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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Steve Jobs Hunter, Nick. Hodges Library - BJ668hu (2014/07/24)
Becoming Ben Franklin : how a candle-maker's son helped light the flame of liberty Freedman, Russell, author. Hodges Library - BF83fr (2014/01/14)
Diego Rivera : an artist for the people Rubin, Susan Goldman. Hodges Library - BR61r (2014/01/14)
Stolen into slavery : the true story of Solomon Northup, free black man Fradin, Judith Bloom. Hodges Library - BN813f (2013/06/25)
To the mountaintop : my journey through the civil rights movement Hunter-Gault, Charlayne, author. Hodges Library - BH952 (2013/06/25)
From the good mountain : how Gutenberg changed the world Rumford, James, 1948- Hodges Library - BG983r (2013/06/11)
Harlem's little blackbird Watson, Renee. Hodges Library - BM6578w (2013/06/11)
His name was Raoul Wallenberg : courage, rescue, and mystery during World War II Borden, Louise. Hodges Library - BW188bo (2013/06/11)
I am Helen Keller Norwich, Grace. Hodges Library - BK29n (2013/06/11)
Jazz Age Josephine Winter, Jonah, 1962- Hodges Library - BB1565wi (2013/06/11)
Marching to the mountaintop : how poverty, labor fights, and civil rights set the stage for Martin L Bausum, Ann. Hodges Library - BK53ba (2013/06/11)
Master of deceit : J. Edgar Hoover and America in the age of lies Aronson, Marc. Hodges Library - BH7892a (2013/06/11)
Outcasts united : the story of a refugee soccer team that changed a town St. John, Warren, author. Hodges Library - BM948s (2013/06/11)
Touch the sky : Alice Coachman, Olympic high jumper Malaspina, Ann, 1957- Hodges Library - BC649m (2013/06/11)
Hanging off Jefferson's nose : growing up on Mount Rushmore Coury, Tina Nichols. Hodges Library - BB765c (2013/06/05)
Orville Hicks : mountain stories, mountain roots Ebel, Julia Taylor. Hodges Library - BH63e (2013/04/25)
Addie Clawson : Appalachian mail carrier Ebel, Julia Taylor. Hodges Library - BC618e (2013/04/24)
Lawyer Will : the story of an Appalachian lawyer Cooper, Ann Goode. Hodges Library - BB786c (2013/04/23)
When I get older : the story behind "Wavin' Flag" K'Naan. Hodges Library - BK64k (2013/04/23)
Maya Angelou Shapiro, Miles. Hodges Library - BA549sh (2013/04/05)
Noah Webster & his words Ferris, Jeri. Hodges Library - BW43f (2013/03/26)
Helen's big world : the life of Helen Keller Rappaport, Doreen. Hodges Library - BK29r (2013/03/05)
Martín de Porres : the rose in the desert Schmidt, Gary D. Hodges Library - BM3811s (2013/03/05)
Monsieur Marceau Schubert, Leda. Hodges Library - BM314s (2013/02/19)
I, Galileo Christensen, Bonnie. Hodges Library - BG155c (2013/01/29)
Rachel Carson and her book that changed the world Lawlor, Laurie. Hodges Library - BC321La (2013/01/29)
Temple Grandin : how the girl who loved cows embraced autism and changed the world Montgomery, Sy. Hodges Library - BG7612m (2013/01/29)
The boy who harnessed the wind Kamkwamba, William, 1987- Hodges Library - BK1544 (2013/01/29)
Steve Jobs : the man who thought different : a biography Blumenthal, Karen. Hodges Library - BJ668b (2013/01/23)
Electric Ben : the amazing life and times of Benjamin Franklin Byrd, Robert. Hodges Library - BF83by (2013/01/03)
Fifty cents and a dream : young Booker T. Washington Asim, Jabari, 1962- Hodges Library - BW299as (2013/01/03)
Lincoln : a photobiography Freedman, Russell. Hodges Library - BL736fr (2012/07/30)
It jes' happened : when Bill Traylor started to draw Tate, Don. Hodges Library - BT84t (2012/07/17)
Silent star : the story of deaf major leaguer William Hoy Wise, Bill, 1958- Hodges Library - BH865w (2012/07/17)
Before there was Mozart : the story of Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-George Cline-Ransome, Lesa. Hodges Library - BS1645c (2012/07/03)
For the love of music : the remarkable story of Maria Anna Mozart Rusch, Elizabeth. Hodges Library - BB511r (2012/06/26)
Nurse, soldier, spy : the story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War hero Moss, Marissa. Hodges Library - BE24m (2012/06/26)
