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Information About: Turfgrass Information File (TGIF)

Dates: 1921+

Updates: Continuous

Description: The Turfgrass Information File?? selects materials according to a broad definition of turfgrass. It includes articles from peer reviewed publications, technical reports and conference proceedings, trade and professional publications, local professional newsletters, and popular magazines as well as monographs, theses and dissertations, fact sheets and brochures, software, and web documents.

File Size: Over 78,000 records as of February 2002
Full Text Content: Approximately 12.8% of TGIF records are linked to web- accessible full text or include full text.

For more information on sources found in TGIF see< /a>
For a list of "core" serials monitored see m

The Turfgrass Information File?? is produced by the Turfgrass Information Center? at Michigan State University. Questions should be directed to:

Turfgrass Information Center? Michigan State University 100 Library East Lansing, MI 48824-1048 USA Phone: 1-800-446-8443 (U.S. and Canada) Phone: (517) 353-7209 Fax: (517) 353-1975 E-mail: World Wide Web:

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