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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes June 10, 2008

Minutes for June 10, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Allison Roberts, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Shantrie Collins, Sandy Allen, Marielle Veve, Jeanine Williamson, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

· Sara Green opened the meeting with a reminder that we are

still looking for new members for the committee for the upcoming

year. New members will begin attending meetings the end of July or the

first of August. So far, the search for new members has not produced any applicants, so the search will continue. The deadline was to have been June 11, 2008, but due to there being no applicants, the deadline must be foregone. Peter Fernandez was mentioned as someone who might be interested, but might not be able to attend all of the meetings. Allison Roberts mentioned a potential scheduling conflict at AgVet in that there might not be enough people to cover necessary duties there if more than 1 or 2 people were members from that branch. Thura Mack suggested that we open our membership to individuals outside of the library. Mentioned were Shanner, and Crabtree from Disability Services as possibilities for new members. Jeanine Williamson will ask her. Thura Mack mentioned that Barbara Dewey could appoint someone if the committee cannot come up with new members on its own, and that the committee does not want that to happen- that it is better that we have volunteers. Allison proposed that someone from Ready For the World be asked, but Thura Mack offered that we already have a liaison with that group through Jane Row. Trisha Brady concurred that we should ask someone from the International House and the Native American Student Association whom she will ask; and Allison Roberts also proposed asking someone from the Black Culture Center as well. Thura Mack will create a draft form that can be individualized for committee members to look at for those individuals on the committee to use to contact entities from outside the library to garner interest for potential new members. Sandy Allen stated that she would stay on the committee rather than rotate off if we did not get enough new members to replace those rotating off.

·Sara Green brought up the subject of the Summer Culture Corner. All books for this project have been pulled and a poster created by Martha Rudolph has been put in place for it. We still need a poster for the Hot Topic for June/July to be created. Trisha Brady will create this. Becky Roller has the books for this and will be putting them out in call number order, as we did not create any subject divisions for this. The committee was O.K. with this. The Hot Topic books should be out by the end of the week.

· Martha Rudolph created a ‘blurb’ for the version of the “Passport” that will be given to new students in the fall concerning the Diversity Committee. She would have included a larger statement except many of the activities of the new committee have not been decided yet. Trisha Brady stated her pleasure with the ‘blurb’ through the idea that this might encourage people to attend some of the committee’s functions that would not have otherwise known about them. The committee agreed that free publicity was good, and all members present liked the ‘blurb’.

· Sara Green asked the committee if they still wanted to carry through with their previous idea of a Food Festival this summer. All members present agreed that they did, and mid-July was proposed as a good time to hold it. All agreed that Monday’s and Friday’s were unacceptable, as many people do not work on those days. Allison Roberts proposed July 17, 2008 from 12:00 until 2:00 or 2:30 for this event, and all members present agreed that this seemed to be a good day and time to hold it. It was agreed that volunteers would be needed for set up and clean up for this event. A need to put out a call for people to come and bring a culturally significant dish was agreed upon. Sara Green will ask the International House if they will host this event with us. They seem a good choice as they have a kitchen and have no rule against baking. All members present agreed that the theme was acceptable as long as it was inclusive of all culture. That would include historical family recipes as well.

· The matter of a speaker for the Summer Culture Corner was addressed. Allison Roberts agreed to contact people for this purpose. It may be a bit late to have a speaker agree to come in the near future for this project. The areas of interest that produce a speaker are Religious Studies, Art, or Medieval Studies. Allison Roberts will ‘poke around’ and see what she can find. This needs to be done as soon as possible, and Allison Roberts has agreed to address the matter tomorrow.

·The subject of a film, or films for the June/July Hot Topic was addressed. Members proposed films such as Water For Chocolate, Babette’s Feast, Soul Food, The Name of the Rose (featuring Sean Connary), Salome’s Last Dance, and Fried Green Tomatoes. All members present agreed to have an online vote to be able to include those members not present to select the movie or movies to be shown. The committee agreed that July 15, 2008 would be a good day for the film(s) to be shown, as many people will be leaving for ALA or vacation at the end of June or the beginning of July. Sandy Allen had suggested July 22, 2008, but Shantrie Collins and Damon Campbell will be gone to a conference on that date. July 16 had been suggested also, but this date would be unacceptable, as the film showing would conflict with the Web 2.0 training.


· Members present were reminded to look for people who possibly would be interested in joining the new committee!

· It was agreed that further planning details for the last of the existing committee’s events could now be handled by email.

·There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

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