2015 Lindsay Young Selections

2015 Lindsay Young Selections



British Literary Manuscripts Online, c. 1660-1900. 

Gale Digital Collections database.

Nominated by Hilary Havens

Lindsay Young Endowment contributed $12,938.00 toward this purchase.



The American Founding Era Collection.

 Collection of 12 databases published by the University of Virginia.

Nominated by Daniel Feller.



Caribbean Newspapers, Series I, 1718-1876, from the American Antiquarian Society.

 Database published by Readex.

Nominated by Kristen Block



Colonial State Papers.

Database published by Proquest.

Nominated by Christopher Magra.



Total Lindsay Young Endowment expenditures for 2015:  $84,019.40

Volunteers Basketball Media Guides

This digital collection shares the annually-published men's basketball media guides from 1952 to 1980.

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