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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes April 30, 2009

Diversity Committee Meeting4-30-09

  1. Thanks for helping with International Fest
  2. Beverly Watts is available in August 6, 13, and 20 to talk about Poverty
  3. Margaret Casado is here to tell us about her poverty project and how we can support her
    1. She’s on the task force for the campus, and the theme is poverty.
    2. Tahirah wanted to participate with our discussion today
    3. Poverty/economic disparity is a facet of diversity

i.Margaret brought handouts pertaining to collaboration between the task force and the diversity committee

ii.They’re working poverty into the curriculum and trying to get students to consider how poverty can play into their work and their lives.

1.There are some classes on social justice and the environment that poverty may fit into

2.We have the LOGS? program, but it’s not a library program, it’s just something that individuals have gotten involved in.

3.The members of the task force have been asked to talk to ppl in their units about their involvement

iii.“The Glass Castle” – book on poverty in Virginia, suggested reading

iv.There are things that the committee can/will do

1.Culture corner

2.1st floor display

3.Let’s talk about it

a.Beverly Watts from the human rights commission

b.Bharat Mehra from SIS has written on technology and poverty, so he might be a good speaker as well

i.Bring him in Spring 2010 – Margaret will get with him.

4.Film Series – Pursuit of Happyness, Slumdog Millionaire, a documentary out of Appleshop dealing with poverty in the mountains.Trisha will ask Greg Womac if we have Appleshop films

a.Will there be discussion before and after the films?

i.Unless we have a speaker after or a literary involvement, usually not

ii.We COULD have a set of questions for ppl to consider and have a discussion leader for the films

iii.Partner with ppl from soup kitchens and have them come by and tell us about hunger

1.Canned food drive – this could work at every even we do

2.We could get the Greek organizations to get in on canned food drives

3.Solicit leftovers from Panera, Einstein’s Bagels, etc.

5.Website for the life of the mind by Tahirah and Thura

6.Volunteer project?

a.Something dealing with literacy, reading, etc.

i.People will probably need to be screened before being permitted into school

b.Tahirah did outreach via Theory and Practice in Teaching Education (TPTE) in the form of a read-in

v.This is a yearlong endeavor, so we don’t need to do it all in one month.September = Volaware, October = Native American student activities.

vi.There needs to be a clear understanding of what the Diversity Committee is responsible for here

1.Let’s Talk About it – usually with light refreshments

2.Films – though getting discussion leaders might be tricky

3.Culture Corner

a.The next one is on this topic and we need to get started by the first week of June

b.Margaret Casado – the culture corner should be set up in time for incoming orientation groups

c.We need 100-150 books

i.Thura, Jeanine, Allison, and Damon will work on this

4.Display case

a.Shantrie, Tahirah, Jeanine, Thura, and probably Martha will help.

vii.Laurie is busy in June with Orientations, free in May.Jerry will probably be busy after July

viii.Is there a way to get students thinking creatively about how to address this problem?Build student engagement

1.JW – The NING site might be helpful in this

2.TM – The Life of the Mind does a lot of this

3.AR – Diversity Committee or Culture Corner might need a facebook page

4.See what other avenues to help with poverty are being explored on campus

a.Read up on “technology mitigates poverty”

i.Damon will ask Velynda about the cellphone she got – recycled bottle phone

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