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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Between land and sea : the Atlantic Coast and the transformation of New England Pastore, Christopher L., author. Hodges Library - GB459.4.P37 2014 (2014/11/12)
Islandology : geography, rhetoric, politics Shell, Marc, author. Hodges Library - GB471.S57 2014 (2014/10/15)
A guide to modelling coastal morphology [electronic resource] Roelvink, Dano. Electronic Library - GB451.2.R64 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Florida sinkholes : science and policy Brinkmann, Robert, 1961- Electronic Library - GB609.2.B75 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Pinnacles [electronic resource] McNamara, Ken. Electronic Library - GB441.M36 2009eb (2014/10/14)
The geysers of Yellowstone Bryan, T. Scott, author. Electronic Library - GB1198.7.Y44B79 2008eb (2014/10/14)
Thinking with water Electronic Library - GB671.T456 2013eb (2014/10/14)
What is water? : the history of a modern abstraction Linton, Jamie. Electronic Library - GB665.L56 2010eb (2014/10/14)
Wide rivers crossed [electronic resource] : the South Platte and the Illinois of the American prairi Wohl, Ellen E., 1962- Electronic Library - GB1225.C6W65 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Practical and applied hydrogeology [electronic resource] Şen, Zekai. Electronic Library - GB1003.2.S46 2015 (2014/10/06)
Assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards : a European perspective Hodges Library - GB5008.E87A77 2014 (2014/10/03)
Living with environmental change : waterworlds Hodges Library - GB661.2.L58 2014 (2014/09/17)
Fractured rock hydrogeology Electronic Library - GB1001.7.F73 2014 (2014/09/08)
Arc hydro groundwater : GIS for hydrogeology Strassberg, Gil, 1972- Hodges Library - GB1001.72.E45S77 2011 (2014/08/07)
Florida sinkholes [electronic resource] : science and policy Brinkmann, Robert, 1961- Electronic Library - GB615.F53B75 2013 (2014/08/01)
Extreme natural hazards, disaster risks and societal implications Electronic Library - GB5014.E984 2014 (2014/07/21)
Planning for sustainable cold regions [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB641.P63 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Playing against nature : integrating science and economics to mitigate natural hazards in an uncerta Stein, Seth, author. Electronic Library - GB5014.S83 2014 (2014/06/23)
Beaches of the Gulf Coast Davis, Richard A., Jr., 1937- Hodges Library - GB459.4.D38 2014 (2014/06/04)
Handbook of engineering hydrology. Book I, Fundamentals and applications Electronic Library - GB661.2.H36 2014 (2014/05/05)
Human security and natural disasters Electronic Library - GB5014.H86 2014 (2014/04/21)
Disaster and relief management [electronic resource] = Katastrophen und ihre Bewaltigung Electronic Library - GB5014.D565 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Dunes [electronic resource] : dynamics, morphology, history Warren, Andrew. Electronic Library - GB631.W37 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Ice sheets [electronic resource] : dynamics, formation and environmental concerns Electronic Library - GB2403.2.I44 2012eb (2014/03/27)
The role of bathymetry, wave obliquity and coastal curvature in dune erosion prediction [electronic Den Heijer, Cornelis. Electronic Library - GB638.54.D46 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Watersheds [electronic resource] : processes, management and impact Electronic Library - GB980.W38 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Measuring vulnerability to natural hazards : towards disaster resilient societies (second edition) Hodges Library - GB5014.M4 2013 (2014/03/17)
Water 4.0 : the past, present, and future of the world's most vital resource Sedlak, David L. Hodges Library - GB659.6.S44 2014 (2014/02/21)
Hydraulics of groundwater Bear, Jacob. Hodges Library - GB1197.7.B4 2007 (2014/02/20)
America by rivers [electronic resource] Palmer, Tim. Electronic Library - GB1215.P285 1998eb (2014/02/05)
Australian landforms [electronic resource] : understanding a low, flat, arid and old landscape Twidale, C. R. Electronic Library - GB441.T85 2005eb (2014/02/05)
Clumsy floodplains [electronic resource] : responsive land policy for extreme floods Hartmann, Thomas, 1979- Electronic Library - GB561.H37 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Coastal Dynamics 2005 [electronic resource] : proceedings of the 5th International Conference, April Coastal Dynamics (Conference) (5th : 2005 : Barcelona, Spain) Electronic Library - GB450.2.C595 2006eb (2014/02/05)
Elements of geographical hydrology [electronic resource] Knapp, Brian J. Electronic Library - GB661.2.K55 1979eb (2014/02/05)
FRIEND [electronic resource] : flow regimes from international experimental and network data ; proje Afouda, Abel, 1946- Electronic Library - GB656.2.M33A36 1997eb (2014/02/05)
Field and theory [electronic resource] : lectures in geocryology = Terrain et théorie : essais de Electronic Library - GB642.F54 1985eb (2014/02/05)
Floodaware final report [electronic resource] : programme climate and environment 1994-1998, area 2. Electronic Library - GB1399.2.F56 2000eb (2014/02/05)
