table with Common Ground Book Club April 12th support the Henrietta Lacks Life of the Mind book. (table volunteers needed)

UT Libraries celebration of 50 years of African American achievement.
Date scheduled for Sep 8. start time TBA. Programming ideas:
Reception Mary Greer room light snacks (cookies)…
Joseph Delaney African American residence welcome week date.
Lacks is coming for welcome week. Libguide for african american email to committee
Slam poetry session venue TBA
(Annazette will explore student readers.)
Canvas for diversity (paper on the floor student participants to write about diversity )

WE need:
Timetable for events
Slide show and film
Canvas for diversity

Rothrock Lecture UC dining room April 28th eve

Welcome the new Dean Smith Reception
planning for July (he’s coming July 1st)

Books to explore:

Civil Words and Phrases

Choosing Civility
The 25 rules of considerate conduct P.M. Forni

1. Pay attention
2. Acknowledge others
3. Think the best
4. Listen
5. Be inclusive
6. Speak kindly
7. Don’t speak ill
8. Accept and give praise
9. Respect even a subtle “no”
10. Respect others’ opinions
11. Mind your body
12. Be agreeable
13. Keep it down (and rediscover silence)
14. Respect other people’s time
15. Respect other people’s space
16. Apologize earnestly
17. Assert yourself
18. Avoid personal questions
19. Care for your guests
20. Be a considerate guest
21. Think twice before asking for favors
22. Refrain from idle complaints
23. Accept and give constructive criticism
24. Respect the environment and be gentle
25. Don’t shift responsibility and blame

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