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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Encyclopedia of public relations Electronic Library - HD59.E48 2013 (2014/04/14)
Social responsibilities of the businessman Bowen, Howard Rothmann, 1908- author. Electronic Library - HD59.B68 2013 (2014/03/31)
The PR masterclass : how to develop a public relations strategy that works! Singleton, Alex. Electronic Library - HD59.6.G7.S564 2014eb (2014/03/27)
Cases in public relations management [electronic resource] : the rise of social media and activism Swann, Patricia, author. Electronic Library - HD59.S93 2014 (2014/03/24)
Preformulating the news [electronic resource] : an analysis of the metapragmatics of press releases Jacobs, Geert. Electronic Library - HM1221.J33 1999eb (2014/02/05)
Trust the brand [electronic resource] : corporate reputation management in private banking Knipp, Verena A. Electronic Library - HD59.2.K55 2009eb (2014/02/05)
The liminal worker : an ethnography of work, unemployment and precariousness in contemporary Greece Spyridakēs, Manos. Electronic Library - HD5961.83.A6S69 2013 (2014/01/15)
Brand vandalism : reputation wreckers and how to build better defences. Earl, Steve, author. Electronic Library - HD59.2.E37 2013 (2013/12/16)
Encyclopedia of public relations [electronic resource] Electronic Library - $$hHD59 (2013/11/15)
It's not just PR [electronic resource] : public relations in society Coombs, W. Timothy. Electronic Library - HM1221.C59 2014 (2013/10/28)
Public relations : the basics Smith, Ronald D., 1948- Electronic Library - HM1221.S769 2013 (2013/10/16)
Planning in Britain [electronic resource] : understanding and evaluating the post-war system Gilg, Andrew W. Electronic Library - HD593.G55 2005eb (2013/09/25)
Culture, social class, and race in public relations [electronic resource] : perspectives and applica Electronic Library - HM1221.C854 2012 (2013/07/29)
Strategic public relations leadership Gregory, Anne, 1953- Electronic Library - HD59.G687 2013 (2013/07/29)
Public relations and communication management [electronic resource] : current trends and emerging to Electronic Library - HD59.P7843 2013 (2013/06/24)
Contemporary perspectives on corporate marketing : contemplating corporate branding, marketing and c Hodges Library - HD59.2.C65 2013 (2013/04/28)
Public relations, activism, and social change speaking up [electronic resource] Demetrious, Kristin, 1958- Electronic Library - HM1221.D46 2012 (2013/04/17)
Strategic planning for public relations [electronic resource] Smith, Ronald D., 1948- Electronic Library - HM1221.S77 2013 (2013/04/15)
Éthique de la communication appliquée aux relations publiques [electronic resource] Cossette, Ritha, 1951- Electronic Library - HD59.C67 2013 (2013/04/15)
Becoming a public relations writer [electronic resource] : a writing workbook for emerging and estab Smith, Ronald D., 1948- Electronic Library - HM1221.S768 2012 (2013/03/14)
Applied public relations [electronic resource] : cases in stakeholder management Lamb, Larry F. Electronic Library - HD59.L36 2009eb (2013/03/07)
Crisis communications [electronic resource] : a casebook approach Fearn-Banks, Kathleen. Electronic Library - HD59.F37 2010eb (2013/03/07)
Drivers of environmental change in uplands [electronic resource] Electronic Library - HD596.D75 2008eb (2013/03/07)
Effective apology [electronic resource] : mending fences, building bridges, and restoring trust Kador, John. Electronic Library - HD59.2.K34 2009eb (2013/03/07)
Ethics in public relations [electronic resource] : a guide to best practice Parsons, Patricia (Patricia Houlihan) Electronic Library - HD59.P3548 2008 (2013/03/07)
JIRA 4 essentials [electronic resource] : track bugs, issues, and manage your software development p Li, Patrick. Electronic Library - HD59.5.L5 2011eb (2013/03/07)
Managing corporate reputation [electronic resource] : a specially commissioned report Dalton, John M., 1942- Electronic Library - HD59.2.D34 2003eb (2013/03/07)
Power entertaining [electronic resource] : secrets to building lasting relationships, hosting unforg Osterland, Edmund A. Electronic Library - HD59.O88 2012 (2013/03/07)
Public relations and communication management in Europe [electronic resource] : a nation-by-nation i Electronic Library - HM1221.P77 2004eb (2013/03/07)
Public relations in Asia Pacific [electronic resource] : communicating effectively across cultures Devereux, Mary M. Electronic Library - HD59.6.A78D48 2009eb (2013/03/07)
