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Information About: CAB eBooks

Dates: 2000-present

Subjects: entomology, agriculture, crop protection, disease, pests, taxonomy agriculture, veterinary medicine, animal science, forestry, entomology, horticulture, nutrition, physiology

Description:  CAB eBooks provides a unique opportunity to access CABI�s prestigious titles in an easy-to use format. Books are indexed and retrievable as chapters, ensuring that a search of available titles will return the most relevant results and save you valuable time.

The Highlights

high quality content written by world experts

the world�s applied life science literature at your fingertips

dynamic front file supplemented by archive material

titles available and indexed as individual chapters

all chapters and titles fully indexed and integrated with CAB Abstracts

search for individual terms or browse by subject or title

eBooks displayed as easy-to-navigate PDF files

There are three CAB eBook collections available:

CAB eBooks Front File (2008�present)

The CAB eBooks Front File is a dynamic product that grows as newly-published material is added. There are currently over 130 books in this collection (over 2,300 chapters). The front file contains all eBooks published from 2008 onwards and is updated whenever a new title becomes available.

The CAB eBooks Front File is available under CABI�s innovative lease-purchase model. Under this model, customers who lease the front file every year are given perpetual access to the content at no extra cost as soon as it becomes available for ownership. CAB eBooks Archive (2005�2007)

Launched in February 2011, the 2005�2007 Archive contains all 158 CAB eBooks published over this three year period. It is now available as a one-off purchase for perpetual ownership.

CAB eBooks Archive (2000�2004)

The 2000�2004 Archive contains 244 titles (over 4,000 chapters), providing research institutions with an opportunity to invest in our valuable back list. Like the 2005� 2007 archive, it is available as a one-off purchase for perpetual ownership.


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