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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
A chastened communion [electronic resource] : modern Irish poetry and Catholicism Auge, Andrew J. Electronic Library - PB1331.A97 2013 (2014/08/01)
Aspects of Bulgarian syntax [electronic resource] : complementizers and WH constructions Rudin, Catherine, 1954- Electronic Library - PG925.R83 2012 (2014/08/01)
Assessing English language learners in the content areas [electronic resource] : a research-into-pra Mihai, Florin. Electronic Library - PE1128.A2M54 2010 (2014/08/01)
Coire Sois, The Cauldron of Knowledge [electronic resource] : a Companion to Early Irish Saga Uí Cathasaigh, Tomás. Electronic Library - PB1321.O34 2013 (2014/08/01)
Cultivating ecologies for digital media work [electronic resource] : the case of English studies Braun, Catherine C. Electronic Library - PE1404.B696 2014 (2014/08/01)
Diary 1954 [electronic resource] Tyrmand, Leopold, author. Electronic Library - PG7158.T9A33 2014 (2014/08/01)
Dostoevsky and the Catholic underground [electronic resource] Blake, Elizabeth Ann, 1971- author. Electronic Library - PG3328.Z7R42236 2014 (2014/08/01)
Endarkenment [electronic resource] : selected poems Dragomoshchenko, A. (Arkadiĭ), author. Electronic Library - PG3479.6.R28A2 2014 (2014/08/01)
English language teachers narrating their lives [electronic resource] : from the construction of pro Kamhi-Stein, Lía D. Electronic Library - PE1066.K36 2013 (2014/08/01)
English-German glossary of Namibian terms [electronic resource] Electronic Library - PE3452.N34E544 2012 (2014/08/01)
Fixing English : prescriptivism and language history Curzan, Anne, author. Hodges Library - PE1101.C87 2014 (2014/08/01)
Fundamentals of the structure and history of Russian [electronic resource] : a usage-based approach Hart, David K., author. Electronic Library - PG2131.H37 2013 (2014/08/01)
Pioneers [electronic resource] : a tale of Russian-Jewish life in the 1880s An-Ski, S., 1863-1920, author. Electronic Library - PG3470.R3P5613 2014 (2014/08/01)
The Pushkin handbook [electronic resource] Electronic Library - PG3356.P818 2005 (2014/08/01)
The Tender Friendship and the Charm of Perfect Accord [electronic resource] : Nabokov and His Father Shapiro, Gavriel. Electronic Library - PG3476.N3Z8639 2013 (2014/08/01)
The modernist masquerade [electronic resource] : stylizing life, literature, and costumes in Russia McQuillen, Colleen, 1972- author. Electronic Library - PG3020.5.M6M37 2013 (2014/08/01)
Evidentiality and perception verbs in English and German Whitt, Richard J., author. Electronic Library - PF3318.W55 2010eb (2014/07/29)
From form to meaning : freshman composition and the long sixties, 1957-1974 Fleming, David, 1961- author. Electronic Library - PE1405.U6F6 2011eb (2014/07/29)
Strategic attention in language testing : metacognition in a yes Thoma, Dieter, author. Electronic Library - PE1114.T49 2009eb (2014/07/29)
The language factor in international business : new perspectives on research, teaching and practice Electronic Library - PE1479.B87L364 2012eb (2014/07/29)
The semantics of english negative prefixes Hamawand, Zeki, author. Electronic Library - PE1359.N44H36 2009eb (2014/07/29)
After Lermontov : translations for the bicentenary Lermontov, Mikhail I͡Urʹevich, 1814-1841, author. Hodges Library - PG3337.L4.A28 2014 (2014/07/25)
Choucas : an international novel Nałkowska, Zofia, 1884-1954, author. Hodges Library - PG7158.N34C4613 2014 (2014/07/25)
The Zhivago affair : the Kremlin, the CIA, and the battle over a forbidden book Finn, Peter, 1962- Hodges Library - PG3476.P27D6837 2014 (2014/07/25)
Social dynamics in second language accent Electronic Library - PE1137.S53 2014 (2014/07/22)
Nabokov's Shakespeare Schuman, Samuel. Electronic Library - PG3476.N3Z8628 2014 (2014/07/21)
Nine rabbits [electronic resource] Zaharieva, Virginia. Electronic Library - PG1039.36.A35Z46 2014 (2014/07/21)
Student writing : give it a generous reading Spence, Lucy K. Electronic Library - PE1404.S73 2014 (2014/07/21)
Dinner with Stalin and other stories Shraer-Petrov, David, author. Hodges Library - PG3549.S537A6 2014 (2014/07/17)
Give War and Peace a chance : Tolstoyan wisdom for troubled times Kaufman, Andrew, 1969- Hodges Library - PG3365.V65K36 2014 (2014/07/17)
The inspector : a comedy in five acts Gogolʹ, Nikolaĭ Vasilʹevich, 1809-1852, author. Hodges Library - PG3333.R4 2014 (2014/07/17)
Yaroslavl stories Lavrinenko, Anna, 1984- author. Hodges Library - PG3492.6.A87Y32 2014 (2014/07/17)
"The bard is a very singular character" [electronic resource] : Iolo Morganwg, Marginalia and print Jones, Ffion Mair. Electronic Library - PB2297.W45Z56 2010eb (2014/07/08)
"Umlaut" in optimality theory : a comparative analysis of German and Chamorro Klein, Thomas B. Electronic Library - PF3065.K54 2000eb (2014/07/08)
A historical phonology of the Kashubian dialects of Polish Topolińska, Zuzanna. Electronic Library - PG7902.T66 1974eb (2014/07/08)
Articulatory coordination of syllable structure in Italian [electronic resource] Hermes, Anne. Electronic Library - PC1168.H47 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Australia's many voices : Australian English--the national language Leitner, Gerhard, 1944- Electronic Library - PE3601.L45 2004eb (2014/07/08)
Classroom discourse in EFL teaching [electronic resource] : a corss-cultural perspective Strobelberger, Katrin. Electronic Library - PE1128.A2S776 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Contact zone identities in the poetry of Jerzy Harasymowicz [electronic resource] : a postcolonial a Stańczyk, Ewa, 1981- Electronic Library - PG7167.A7Z85 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Crosswords : language, education, and ethnicity in French Ontario Heller, Monica. Electronic Library - PC3645.O6H45 1994eb (2014/07/08)
