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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
When thunder comes : poems for civil rights leaders Lewis, J. Patrick. Hodges Library - 811L49wh (2014/08/01)
Forest has a song : poems VanDerwater, Amy Ludwig. Hodges Library - 811V36fo (2014/04/22)
Poems to learn by heart Hodges Library - 808.81P6456po (2014/03/11)
I lay my stitches down : poems of American slavery Grady, Cynthia. Hodges Library - 811.6G72i (2013/06/11)
Walking on earth & touching the sky : poetry and prose by Lakota youth at Red Cloud Indian School Hodges Library - 810.8W35 (2013/06/11)
The night before Christmas Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863. Hodges Library - 811M821nig 1996 (2013/04/12)
I, too, am America Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967. Hodges Library - 811H893i (2013/03/19)
Water sings blue : ocean poems Coombs, Kate. Hodges Library - 811C776wa (2013/03/19)
National Geographic book of animal poetry : 200 poems with photographs that squeak, soar, and roar! Hodges Library - 808.81N38na (2013/03/05)
Step gently out Frost, Helen, 1949- Hodges Library - 811.54F76st (2013/03/05)
The year comes round : Haiku through the seasons Farrar, Sid. Hodges Library - 811F37ye (2013/03/05)
Liberty's voice : the story of Emma Lazarus Silverman, Erica. Hodges Library - 811S536Li (2012/07/03)
Under the mambo moon Durango, Julia, 1967- Hodges Library - 811D87u (2012/06/26)
Out of this world : poems and facts about space Sklansky, Amy E. Hodges Library - 811.6S55ou (2012/05/01)
Amazing faces Hodges Library - 811.008A43 (2012/04/25)
At the sea floor café : odd ocean critter poems Bulion, Leslie, 1958- Hodges Library - 811.6B85at (2012/04/18)
Little treasures : endearments from around the world Ogburn, Jacqueline K. Hodges Library - 808.88 O43Li (2012/03/20)
Hurricane dancers : the first Caribbean pirate shipwreck Engle, Margarita. Hodges Library - 811.54E64h (2012/03/13)
Lemonade and other poems squeezed from a single word Raczka, Bob. Hodges Library - 811.6R33le (2012/03/06)
The Great Migration : journey to the North Greenfield, Eloise. Hodges Library - 811.54G74gr (2012/01/31)
Emma dilemma : big sister poems George, Kristine O'Connell. Hodges Library - 811O36em (2012/01/11)
Every thing on it : poems and drawings Silverstein, Shel. Hodges Library - 811.54S53e (2012/01/11)
Swirl by swirl : spirals in nature Sidman, Joyce. Hodges Library - 811.54S53sw (2012/01/11)
The beastly bride : tales of the animal people Hodges Library - 810.8B43 (2011/12/01)
Emily stew : with some side dishes Rockwell, Thomas, 1933- Hodges Library - 811.54R63e (2011/11/30)
Sharing the seasons : a book of poems Hodges Library - 811.008S53 (2011/11/28)
Chicken scratches : grade A poultry poetry and rooster rhymes Shannon, George. Hodges Library - 811S53c (2011/10/19)
Think again Lawson, JonArno. Hodges Library - 811.54L32th (2011/10/12)
Another jar of tiny stars : poems by more NCTE award-winning poets : children select their favorite Hodges Library - 811.008A58 (2011/08/18)
Partly cloudy : poems of love and longing Soto, Gary. Hodges Library - 811.54S68pa (2011/07/13)
Roots and blues : a celebration Adoff, Arnold. Hodges Library - 811.54A363r (2011/07/06)
Volcano wakes up! Peters, Lisa Westberg. Hodges Library - 811.54P48vo (2011/04/13)
The fastest game on two feet : and other poems about how sports began Low, Alice. Hodges Library - 811.54L69fa (2011/03/30)
Truckery rhymes Scieszka, Jon. Hodges Library - 811.54S354tr (2011/03/30)
The genie in the jar Giovanni, Nikki. Hodges Library - 811.54G569ge (2011/03/23)
Ego-tripping and other poems for young people Giovanni, Nikki. Hodges Library - 811G56e (2011/03/22)
The sun is so quiet Giovanni, Nikki. - 811.54G569s (2011/03/22)
