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Student Art in the Library

Winners of the 2015 Spring Student Art in the Library Exhibit

Thank you to all the participants! And the winners are…

1st Place

Middle Sister: The AccountMiddle Sister: The Tell

Elysia MannMiddle Sister: The Account & Middle Sister: The Tell

Diptych: Mixed drawing and print media on paper

Elysia is a graduate student in printmaking.  

Her description reads:  This diptych explores the complex triangular relationships among three siblings, creating a tale of simultaneous pathos, humor, and disgust. Narrative clues are divulged in the pose and gesture of grotesque figures, while game pieces and inscription offer supplementary detail. The mirroring of compositional elements reinforces the themes of biological repetition, variation, point of view, and the tradition of the printed multiple.


2nd Place

A Daisy Worth 177,000 Words

A Daisy Worth 177,000 Words

Samantha Arcamuzi 

Ink Pen o paper

Samantha is an Undergraduate in Neuroscience and Psychology

Her description reads: 

The image is made entirely from the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is done with ink pen only. The blue and green in the background are made up of the words from The Great Gatsby


3rd Place


Tranquility garden

Farzaneh Khorsandi Kouhanestani  (فرزانه خورسندی)

Guash on paper board

Farzaneh is a graduate student in Biosystems engineering 


People’s Choice

Girl #2: Molly

Girl #2: Molly 

Mason Freeman

Charcoal on paper

Mason is an Undergraduate in Neuroscience

And her description reads: 

As I continue to work with charcoal and portraiture, I try to create more intense, high-contrast portraits. Portraits focus more on the person being depicted and adds an element of vulnerability when it’s monochramatic

Some comments from Facebook include: “I thought it was a photograph. I really had to look closely.” “The sharpness of the lines is incredible!”

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