Diminutives in English Schneider, Klaus P. Electronic Library - PE1175.S36 2003eb (2014/07/08)
Dynamic vocabulary development in a foreign language [electronic resource] Zheng, Yongyan, 1979- Electronic Library - PE1068.C5C47 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Elements of rhetoric [electronic resource] : comprising an analysis of the laws of moral evidence an Whately, Richard, 1787-1863. Electronic Library - PE1402.W6 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Embodying identity : representations of the body in Welsh literature : writing wales in English Roberts, Harri Garrod. Electronic Library - PB2206.R63 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Ethnolects of Cameroon English : pronunciation, education, and evolution Fonyuy, Kelen Ernesta. Electronic Library - PE3442.C3F66 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Experimental writing in composition : aesthetics and pedagogies Sullivan, Patricia Suzanne, author. Electronic Library - PE1404.S857 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Genitive variation in English : conceptual factors in synchronic and diachronic studies Rosenbach, Anette. Electronic Library - PE1221.R67 2002eb (2014/07/08)
Language contact and vocabulary enrichment [electronic resource] : Scandinavian elements in Middle E Moskowich, Isabel. Electronic Library - PE1582.S3M67 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Linguistic purism in action : how auxiliary tun was stigmatized in Early New High German Langer, Nils, 1969- Electronic Library - PF4521.L36 2001eb (2014/07/08)
Mastering chaos [electronic resource] : the metafictional worlds of Evgeny Popov Morris, Jeremy. Electronic Library - PG3492.96.P68Z763 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Monosyllables : from phonology to typology Electronic Library - PE1692.M666 2012eb (2014/07/08)
New language, new literacy [electronic resource] : teaching literacy to English language learners Bell, Jill, 1946- Electronic Library - PE1128.A2B45 2013eb (2014/07/08)
New trends and methodologies in applied English language research II [electronic resource] : studies Electronic Library - PE1074.7.N493 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Perceiving identity through accent [electronic resource] : attitudes towards non-native speakers and Beinhoff, Bettina. Electronic Library - PE1137.B45 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Phonological variants and dialect identification in Latin American Spanish [electronic resource] Resnick, Melvyn C. Electronic Library - PC4821.R4 1975eb (2014/07/08)
Phraseology in English academic writing : some implications for language learning and dictionary mak Howarth, Peter Andrew. Electronic Library - PE1422.H69 1996eb (2014/07/08)
Prague English studies and the transformation of philologies Electronic Library - PE51.P734 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Preposition stranding : from syntactic to functional analyses Takami, Kenʼichi, 1952- Electronic Library - PE1335.T35 1992eb (2014/07/08)
The emergence of the English native speaker [electronic resource] : a chapter in nineteenth-century Hackert, Stephanie. Electronic Library - PE1085.H33 2012eb (2014/07/08)
The evolution of college English : literacy studies from the Puritans to the Postmoderns Miller, Thomas P., author. Electronic Library - PE65.M53 2010eb (2014/07/08)
The readers of Novyi Mir [electronic resource] : coming to terms with the Stalinist past Kozlov, Denis, 1973- Electronic Library - PG3022.K69 2013eb (2014/07/08)
The syntax of the sentence in Old Irish : selected studies from descriptive, historical, and compara Mac Coisdealbha, Pádraig, 1949 or 1950-1976. Electronic Library - PB1218.M28 1998eb (2014/07/08)
Unhistorical gender assignment in Layamon's Brut [electronic resource] : a case study of a late stag Shinkawa, Seiji, 1969- Electronic Library - PE631.L4S55 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Welsh poetry of the French Revolution, 1789-1805 [electronic resource] Charnell-White, Cathryn A. Electronic Library - PB2369.C43 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Korean English : a corpus-driven study of a new English Hadikin, Glenn. Electronic Library - PE1068.K6H33 2014 (2014/07/07)
Language variety in the South revisited [electronic resource] Electronic Library - PE2922.L37 1997 (2014/07/07)
The critical writer : inquiry and the writing process Carroll, Joyce Armstrong, 1937- Electronic Library - PE1404.C345 2014 (2014/07/07)
The language of adult immigrants : agency in the making Miller, Elizabeth R., 1965- author. Electronic Library - PE1128.A2M5523 2014 (2014/07/07)
Writing groups for doctoral education and beyond : innovations in practice and theory Electronic Library - PE1404.W723 2014 (2014/06/30)
Vernacularity in England and Wales c. 1300-1550 Hodges Library - PE525.V47 2011 (2014/06/24)
The Russian language outside the nation Electronic Library - PG2750.F6R87 2014 (2014/06/23)
Working with Portuguese corpora Electronic Library - PC5044.5.W67 2014 (2014/06/23)
Grammatical relations and their non-canonical encoding in Baltic Electronic Library - PG8022.G73 2014 (2014/06/16)
Auxiliary selection in Spanish : gradience, gradualness, and conservation Rosemeyer, Malte. Electronic Library - PC4074.7.R67 2014 (2014/06/09)
Russian tales of demonic possession : translations of Savva Grudtsyn and Solomonia Hodges Library - PG3276.R89 2014 (2014/06/04)

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