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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes May 15, 2008

Minutes for May 15, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Allison Roberts, Andy Madson, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Shantrie Collins, Sandy Allen, Jeff French, Hannah Powell, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

· Sara Green opened the meeting with a reminder that it is time to start

seriously looking for new members for the committee for the upcoming

year. New members will begin attending meetings the end of July or the

first of August. Thura Mack has completed a review of past procedures

for this process. Presently, information is needed concerning those

members who will be staying next year, and those who will be rotating

off. That will allow a proper search for the correct number of new

members necessary to complete the committee again. Thura Mack

presented a working draft of the announcement for new members for

the committee to review, and to give suggestions for improvement/

correction. Sara Green also asked if anyone was interested in being co-

chair for 2008-2009 to let her or Thura know as soon as possible. After

reviewing the new member announcement draft suggestions were made

for changes by members present and it was suggested by Jeff French that

some of the committee’s past activities be included in the Call for New

Members so that anyone interested would have an idea of what activities

the Committee is involved with. (The involvement, and improvements-

such as a sign up sheet- to our procedures for the Angel Tree project

were cited as one example).

·Sara Green brought up the subject of the Summer Culture Corner. The

Committee was asked for input on proposing a meeting for interested

parties to meet to get this project started as this needs to be completed

and on the shelves by the first of June. Since several committee members

are going on the staff trip Sara Green suggested the Culture Corner

meeting be held on Monday, May 19 at 2:00. Sub-topics would be

handed out at that time. That was agreed on by all.

· Trisha Brady was asked by Sara Green to present her findings to the

Committee on possible movies she found in the Media Center collection

For our May Hot Topic-Memorial Day. Suggestions from all members

Present included: Jarhead, Pearl Harbor, M.A.S.H., Black Hawk Down,

Shenandoah, Days of Darkness (Allison Roberts stated that this movie

would be good to play during the day), Born on the 4th of July, United

93, Saving Private Ryan (Allison Roberts’s thought this movie would do

well played at night), Full Metal Jacket, Bridge Over the River Kwai, and

Glory. Sara Green suggested the movie(s) could be played on May 22,

and Jeff French suggested that 3:00 and 5:00 would be good viewing

times. Hannah Powell wanted to know what the purpose the Committee

wanted to accomplish with the films. Did we want to portray the horror

of war? Trisha Brady offered that we were commemorating the lives of

our soldiers, and Sara Green added that we were also trying to

incorporate the Committee’s goal for diversity into the choice as well.

Sara Green provided that the concept of Memorial Day, originally known

as Decoration Day, was started at the end of the American Civil War. All

members present agreed upon a screening of the film Days of Darkness

for suitability for our purpose. Hannah Powell wanted to know if these

movies were based on books, and if so that it might be a good idea for us

to purchase the books if they were not already in our collection. The film

screening was agreed upon to be held May 16 at 2:00. Trisha Brady

encouraged the Committee to scan the library catalog for more

selections. We will choose one contemporary film and one “classic” war

film. Sara Green stated that the Committee was on a time constraint and

needed a final decision about which films to show by Monday or


· The matter of the June Hot Topic was broached by Sara Green. His topic will be Foods of the World. The Committee was asked by Sara Green if they only wanted one Hot Topic for Summer? It was agreed upon by all members present that one Hot Topic was enough for Summer. The Hot Topic would be kept up through the end of July. The Committee had agreed in an earlier meeting that they wanted to conduct a food festival for this Hot Topic, and it was agreed upon at this time by all members present that the food festival should go forth, but should be held in July. This event was seen as a good way to end the summer for this Committee. Members present agreed that a June meeting should be called to plan this event. After looking at the 605 scheduling book for possible dates and times it was decided that the called meeting would be held on Tuesday, June 10 at 1:00.

·Allison Roberts announced that no one attended the April Hot Topic film showings. In a discussion she had it was suggested that if, in the future, there would be other showings for this topic, or similar ones to inform certain professors, such as Joanne Logan, and they would require their students to attend.

  1. Conclusion:

·There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

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