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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Tennessee family support guidelines Tennessee. Division of Mental Retardation Services. Electronic Library - 362.409768$$iT2973t (2014/10/27)
A place for bats Stewart, Melissa. Hodges Library - 599.4S84pL (2014/10/15)
White House kids : the perks, pleasures, problems, and pratfalls of the Presidents' children Rhatigan, Joe. Hodges Library - 973.09R43wh (2014/10/15)
Ice, wind, rock : Douglas Mawson in the Antarctic Gouldthorpe, Peter, author, illustrator. Hodges Library - 910.92G68ic (2014/10/07)
Welcome to my country Burarrwanga, Laklak, author. Hodges Library - 994.295B87we (2014/10/03)
The beginner's guide to hunting and fishing in New Zealand Adamson, Paul, 1958- author. Hodges Library - 799.0993A33be (2014/09/03)
America's national parks : a pop-up book Compton, Don, author. Special Collections - SB482.A4$$iC66 2013 (2014/08/29)
The Toon treasury of classic children's comics Hodges Library - 741.5T66to (2014/08/25)
Women explorers : perils, pistols, and petticoats Cummins, Julie. Hodges Library - 910.92C86w (2014/08/22)
Dinosaurs : encyclopedia prehistorica Sabuda, Robert. Hodges Library - 567.9S23d (2014/08/13)
Food Rand, Casey. Hodges Library - 641.3R36fo (2014/07/24)
Life processes Claybourne, Anna. Hodges Library - 571.8C53Li (2014/07/24)
Marathon Yakin, Boaz. Hodges Library - 741.5Y35ma (2014/07/24)
Odysseus and the cyclops : a retelling Meister, Cari. Hodges Library - 398.2M52od (2014/07/24)
Operation beautiful for best friends Boyle, Caitlin. Hodges Library - 646.70083B69op (2014/07/24)
The scary places map book : seven terrifying tours Hennessy, B. G. (Barbara G.) Hodges Library - 133.1H46sc (2014/07/24)
The silence of our friends Long, Mark, 1957- Hodges Library - 741.5L66si (2014/07/24)
Titanic Callery, Sean. Hodges Library - 910.91634C35ti (2014/07/24)
A picture book of Sam Houston Adler, David A. Hodges Library - 976.4A35pi (2014/07/18)
Baby's in black : Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart Sutcliffe, and the Beatles Bellstorf, Arne. Hodges Library - 782.42166B45ba (2014/07/18)
Growing up Muslim : understanding Islamic beliefs and practices Ali-Karamali, Sumbul, 1964- Hodges Library - 297A55gr (2014/07/18)
Only the mountains do not move : a Maasai story of culture and conservation Reynolds, Jan, 1956- Hodges Library - 305.896R49on (2014/07/18)
The house that George built Slade, Suzanne. Hodges Library - 975.3S53ho (2014/07/18)
Angel Island : gateway to Gold Mountain Freedman, Russell. Hodges Library - 979.4F74an (2014/07/17)
Donner dinner party Hale, Nathan, 1976- Hodges Library - 979.403H35do (2014/07/17)
Draw out the story : ten secrets to creating your own comics McLachlan, Brian, author. Hodges Library - 741.5M25dr (2014/07/17)
Enrique's journey : the true story of a boy determined to reunite with his mother Nazario, Sonia. Hodges Library - 973N39en (2014/07/17)
Footwork : the story of Fred and Adele Astaire Orgill, Roxane. Hodges Library - 792.802O74fo (2014/07/17)
Grandma and the great gourd : a Bengali folk tale Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee, 1956- author. Hodges Library - 398.20954D58gr (2014/07/17)
Healthy kids : with a foreword by Melinda French Gates Ajmera, Maya. Hodges Library - 613A56he (2014/07/17)
Here come the humpbacks! Sayre, April Pulley. Hodges Library - 599.5S39he (2014/07/17)
Jasper's story : saving moon bears Robinson, Jill, 1958- Hodges Library - 599.78R62ja (2014/07/17)
Jimmy the joey : the true story of an amazing koala rescue Rose, Deborah Lee. Hodges Library - 599.2R67j (2014/07/17)
Josephine : the dazzling life of Josephine Baker Powell, Patricia Hruby, 1951- Hodges Library - 792.802P69jo (2014/07/17)
Look Up!: : Henrietta Leavitt, pioneering woman astronomer Burleigh, Robert. Hodges Library - 520.92B87Lo (2014/07/17)
Maps Mizielińska, Aleksandra, author. Hodges Library - 912M59ma (2014/07/17)
Miss Moore thought otherwise : how Anne Carroll Moore created libraries for children Pinborough, Jan. Hodges Library - 020.92P56mi (2014/07/17)
Open mic : riffs on life between cultures in ten voices Hodges Library - 818O74op (2014/07/17)
The Beatles were fab (and they were funny) Krull, Kathleen, author. Hodges Library - 782.42166092K78be (2014/07/17)