Geomorphology [electronic resource] : processes, taxonomy and applications Electronic Library - GB401.5.G456 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Geomorphology and plate tectonics [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB401.5.G4537 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Geothermal energy [electronic resource] : the resource under our feet Electronic Library - GB1199.5.G456 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Ground water at Yucca Mountain [electronic resource] : how high can it rise? : final report of the P National Research Council (U.S.). Panel on Coupled Hydrologic/Tectonic/Hydrothermal Systems at Yucca Electronic Library - GB1025.N4N35 1992eb (2014/02/05)
Hazardous materials in the hydrologic environment [electronic resource] : the role of research by th Electronic Library - GB665.H39 1996eb (2014/02/05)
Huron [electronic resource] : the seasons of a Great Lake Shelton, Napier. Electronic Library - GB1227.G85S48 1999eb (2014/02/05)
Kinematic-wave rainfall-runoff formulas [electronic resource] Wong, Tommy S. W. Electronic Library - GB980.W66 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Megadisasters [electronic resource] : the science of predicting the next catastrophe Diacu, Florin, 1959- Electronic Library - GB5014.D53 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Mine pit lakes [electronic resource] : characteristics, predictive modeling, and sustainability Electronic Library - GB1605.M57 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Modeling hydrologic effects of microtopographic features [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB1001.72.E45M63 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Multifractal analysis in hydrology [electronic resource] : application to time series Electronic Library - GB661.2.M85 2007eb (2014/02/05)
Natural disasters in a global environment [electronic resource] Penna, Anthony N. Electronic Library - GB5014.P46 2013eb (2014/02/05)
New permafrost and glacier research [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB641.N48 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Overland flow and surface runoff [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB1001.72.M35O94 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Ponds [electronic resource] : formation, characteristics, and uses Electronic Library - GB1803.2.P66 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Review of U.S. Department of Energy technical basis report for surface characteristics, preclosure h Electronic Library - GB656.R48 1995eb (2014/02/05)
River deltas [electronic resource] : types, structures and ecology Electronic Library - GB591.R58 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Six sources of collapse [electronic resource] : a mathematician's perspective on how things can fall Hadlock, Charles Robert. Electronic Library - GB5014.H33 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Texas whitewater [electronic resource] Daniel, Stephen H. (Stephen Hartley), 1950- Electronic Library - GB1225.T4D36 2004eb (2014/02/05)
The world's beaches [electronic resource] Pilkey, Orrin H., 1934- Electronic Library - GB451.2.P55 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Vandose zone hydrology [electronic resource] : cutting across disciplines Electronic Library - GB1197.7.V365 1999eb (2014/02/05)
Drinking water : a history Salzman, James. Hodges Library - GB661.2.S26 2012 (2014/01/10)
Florida sinkholes : science and policy Brinkmann, Robert, 1961- Hodges Library - GB609.2.B75 2013 (2014/01/02)
The social life of water Hodges Library - GB665.S59 2013 (2014/01/02)
The dynamics of disaster Kieffer, Susan W. Hodges Library - GB5014.K54 2013 (2013/12/17)
The melting world : a journey across America's vanishing glaciers White, Christopher P., 1956- Hodges Library - GB2425.M9W47 2013 (2013/12/05)
Mountain geography : physical and human dimensions Hodges Library - GB501.2.M684 2013 (2013/10/17)
Acts of God [electronic resource] : the unnatural history of natural disaster in America Steinberg, Theodore, 1961- Electronic Library - GB5007.S74 2006eb (2013/09/25)
Coral reefs of the USA [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB464.C67 2008eb (2013/09/25)
Encyclopedia of islands [electronic resource] Electronic Library - GB471.E53 2009eb (2013/09/25)
The flooded earth [electronic resource] : our future in a world without ice caps Ward, Peter Douglas, 1949- Electronic Library - GB2401.7.W37 2010eb (2013/09/25)
The future of arid lands--revisited [electronic resource] : a review of 50 years of drylands researc Hutchinson, C. F. (Charles F.) Electronic Library - GB611.H88 2008eb (2013/09/25)
Water drops [electronic resource] : celebrating the wonder of water Black, Peter E. Electronic Library - GB671.B55 2012eb (2013/09/25)
Spoil island : reading the makeshift archipelago Hailey, Charlie, 1970- Hodges Library - GB124.A8H35 2013 (2013/09/24)
The archaeology of Australia's deserts Smith, M. A., author. Hodges Library - GB618.89.S65 2013 (2013/08/21)
A watershed year [electronic resource] : anatomy of the Iowa floods of 2008 Electronic Library - GB1399.4.I6W37 2010 (2013/08/20)
Finding the river [electronic resource] : an environmental history of the Elwha Crane, Jeff. Electronic Library - GB1227.E58C73 2011 (2013/08/20)
Runoff prediction in ungauged basins : synthesis across processes, places and scales Hodges Library - GB980.R87 2013 (2013/08/06)

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