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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes March 25, 2008

Minutes for March 25, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting

Members present were: Thura Mack, Jeanine Williamson, Damon Campbell, Trisha Brady, Marielle Veve, Shantrie Collins, Allison Roberts, Jane Row, Andy Madson, and Sara Green.

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

· Thura Mack started the meeting by asking members present if they had

any good news to share while we waited for the last members to arrive.

Everyone was just glad to be able to attend the meeting.

· Preliminary discussion of announcements that members wanted to share

with the committee began with Trisha Brady mentioning an event

scheduled for April 4 at 11:00a.m. in the Lindsey Young Auditorium.

Melanie McKay-Cody, a Native American sign language specialist, will

speak. Ms. McKay-Cody is working locally with professor Jeffery Davis.

Mr. Davis is currently working on a project taking films, predominantly

from the 19th century, and placing them onto current media forms with

captions for the Smithsonian Institute.

· Allison Roberts passed around the poster she created for the April topic

for our ‘Hot Topics’ shelf.

A. Allison volunteered to be in charge of the April topic- Water Rights

Around the World. This is in conjunction with Earth Day. She has created

a book list to be pulled for the shelf, and looked at available films for


B. Sara Green had sent information on a new PBS environmental series

Journey to Planet Earth’ for consideration. Jane Row told the committee

she would provide funds to purchase the series.

· Sara Green asked members if there were any other announcements before she started. She then asked if they were ready for the Student Appreciation event scheduled for the following Monday?The student award certificates have been completed and signed.

The food (Jeff French-nuts, Sara Green-mints, Damon Campbell-punch, and Shantrie Collins-cake) and utensils (Thura Mack and Marielle Veve), distribution was agreed upon with all members stating they knew what they were to bring, who was going to help with setting up the event (Jeanine Williamson, Marielle Veve, Sara Green and Allison Roberts), and who was to help clean up afterward (Trisha Brady, Sara Green, and Thura Mack).

L.E.A. will play a major role in this. They will complete the decorations with balloons. Sara Green or Thura Mack will bring flowers for decoration.

Eric Arnold from the Map Library will create the poster for this event.

The question of tablecloths was broached, and Jeanine Williamson and Marielle Veve offered to bring those.

Sara Green reported that Sandy Allen had sent word that all but 2 of the books the students had chose had been pulled and were ready for the presentation. The 2 remaining books that were needed were being looked into.

Trisha Brady is going to bring a camera and Allison Roberts will take the photographs.

· The International Festival will be held April 18 this year on the plaza next to the University Center. Sara Green has been in contact with the International House, who is handling the event, and received the initial information concerning how the Diversity Committee can be involved.

The table will cost $20.00, and Thura Mack offered to obtain the money for this.

Some committee members volunteered to bring hard candy for the table (Jeanine Williamson, Sara Green and Thura Mack). Jane Row volunteered to purchase Moon Pies for hourly drawings. Thura Mack got raffle tickets from Teresa Walker for this.

The committee discussed creating a map so people can put pins in the area where they are from.

Jeanine and Jane will work on International News handouts for our table. Martha Rudolph is busy, but may have templates the committee can use.

Trisha Brady will contact Greg March to see if he can print a huge map for the committee to use for this event. Becky Roller will send the committee pictures from last year’s event to allow the committee to view the map they used then.

Sara Green will send a reminder out after final confirmation comes from the International House and the table is reserved for volunteers to cover different time periods during the event.


Reference may have ‘Ask Me Now’ bookmarks we can use.

Trisha Brady can get coasters and pads that advertise the Commons and Media Center.

There may be t-shirts we can get from the Commons.

The poster display will be mounted on a foam board and will advertise the

library Diversity Committee.

We will invite people outside the committee to volunteer to help with the committee’s International Festival table. There will be at least 2 people for each time period working at the table throughout the festival. We will devise the work schedule for the table based on the number of people who volunteer.

· The proposed calendar events were brought up by Sara Green. Events

scheduled in March have almost completely been accomplished, and

events in April have been confirmed.

Allison Roberts has created book and film lists in conjunction with Earth

Day, and will oversee the process of coordinating that Hot Topic.

We still need to pick a topic for May.

It was agreed upon by the committee to use the topic ‘Religions of the World’ for the summer Culture Corner. In conjunction with this topic Allison Roberts suggested asking Bill Dewey, an expert on Art History, to be our last ‘Let’s Talk About It’ speaker. The committee agreed to look into all possibilities before making a decision. A vote determining if we want a speaker for this topic will be held at our next meeting. This has been discussed in that, if the committee decides to hold its own Cultural Food Fest to highlight different areas of the country/world in combination with the religions of the country/world; that the committee would not have to feel obligated to host a speaker for the event.

It was agreed upon that, because of TLA, other conferences and the Staff Trip, that the committee agenda would be held to a minimum in April and May. Besides the Hot Topic for those months the committee will be involved only with the International Festival in April, and will only promote/co-host the Staff Development trip in May.

Our committee meeting in May will be an important one as it will be a call for new members. Also, Thura Mack and Sara Green (co-chairs) will be rotating off the committee this summer and it is hoped that a volunteer, or volunteers will come forward to fill the void they will leave.

The committee agreed to finalize all events they will host/produce in the waning days of this committee year at the next meeting.

  1. Conclusion:
    1. The Committee was asked to continue considering topics/events/films for the last few months of this committee’s fiscal year for our next meeting.

b. There was no other business, so the meeting adjourned.

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