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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes December 3, 2009

The Diversity Committee welcomed Dean Dewey to our meeting and made introductions.

Dean Dewey lead the discussion on raising visibility of the Committee’s programming to the Library and the University Community.

The Dean remarked on our achievements last year and noted that she shared committee’s annual report with others.  She is proud of the committee.

The Dean discussed how the addition of the diversity residents coming to us this year would enrich the committee with their new ideas and perspective.

Ideas for expanding awareness of the Committee’s Programming

1. Web 2.0 presence for the Diversity Committee

Facebook page
YouTube channel

2. Video tape programming

3. Open meeting presentations

4. Departmental diversity awareness discussions (issues relevant to the department)

5. Deans Newsletter

6. Trace: diversity research

7. SIS topics in Diversity

8. WRAPS Forum

9. Library Council Presentations

9. Incoming faculty and staff cultural presentations

10 Story telling (video/audio archive of student faculty and staff stories)

11. SACS

The committee is approaching it’s 10 year anniversary:
Where have we come and were do we want to go?

The lack of Library staff attendance may be influenced by environmental factors. We are understaffed and people have a hard time getting away.

With the ideas derived from our discussion with the Dean, the Committee will go forward with creating our goals for 2010-2011.

MAR 12/4/09

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