Queen of the Falls Van Allsburg, Chris. Hodges Library - BT245v (2012/06/26)
A picture book of Cesar Chavez Adler, David A. Hodges Library - BC478a (2012/04/27)
Obama : only in America Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956- Hodges Library - BO175w (2012/04/24)
Diego Rivera : his world and ours Tonatiuh, Duncan. Hodges Library - BR61to (2012/03/27)
For the birds : the life of Roger Tory Peterson Thomas, Peggy, 1960- Hodges Library - BP48th (2012/03/27)
Music was IT : young Leonard Bernstein Rubin, Susan Goldman. Hodges Library - BB528m (2012/03/06)
Night flight : Amelia Earhart crosses the Atlantic Burleigh, Robert. Hodges Library - BE122n (2012/03/06)
Father Abraham : Lincoln and his sons Holzer, Harold. Hodges Library - BL736ho (2012/02/28)
Pablo Neruda : poet of the people Brown, Monica, 1969- Hodges Library - BN45pa (2012/02/28)
Balloons over Broadway : the true story of the puppeteer of Macy's Parade Sweet, Melissa, 1956- Hodges Library - BS1648ba (2012/02/14)
Feynman Ottaviani, Jim. Hodges Library - BF3462o (2012/02/07)
"21" : the story of Roberto Clemente : a graphic novel Santiago, Wilfred. Hodges Library - BC626s (2012/01/31)
Amelia lost : the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart Fleming, Candace. Hodges Library - BE122f (2012/01/31)
Girls like us : fighting for a world where girls are not for sale, an activist finds her calling and Lloyd, Rachel, 1975- Hodges Library - BL569 (2012/01/31)
I.M. Pei : architect of time, place, and purpose Rubalcaba, Jill. Hodges Library - BP39r (2012/01/31)
Charles Dickens and the street children of London Warren, Andrea. Hodges Library - BD548b (2012/01/11)
Drawing from memory Say, Allen. Hodges Library - BS39s (2012/01/11)
The house Baba built : an artist's childhood in China Young, Ed. Hodges Library - BY688 (2012/01/11)
The many faces of George Washington : remaking a presidential icon McClafferty, Carla Killough, 1958- Hodges Library - BW31mc (2012/01/11)
A nation's hope : the story of boxing legend Joe Louis Peña, Matt de la. Hodges Library - BL889p (2011/12/01)
Drawn from the heart : a memoir Brooks, Ron. Hodges Library - BB8726 (2011/10/11)
In her hands : the story of sculptor Augusta Savage Schroeder, Alan. Hodges Library - BS257s (2011/08/01)
The watcher : Jane Goodall's life with the chimps Winter, Jeanette. Hodges Library - BG653w (2011/08/01)
Henry Aaron's dream Tavares, Matt. Hodges Library - BA27t (2011/07/29)
She sang promise : the story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole tribal leader Annino, Jan Godown, 1952- Hodges Library - BJ885an (2011/07/29)
Clemente! Perdomo, Willie. Hodges Library - BC54p (2011/07/28)
Odetta, the queen of folk Alcorn, Stephen. Hodges Library - BO34a (2011/07/28)
Seeds of change : planting a path to peace Johnson, Jen Cullerton. Hodges Library - BM116jo (2011/07/28)
Racing against the odds : the story of Wendell Scott, stock car racing's African-American champion Weatherford, Carole Boston, 1956- Hodges Library - BS432w (2011/07/19)
Driven : a photobiography of Henry Ford Mitchell, Don, 1957- Hodges Library - BF699m (2011/07/06)
Janis Joplin : rise up singing Angel, Ann, 1952- Hodges Library - BJ779a (2011/07/06)
Lost boy, lost girl : escaping civil war in Sudan Dau, John Bul. Hodges Library - BD235 (2011/07/06)
Mama Miti : Wangari Maathai and the trees of Kenya Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- Hodges Library - BM116na (2011/07/06)
Soar, Elinor! Brown, Tami Lewis. Hodges Library - BS642b (2011/07/06)
Sonia Sotomayor : Supreme Court Justice Bernier-Grand, Carmen T. Hodges Library - BS718b (2011/07/06)
The brave escape of Edith Wharton : a biography Wooldridge, Connie Nordhielm. Hodges Library - BW563w (2011/07/06)
Walden then & now : an alphabetical tour of Henry Thoreau's pond McCurdy, Michael. Hodges Library - BT487m (2011/07/06)
Emma's poem : the voice of the Statue of Liberty Glaser, Linda. Hodges Library - BL355g (2011/05/24)

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