Dark emperor & other poems of the night Sidman, Joyce. Hodges Library - 811S53d (2011/03/10)
Poetrees Florian, Douglas. Hodges Library - 811F56p (2011/03/10)
Guyku : a year of haiku for boys Raczka, Bob. Hodges Library - 811R33gu (2011/03/03)
In the wild Elliott, David, 1947- Hodges Library - 811E45t (2011/03/03)
Borrowed names : poems about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Madam C.J. Walker, Marie Curie, and their daughte Atkins, Jeannine, 1953- Hodges Library - 811.6A85bo (2011/02/17)
Mirror mirror : a book of reversible verse Singer, Marilyn. Hodges Library - 811.54S56m (2011/02/02)
Ubiquitous : celebrating nature's survivors Sidman, Joyce. Hodges Library - 811.54S53u (2011/01/26)
Time you let me in : 25 poets under 25 Hodges Library - 811T56 (2011/01/20)
Steady hands : poems about work Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn. Hodges Library - 811.6Z56s (2010/10/13)
The carnival of the animals Prelutsky, Jack. Hodges Library - 811.54P744c (2010/10/12)
'Twas the night before Christmas; or, Account of a visit from St. Nicholas Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863. Hodges Library - 811.2M66n (2010/10/01)
More pocket poems Hodges Library - 811.008M67 (2010/10/01)
We troubled the waters : poems Shange, Ntozake. Hodges Library - 811.54S5w (2010/06/15)
Ancient Africa Altman, Susan. Hodges Library - 811.54A4687aa (2010/03/31)
My Black me: a beginning book of Black poetry. Hodges Library - PS591.N4$$iA29 (2010/03/24)
A grand celebration : grandparents in poetry Hodges Library - 811.008G73 (2010/03/19)
Button up! : wrinkled rhymes Schertle, Alice. Hodges Library - 811S34bu (2010/03/03)
Mother poems Smith, Hope Anita. Hodges Library - 811.6S65mo (2010/03/03)
My people Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967. Hodges Library - 811.52H83my (2010/02/03)
Red sings from treetops : a year in colors Sidman, Joyce. Hodges Library - 811S53r (2010/01/28)
The Negro speaks of rivers Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967. Hodges Library - 811.52H83ne (2010/01/28)
A whiff of pine, a hint of skunk : a forest of poems Ruddell, Deborah. Hodges Library - 811.6R83w (2010/01/25)
Knoxville, Tennessee Giovanni, Nikki. Hodges Library - 811.54G56k (2009/08/17)
Bear hugs : romantically ridiculous animal rhymes Wilson, Karma. Hodges Library - 811.6W55be (2009/08/12)
Black stars in a white night sky Lawson, JonArno. Hodges Library - 811.54L32bL (2009/08/12)
Imaginary menagerie : a book of curious creatures Larios, Julie Hofstrand, 1949- Hodges Library - 811.54L28im (2009/08/12)
Twist : yoga poems Wong, Janet S. Hodges Library - 811.54W65tw (2009/08/12)
A crossing of zebras : animal packs in poetry Maddox, Marjorie, 1959- Hodges Library - 811.6M33cr (2009/08/11)
Go! : poetry in motion : poems Lillegard, Dee. Hodges Library - 811.54L54go (2009/08/11)
Bugs : poems about creeping things Harrison, David L. (David Lee), 1937- Hodges Library - 811.54H38bu (2009/08/07)
Feathers : poems about birds Spinelli, Eileen. Hodges Library - 811.54S74fe (2009/08/07)
Oh, Theodore! : guinea pig poems Katz, Susan. Hodges Library - 811.54K31oh (2009/08/07)
Other goose : recycled rhymes for our fragile times... Klunder, Barbara. Hodges Library - 811.6K58ot (2009/08/04)
Thunderboom! : poems for everyone Pomerantz, Charlotte. Hodges Library - 811.54P66th (2009/08/04)
Small fry Adoff, Jaime. Hodges Library - 811.6A36s (2009/07/31)
Amazing peace : a Christmas poem Angelou, Maya. Hodges Library - 811.54A54a (2009/07/30)
Birds on a wire : a Renga 'round town Lewis, J. Patrick. Hodges Library - 811.54L49bi (2009/07/30)
The freedom business : including A narrative of the life and adventures of Venture, a native of Afri Nelson, Marilyn, 1946- Hodges Library - 811.54N44fr (2009/07/29)

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