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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Alex Katz Ratcliff, Carter, author. Hodges Library - N6537.K32R38 2014 (2014/11/18)
Art in time : a world history of styles and movements Hodges Library - N5300.B35 2014 (2014/11/18)
Black artists in British art : a history since the 1950s to the present Chambers, Eddie. Hodges Library - N6768.C536 2014 (2014/11/18)
Imaging Hoover Dam : The Making of a Cultural Icon Arrigo, Anthony F., 1972- Hodges Library - N8214.5.U6A72 2014 (2014/11/18)
Jackson Pollock Harrison, Helen A. (Helen Amy), author. Hodges Library - N6537.P57H37 2014 (2014/11/18)
Jasper Johns Wallace, Isabelle Loring. Hodges Library - N6537.J6W35 2014 (2014/11/18)
Richard Estes Chase, Linda, author. Hodges Library - ND237.E75C43 2014 (2014/11/18)
The art and politics of Asger Jorn : the avant-garde won't give up Kurczynski, Karen, author. Hodges Library - N7023.J67K87 2014 (2014/11/18)
The magic of birds Fisher, Celia, author. Hodges Library - N7665.F57 2014 (2014/11/18)
Artists under Hitler : collaboration and survival in Nazi Germany Petropoulos, Jonathan, author. Electronic Library - NX180.N37P48 2014 (2014/11/17)
Global trade and visual arts in federal New England Electronic Library - N6515.G56 2014 (2014/11/17)
TM : the untold stories behind 29 classic logos Sinclair, Mark, author. Electronic Library - NC1002.L63S56 2014 (2014/11/17)
Matisse's sculpture : the pinup and the primitive McBreen, Ellen. Hodges Library - NB553.M39M39 2014 (2014/11/12)
Rodin Le Normand-Romain, Antoinette, author. Hodges Library - NB553.R7L513813 2014 (2014/11/12)
Beyond the battlefield [electronic resource] : women artists of the two World Wars Speck, Catherine, author. Electronic Library - N9150.S64 2014 (2014/11/10)
Big art, small art Manco, Tristan, author. Hodges Library - N6497.M36 2014 (2014/11/10)
Gender, artWork and the global imperative : a materialist feminist critique Dēmētrakakē, Antzela, 1968- author. Hodges Library - N8217.G397D46 2013 (2014/11/10)
The imagined and real Jerusalem in art and architecture Electronic Library - N8214.5.J4I43 2014 (2014/11/10)
Training days : the subway artists then and now Chalfant, Henry. Hodges Library - N8251.S565C43 2014 (2014/11/10)
Curationism : how curating took over the art world and everything else Balzer, David, 1976-, author. Electronic Library - N410.B46 2014 (2014/11/03)
Do Ho Suh : drawings Suh, Do-Ho, 1962- Hodges Library - NC353.6.S84A4x 2014 (2014/10/29)
Manuscripta illuminata : approaches to understanding Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts Hodges Library - ND2920.M356 2014 (2014/10/29)
Mary Ann Carroll : first lady of the Highwaymen Monroe, Gary, author. Hodges Library - ND237.C2825M66 2014 (2014/10/29)
My life with Alexander Archipenko Archipenko Gray, Frances. Hodges Library - NB237.A7A73x 2014 (2014/10/29)
Shifting stones, shaping the past : sculpture from the Buddhist stūpas of Andhra Pradesh Becker, Catherine, 1974- Hodges Library - NB1912 .B83B377 2015 (2014/10/29)
A Mickey Mouse reader Electronic Library - N8224.M47M53 2014 (2014/10/28)
Lorado Taft : the Chicago years Weller, Allen S. (Allen Stuart), 1907-1997, author. Electronic Library - NB237.T3W45 2014 (2014/10/28)
Amazingly original : contemporary Iranian art at crossroads Daneshvari, Abbas, author. Hodges Library - N7285.6.D36 2014 (2014/10/21)
Rendering violence : riots, strikes, and upheaval in nineteenth-century American art Barrett, Ross, 1977- author. Hodges Library - N8257.B37 2014 (2014/10/21)
The practice of light : a genealogy of visual technologies from prints to pixels Cubitt, Sean, 1953- author. Hodges Library - N72.T4C83 2014 (2014/10/21)
The Winchester guide to keywords and concepts for international students in art, media and design Makhoul, A. L., author. Electronic Library - N33.M225 2015 (2014/10/20)
Antonio López García's everyday urban worlds : a philosophy of painting Fraser, Benjamin, author. Hodges Library - N7113.L6F73 2014 (2014/10/15)
Beyond grief : sculpture and wonder in the Gilded Age cemetery Mills, Cynthia J., author. Hodges Library - NB1803.U6M55 2014 (2014/10/15)
Contemporary culture : new directions in arts and humanities research Hodges Library - N72.S6C66 2013 (2014/10/15)
Helen Pashgian Eliel, Carol S., 1955- author, interviewer. Hodges Library - N582.L7A8 2014 (2014/10/15)
Max Klinger and Wilhelmine culture : on the threshold of German modernism Morton, Marsha, author. Hodges Library - N6888.K555M67 2014 (2014/10/15)
Sculptors and design reform in France, 1848 to 1895 : sculpture and the decorative arts Jones, Claire (Claire Bethsedia), author. Hodges Library - NB547.J66 2014 (2014/10/15)
Sculpture and touch Hodges Library - NB1153.T68S28 2014 (2014/10/15)
Space, place and ornament : the function of landscape in medieval manuscript illumination Goehring, Margaret, author. Hodges Library - ND3341.G64x 2013 (2014/10/15)
"With éclat" [electronic resource] : the Boston Athenæum and the origin of the Museum of Fine Art Hirayama, Hina, 1964- Electronic Library - N521.A8H57 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Adrian Frutiger typefaces [electronic resource] : the complete works Frutiger, Adrian, 1928- Electronic Library - NC997.F78 2009eb (2014/10/14)