The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights Sheinkin, Steve. Hodges Library - 940.54530S54p (2014/07/17)
The price of freedom : how one town stood up to slavery Fradin, Judith Bloom. Hodges Library - 973.7F72pr (2014/07/17)
The world is waiting for you Kerley, Barbara. Hodges Library - 910K47wo (2014/07/17)
War dogs Selbert, Kathryn. Hodges Library - 941.084092S45wa (2014/07/17)
We shall overcome : the story of a song Levy, Debbie, author. Hodges Library - 782.42162L48we (2014/07/17)
Where on earth? Hodges Library - 912W454wh (2014/07/17)
With a mighty hand : the story in the Torah Ehrlich, Amy, 1942- Hodges Library - 220.95E45wi (2014/07/17)
Women aviators : 26 stories of pioneer flights, daring missions, and record-setting journeys Gibson, Karen Bush. Hodges Library - 629.13092G53w (2014/07/17)
Women of the frontier : 16 tales of trailblazing homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and rabble-rousers Miller, Brandon Marie, author. Hodges Library - 978M64wo (2014/07/17)
World War II spies Price, Sean. Hodges Library - 940.5485P75w (2014/07/17)
You never heard of Willie Mays?! Winter, Jonah, 1962- Hodges Library - 796.357092W56yo (2014/07/17)
Betty Crocker's parties for children, by Lois M. Freeman. Illustrated by Judy and Barry Martin. Freeman, Lois M. Hodges Library - GV1203$$i.F665 (2014/07/16)
Folktales of Ireland; edited and translated by Sean O'Sullivan. Ó Súilleabháin, Seán. ed. and tr. Hodges Library - 398.2O855f (2014/07/16)
Park scientists : gila monsters, geysers, and grizzly bears in America's own backyard Carson, Mary Kay. Hodges Library - 333.78C37pa (2014/07/01)
Park scientists : gila monsters, geysers, and grizzly bears in America's own backyard Carson, Mary Kay. Special Collections - QH77.3 .C65$$iC37 2014 (2014/07/01)
Amelia Earhart : this broad ocean Taylor, Sarah Stewart. Hodges Library - 629.13092T39am (2014/06/24)
Cameron and his dinosaurs Sava, Scott Christian. Hodges Library - 741.5S38ca (2014/06/24)
Hyperactive Sava, Scott Christian. Hodges Library - 741.5S38hy (2014/06/24)
Orbital. 1, Scars Runberg, Sylvain, 1971- Hodges Library - 741.5R86orc (2014/06/24)
America's national parks : a pop-up book Compton, Don, author. Hodges Library - 719C67am (2014/06/17)
Clothing the clergy : virtue and power in medieval Europe, c. 800-1200 Miller, Maureen C. (Maureen Catherine), 1959- author. Hodges Library - 39029034368625 (2014/06/04)
Once upon a time in Ghana : traditional Ewe stories retold in english Cottrell, Anna. Hodges Library - 398.2C727on (2014/04/29)
Call of the Klondike : a true Gold Rush adventure Meissner, David (Teacher) Hodges Library - 971.91M45ca (2014/04/08)
Up, up in a balloon Lowery, Lawrence F. Hodges Library - 629.13092L69up (2014/04/08)
When the beat was born : DJ Kool Herc and the creation of hip hop Hill, Laban Carrick, author. Hodges Library - 782.421649092H55wh (2014/04/08)
Look up! : bird-watching in your own backyard Cate, Annette. Hodges Library - 598.072C38Lo (2014/03/17)
The animal book : a visual encyclopedia of life on Earth Burnie, David, author. Hodges Library - 590B87an (2014/03/17)
Barbed wire baseball Moss, Marissa, author. Hodges Library - 796.357M67ba (2014/03/11)
Battling Boy Pope, Paul. Hodges Library - 741.5P67ba (2014/03/11)
Benjamin Bear in "Bright ideas!" : a Toon book Coudray, Philippe. Hodges Library - 741.5C68be (2014/03/11)
Giant Pacific octopus : the world's largest octopus Gray, Leon, 1974- Hodges Library - 594.56G73gi (2014/03/11)
Lincoln's grave robbers Sheinkin, Steve. Hodges Library - 973.7S46Li (2014/03/11)
Old Mikamba had a farm Isadora, Rachel, author, illustrator. Hodges Library - 782.42I73oL (2014/03/11)
The boy on the wooden box : how the impossible became possible... on Schindler's list Leyson, Leon, 1929-2013, author. Hodges Library - 940.53L49bo (2014/03/11)
Treasury of Egyptian mythology : classic stories of gods, goddesses, monsters & mortals Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- Hodges Library - 398.2N37tr (2014/03/11)
When Stravinsky met Nijinsky : two artists, their ballet, and one extraordinary riot Stringer, Lauren. Hodges Library - 781.5S87wh (2014/03/11)

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