TALC – Policies

TBR/UT Borrowers Card Program Policies


Currently employed and retired faculty and staff and currently enrolled students of participating libraries are eligible to apply for TBR/UT borrowers cards at their home libraries. This card permits checkout of circulating materials at any participating TBR/UT library in accordance with the lending library’s local policies.

Card guidelines:

TBR/UT borrowers cards will be issued to full-time, retired, and adjunct faculty and staff for no more than one year. Issuing libraries may choose to limit the card period to the academic year or academic term according to local practice.

Students will be issued cards for an academic term. Cards will be valid through the issuing institution’s last day of classes or last day of exams (depending on local practice) for that particular term.

The staff member issuing the card will verify eligibility and make certain that the borrower’s home library account is not delinquent. The home library has final authority to issue or deny borrowers cards.

To be valid, a TBR/UT borrowers card must be filled in completely and include an expiration date, the identification number of the borrower
at his/her home institution, and the name of home institution issuing the card.

The lending library may choose to issue their own library cards to holders of valid TBR/UT borrowers cards, or lending libraries may apply
barcodes to the TBR/UT borrowers card. Lending libraries may not place a barcode on the home institution’s university ID card or alter that
ID card in any way.

Borrower privileges:

Holders of TBR/UT borrowers cards are accorded the borrowing privileges established by the lending library.

Each library reserves the right to establish its own rules and regulations governing the use of materials and services and may restrict the circulation of certain materials whenever necessary. The number of concurrent loans may vary according to local practice.

Faculty and staff are not entitled to special privileges or extended loan periods at other institutions.

Checkout privileges may be withdrawn according to the lending library’s practice if borrowed material is not returned by the due dates or library fines and charges are not paid.

Borrower responsibilities:

Borrowers are subject to the rules and regulations of the lending library and are responsible for learning and observing these rules.

Borrowers must present the lending library with a valid TBR/UT borrowers card issued by their home library and a photo ID when borrowing materials. No other forms of identification will be accepted.

Borrowers are responsible for the safe and timely return of materials to the lending library.

Borrowers are responsible for all financial obligations incurred at the lending library. Failure to receive notification does not absolve borrowers of library obligations.

Borrowers are responsible for supplying current mailing addresses to the lending library.

Financial guidelines:

Borrowers will be assessed the fine schedule, replacement price, processing fee, and damage/binding charges established by the lending library.

Lending libraries will provide timely notification of overdue and lost books directly to borrowers. The number of notices and timing of notices will vary according to the lending libraries’ local practice.

Participating libraries will bill each other for lost materials on January 31st and July 31st of each year. Itemized invoices will include the name and identification number of the borrower, the item replacement price, processing or administrative fees, and any damage charges. Libraries will not bill each other for unpaid fines. An institution’s failure to pay invoices may result in the loss of TBR/UT borrowing privileges.

Libraries that are invoiced for lost and damaged items may block or encumber their patrons according to local practice. The borrower’s library is responsible for reimbursing the lending library in a timely manner for any unpaid lost and/or damage charges accrued by its patrons whether or not the borrower’s library is successful in collecting from its patrons.

Refunds for lost and paid items will be processed according to local practices of the lending libraries.


Representatives from participating libraries will meet once a year to evaluate the program and recommend improvements.

Withdrawing from the program:

Libraries may end their participation in the TBR/UT Borrowers Card Program by giving three months written notice to the Chair of the TALC Board.

D.Thomas 6/98