The Research Cycle

To see how your subject librarian can help and partner with you in your research, follow the links at the bottom of this page or download this PDF handoutClick here to request a research consultation.


Literature Review

Get assistance with searching the literature; identifying other information sources (e.g., datasets, tests and measures); and evaluating the reliability of resources.

Research Alerts

Stay up-to-date on new research with automatically generated notifications.

Citation Management

Take control of your citations with tools such as EndNote and Zotero.

Citation styles:

Citation management tools:

Digital Humanities

Discover and explore new tools for collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative digital research.

Acquire Resources

Get the articles, data, and other materials you need.  Have items delivered to your email or department.  Access from off campus.

Data Management Planning

Get assistance with data management planning.

Research Project

Ongoing Support

Refine research alerts, troubleshoot citation management, create data set metadata, update literature review, and answer other questions as needed.


Unique Researcher ID

Obtain a unique identifier to help disambiguate you from other authors and to ensure proper attribution of your work.

Where to Publish

Learn about publishing venues and Open Access.  Apply for the UT Open Publishing Support Fund.


Learn about retaining your copyright.

Media Production

Data sharing and preservation and check out equipment.


Manage Your Reputation

Maximize the readership and impact of your research.

Open Access Archiving

Archive your research to make it more accessible and open.

Preserve and Share Data

Prepare your data for preservation and select file types and data repositories.

Obtain persistent identifiers.

Citation Metrics

Obtain metrics to understand how and where your work is being used.

Tennessee Volunteers Magazine

Published by the University of Tennessee Athletic Department to provide articles and statistics on a variety of sports.

Photographs of UT athletic players and coaches