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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes November 13, 2008

I.Announcements & Updates.

a)Trunk or Treat – JW and TM gave out candy, fruit roll ups and granola courtesy of Lorie.

II.2009 Culture Corner

a)Considering putting out a library wide call for ideas

b)Collect ideas during this meeting

c)JR idea – biographies of people that have made a political impact from underrepresented groups

§No rush on book selection as per TM.

§We need to develop the theme with JR, then sound out a call for participation

§Efforts should start right before Christmas

·The members of the Div Com agree that this is a good idea

·JW will speak with JR

III.December 4th Let’s Talk About It – Beverly Watts

a)2pm meeting is pretty much set as per TM.

b)Groups on campus have been notified

c)AR is our publicist/PR person

§TM will send a call thru the campus diversity and intercultural initiative

§Any of us with connections should send out a call as well

d)Is there any planning that needs to be done for the event?

§No, as per TM – Trisha will see if if there’s leftovers from ASB book club (hot water and tea)

§Damon will do cookies or some sort of dessert

§TM will bring plates and cups

§We need to contact Beverly and lay out the timetable

§AR will try to get info onto the Casner network about this – we have word out by AgVet

§AR can place this on the Metropulse calendar

§TB can create a flyer

·It might be prudent to post up our events in as many places as possible

IV.Campus Conference – Call for Participation (scroll to the bottom of email for more info)

a)Should deal with Black issues

b)Tie in libraries and/or diversity

c)Lorie volunteered to be part of the panel

§We should contact her and s she’d like to fit in or if she has any ideas

§Black issues conference proposal due Friday, December 12th

§Conference is February 7th at the UC

·This will be a student conference and a good opportunity for the library to get out there an have a voice/presence

oBarack’s use of Web 2.0?

§Tie in the library (as a place where we could develop/use some of the same 2.0 stuff as Obama did)

oThe Library as pop culture – somehow tie this into diversity

oThe future of information as a cultural bridge as per AR

§Barack Obama was reaching diverse constituents with his use of web 2.0 technology

§…As will the library

·This could overlap with the social networking idea below as per JW

oSocial networking bridging culture gaps

·Second Life Spanish classes

·JW suggests ASB as a member of the panel by virtue of the work she’s done with social networking and web 2.0

·We can start with the social networking and then end with a push for library resources

·TB and AR will start a blurb for the program, which TM and JW will finish.

·This should be completed by 12/4/08

V.Let’s Talk About It Proposal Form (Annazette)

a)Was thinking about a proposal form, but this will be tabled since Annazette is not here today.

VI.December Meeting?

a)We should at least have a brief meeting to prep for culture corner as per JW

§12/18/08, 1pm

VII.Other Topics

a)TM – since we cant move forward with the campus calendar, we have other ideas RE being visible.How do we advertise our calendar?

§Do we want to go global?Metropulse? TN today links to our calendar.

§Do we want to create a more tangible presence with our activities?

·AR it would be good to globally publish applicable programs

oWere we afraid too many people would show up?

§Not enough parking?

oDid we just never globally advertise?

§We were strictly library, then we expanded to campus-wide.Now we’ll be University wide

·Speaks to the development and of our committee and programs

·We’ve a presence on the University webpage calendar as a result of contacting Eric Bledsoe

·We’ve a presence thru CDI

·If the library has a newsletter, we could include a blurb

§Is our scheduling (lack of consistency) an issue?We meet our goals, but without regularly scheduled programs (only programming where appropriate) might make us somewhat inaccessible to the community at large.

b)Angel Tree

§Probably too late by this point to be involved

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