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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 18, 2008

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes

Room 605- 3:00 p.m.- February 19, 2008

  1. Meeting convened by Sara Green.
  2. All members attending:

Marielle Veve, Shantrie Collins, Damon Campbell, Jeanine Williamson, and

Sara Green

  1. Announcements and Discussion:

Sara Green updated the committee on the Student Appreciation Event by passing around a copy of the revised certificate to be handed out to students. Thura Mack had completed the revision for approval at this meeting last Friday. Sara also informed the committee that only slightly over ½ of the students involved had responded with their book choices. Jeanine Williamson suggested that the committee pick a selection for those students and not try to force them to respond, and Damon Campbell asked if such selections could be based on a student’s major? Shantrie Collins offered to try to individually contact those students who do not respond by March 1 to get a book title preference to be honored with. Picking a book for students will be a last resort.

    1. Sara Green updated the committee on the spring Culture Corner. Most of the books the library has on the subject have already been pulled, but a few books that were on other lists taken from other local libraries and Amazon that were not thought to be here were found to be in our catalog, so will be pulled and included. Also, books that we do not have are being rush ordered and will be included in the display as soon as they arrive and have been placed in the catalog. The Native American display has been taken down and the shelves are ready to have our African American monthly topic books put there. Marielle Veve mentioned that Martha Rudolph is not making posters for anyone other than the library for the time being because of being short staffed. Sara Green had received a draft of a poster that could be used for this Culture Corner with very little modification, so will make the small changes necessary and see about having this put in the display case. Trisha Brady has submitted rough drafts for 2 posters that could be used for the African American History Month section of the Culture Corner. Becky Roller had suggested that, because our Culture Corner selection was so limited, that we shelve them by call number only, and not try to incorporate categories. Those committee members present agreed that was a good idea.
    2. The topics for the monthly topics bookshelves have been chosen for February (African American History Month), and March (Women’s History Month); but other topics need to be chosen for the completion of this semester. In an email from the public relations representative for the Facilities Services Department, Sarah Surak, forwarded an email exchange she had with Laura Purcell last year asking if the committee could have an environmental/earth theme for April, which is Earth Month. Also discussed was the possibility that this topic could lead into the proposed May topic of ‘Food Of The World’, which would lead into the summer Culture Corner topic, ‘Religions of the World’. Members present agreed to an online vote of issues concerning the Culture Corner and monthly topics.
    3. A reminder of the Committee’s Let’s Talk About It speakers was given by Sara Green. Rita Geier will speak March 4 at 11:00 and Wayne Winkler will speak March 11 at 11:00. The committee discussed whether or not to promote these speakers outside of the library or only within. It was felt that there would be enough library support for Rita Geier that we wouldn’t need to look outside the library for attendees, but Wayne Winkler would be O.K. to advertise for.
    4. African American Month events were discussed and it was agreed that Shantrie’s film idea, African American Lives was a good choice, even if long. Other events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Committee are the Pearl Fryer film viewing and lecture and our monthly topics shelf.
    5. Sara Green has a list of films created last year for Women’s History month. It will be included with the newsletter to let the committee vote through email which film will be shown for this event.
    6. Thura and Sara will be gone to TLA April 9-11.
    7. There was discussion concerning placing all of the food related events into the month of May.
    8. Discussion concerning the International Festival highlighted the need for volunteers to man our table. This event is on a Friday, so members may want to keep that in mind.
    9. The staff trip was mentioned as major event for May. Will call for new members at this time also, but need to find out how many new members will be needed.
    10. The possibility for a Summer Talk-About It was mentioned with thought that we would discuss this further as the time came closer.

4. The meeting adjourned.

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