Public relations on the Net [electronic resource] : winning strategies to inform and influence the m Holtz, Shel. Electronic Library - HD59.H596 2002eb (2013/03/07)
Public relations writing worktext [electronic resource] : a practical guide for the profession Zappala, Joseph M. Electronic Library - HM1221.Z37 2009eb (2013/03/07)
Stand out from the crowd [electronic resource] : secrets to crafting a winning company identity Lipe, Jay B. Electronic Library - HD59.2.L57 2006eb (2013/03/07)
The AMA handbook of public relations [electronic resource] Dilenschneider, Robert L. Electronic Library - HD59.D558 2010eb (2013/03/07)
The Sponsorship Handbook [electronic resource] : Essential Tools, Tips and Techniques for Sponsors a Collett, Pippa. author. Electronic Library - HD59.35.C65 2011 (2013/03/07)
The complete guide to property development for the small investor [electronic resource] Dawson, Catherine. Electronic Library - HD596.D39 2009eb (2013/03/07)
The public relations handbook [electronic resource] Electronic Library - HD59.T474 2012 (2013/03/07)
When the headline is you [electronic resource] : an insider's guide to handling the media Ansell, Jeff, 1955- Electronic Library - HM1221.A57 2010eb (2013/03/07)
Winning reputations [electronic resource] : how to be your own spin doctor Genasi, Chris. Electronic Library - HD59.G426 2002eb (2013/03/07)
100 great PR ideas from leading companies around the world [electronic resource] Blythe, Jim. Electronic Library - HD59.B59 2009eb (2013/03/06)
Corporate community relations [electronic resource] : the principle of the neighbor of choice Burke, Edmund M. Electronic Library - HD59.2.B87 1999eb (2013/03/06)
Effective media relations [electronic resource] : how to get results Bland, Michael. Electronic Library - HD59.B565 2005eb (2013/03/06)
England's rural realms [electronic resource] : landholding and the agricultural revolution Bujak, Edward. Electronic Library - HD595.B85 2007eb (2013/03/06)
How to measure and manage your corporate reputation [electronic resource] Hannington, Terry. Electronic Library - HD59.2.H36 2004eb (2013/03/06)
Public relations and communication [electronic resource] Nayyar, Deepak. Electronic Library - HD59.N39 2010eb (2013/03/06)
Public relations as activism [electronic resource] : postmodern approaches to theory & practice Holtzhausen, Derina Rhoda. Electronic Library - HD59.H597 2012 (2013/03/06)
Public relations in global cultural contexts [electronic resource] : multi-paradigmatic perspectives Electronic Library - HM1221.P7844 2011eb (2013/03/06)
Risk issues and crisis management in public relations [electronic resource] : a casebook of best pra Regester, Michael. Electronic Library - HD59.5.R44 2008eb (2013/03/06)
The church and the land [electronic resource] McNabb, Vincent, 1868-1943. Electronic Library - HD593.M38 2003eb (2013/03/06)
The income approach to property valuation [electronic resource] Baum, Andrew E. Electronic Library - HD596.B38 2011 (2013/03/06)
Thinker, faker, spinner, spy [electronic resource] : corporate PR and the assault on democracy Electronic Library - HD59.T476 2007eb (2013/03/06)
Corporate reputation [electronic resource] : managing opportunities and threats Electronic Library - HD59.2.C685 2011 (2013/03/05)
Luc Beauregard [electronic resource] : biographie : le pari de la vérité Cardinal, Jacqueline. Electronic Library - HD59.6.C3C37 2012 (2013/03/05)
Perspectives on public relations research [electronic resource] Electronic Library - HD59.P382 2002eb (2013/03/05)
Public relations metrics [electronic resource] : research and evaluation Electronic Library - HM1221.P785 2008eb (2013/03/05)
Rethinking public relations [electronic resource] : the spin and the substance Moloney, Kevin, 1943- Electronic Library - HD59.M62 2000eb (2013/03/05)
Share this [electronic resource] : the social media handbook for PR professionals Electronic Library - HD59.S45156 2012 (2013/03/05)
Taking brand initiative [electronic resource] : how companies can align strategy, culture, and ident Hatch, Mary Jo. Electronic Library - HD59.2.H38 2008eb (2013/03/05)
The Foundations of society and the land [electronic resource] Jeudwine, J. W. (John Wynne), 1852-1929. Electronic Library - HD594.J5 2001eb (2013/03/05)
The contested countryside [electronic resource] : rural politics and land controversy in modern Brit Electronic Library - HD596.C66 2008eb (2013/03/05)
The executive guide to corporate events & business entertaining [electronic resource] : how to choos Allen, Judy, 1952- Electronic Library - HD59.A455 2007eb (2013/03/05)

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