Art and politics : a small history of art for social change since 1945 Mesch, Claudia. Electronic Library - NC998.M473 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Arts [electronic resource] : a science matter Electronic Library - NX180.S3A773 2011eb (2014/10/14)
Berlin : the symphony continues : orchestrating architectural, social, and artistic change in German Electronic Library - NX180.S6B4736 2004eb (2014/10/14)
Black art in Brazil [electronic resource] : expressions of identity Cleveland, Kimberly. Electronic Library - N6655.C59 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Collecting the new : museums and contemporary art Electronic Library - N6486.C65 2005eb (2014/10/14)
Colonial constructs : European images of Maori, 1840-1914 Bell, Leonard, 1945- Electronic Library - N8222.M37B39 1992eb (2014/10/14)
Colour, art and empire : visual culture and the nomadism of representation Eaton, Natasha, author. Electronic Library - N72.P6E28 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Earth sound earth signal [electronic resource] : energies and earth magnitude in the arts Kahn, Douglas, 1951- Electronic Library - NX650.S68K24 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Final light : the life and art of V. Douglas Snow Electronic Library - N6537.S622F56 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Helen Chadwick : constructing identities between art and architecture Walker, Stephen, 1966- Electronic Library - N6797.C42W35 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Kill for peace [electronic resource] : American artists against the Vietnam War Israel, Matthew (Matthew Winer) Electronic Library - N6512.I87 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Mastering Manga Studio 5 : an extensive, fun, and practical guide to streamlining your comic-making Staley, Liz. Electronic Library - NC1764.S735 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Max Pechstein [electronic resource] : the rise and fall of expressionism Fulda, Bernhard. Electronic Library - N6888.P38F85 2012eb (2014/10/14)
More than a likeness [electronic resource] : the enduring art of Mary Whyte Severens, Martha R., 1945- Electronic Library - ND1839.W49S48 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Object and apparition : envisioning the Christian divine in the colonial Andes Stanfield-Mazzi, Maya Selama, 1972- Electronic Library - N7930.S73 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Renaissance studies : a festschrift in honor of professor Edward J. Olszewski Electronic Library - N6915.R47 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Signage : spatial orientation Kling, Beate. Electronic Library - NC1002.S54K55 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Sketchbook Pro digital painting essentials Robles, Gil. Electronic Library - N7433.8.R62 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Ted Lambert : the man behind the paintings Lambert, Ted (Theodore Roosevelt), 1905-approximately 1960. Electronic Library - ND237.L264A2 2012eb (2014/10/14)
The aesthetics of strangeness : eccentricity and madness in early modern Japan Brecher, W. Puck. Electronic Library - N7353.6.E33B74 2013eb (2014/10/14)
The animated image : Roman theory on naturalism, vividness and divine power Bussels, Stijn, author. Electronic Library - N5760.B87 2013eb (2014/10/14)
The idea of nature in Disney animation-from Snow White to WALL-E [electronic resource] Whitley, David. Electronic Library - NC1766.U52D594 2012eb (2014/10/14)
The pilgrimage of Sudhana : a study of Gaṇḍavyūha illustrations in China, Japan and Java Fontein, Jan, author. Electronic Library - N7260.F63 1967eb (2014/10/14)
The pleasure in drawing [electronic resource] Nancy, Jean-Luc. Electronic Library - NC17.F7L96713 2013eb (2014/10/14)
The universal art of Samuel van Hoogstraten (1627-1678) : painter, writer, and courtier Electronic Library - ND646.U558 2013eb (2014/10/14)
The video art of Sylvia Safdie [electronic resource] Lewis, Eric, 1961- Electronic Library - N6549.S23L49 2013eb (2014/10/14)
The visual arts : plastic and graphic Electronic Library - N72.S6V57 1979eb (2014/10/14)
The witch in the Western imagination [electronic resource] Roper, Lyndal. Electronic Library - NX652.W58R67 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Un Schmidt, Petra. Electronic Library - N6498.P37S36 2009eb (2014/10/14)
Visual politics and psychoanalysis : art and the image in post-traumatic cultures Electronic Library - N72.P74V57 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Words and pictures : on the literal and the symbolic in the illustration of a text Schapiro, Meyer, 1904-1996. Electronic Library - N8020.S32 1973eb (2014/10/14)
Cultural renewal : restoring the liberal and fine arts Pontynen, Arthur, author. Electronic Library - NX180.S6P657 2015 (2014/10/13)
Leon Battista Alberti and Nicholas Cusanus : towards an epistemology of vision for Italian Renaissan Carman, Charles H., author. Electronic Library - N7430.5.C275 2014 (2014/10/13)
The riddle of the image : the secret science of medieval art Bucklow, Spike, author. Electronic Library - ND1471.B83 2014 (2014/10/13)

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