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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Understanding and governing sustainable tourism mobility : psychological and behavioural approaches Electronic Library - G156.5.E58U53 2014 (2014/04/14)
Arctic exploration in the nineteenth century : discovering the Northwest Passage Hodges Library - G640.A66 2013 (2014/04/01)
Building tourism knowledge through quantitative analysis [electronic resource] : the legacy of Josef Electronic Library - G155.7.B85 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Close up at a distance [electronic resource] : mapping, technology, and politics Kurgan, Laura. Electronic Library - G70.4.K87 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Ecotourism and biodiversity conservation [electronic resource] Rai, Suresh Chand, 1958- Electronic Library - G156.5.E26R45 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Faith in heritage [electronic resource] : displacement, development, and religious tourism in contem Shepherd, Robert J., 1958- Electronic Library - G155.C55S574 2013eb (2014/03/27)
GeoServer beginner's guide [electronic resource] : share and edit geospatial data with this open sou Iacovella, Stefano. Electronic Library - G70.2.I23 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Geographical information retrieval in textual corpora [electronic resource]. Sallaberry, Christian. Electronic Library - G70.2.S35G46 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Geopositioning and mobility [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G109.5.G46 2013eb (2014/03/27)
New trends towards Mediterranean tourism sustainability [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G156.5.S87N48 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python cookbook [electronic resource] : over 75 recipes to help you aut Pimpler, Eric. Electronic Library - G70.212.P56 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Tourism enterprises and the sustainability agenda across Europe [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G156.5.S87T68 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Tourists, signs and the city [electronic resource] : the semiotics of culture in an urban landscape Metro-Roland, Michelle M. Electronic Library - G155.A1M446 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Vacation over : implications for the Caribbean of opening U.S.-Cuba tourism Romeu, Rafael. Electronic Library - G155.C35.R664 2008eb (2014/03/27)
When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh [electronic resource] : cultural q&as for successful business behavior Olofsson, Gwyneth. Electronic Library - G156.5.B86O46 2004eb (2014/03/27)
Zackenberg : on the edge of winter Forchhammer, Mads C., photographer, author. pht aut Hodges Library - G765.Z33F67 2013 (2014/03/17)
Treasure neverland : real and imaginary pirates Rennie, Neil, author. Hodges Library - G535.R46 2013 (2014/03/11)
Japanese tourism Hodges Library - G332.J38 2013 (2014/02/21)
Reinterpreting exploration : the West in the world Hodges Library - G80.R425 2014 (2014/02/21)
The way of the world Bouvier, Nicolas. Hodges Library - G490.B76213 2009 (2014/02/21)
Eismitte in the scientific imagination : knowledge and politics at the center of Greenland Martin-Nielsen, Janet, 1982- Hodges Library - G760.M325 2013 (2014/02/20)
A deeper sense of place : stories and journeys of indigenous-academic collaboration Hodges Library - G71.5.D44 2013 (2014/02/11)
A description of the coasts of East Africa and Malabar in the beginning of the sixteenth century [el Barbosa, Duarte, d. 1521. Electronic Library - G460.B37 2010eb (2014/02/05)
A history of the arctic [electronic resource] : nature, exploration and exploitation McCannon, John. Electronic Library - G606.M33 2012eb (2014/02/05)
A true description of three voyages by the north-east towards Cathay and China undertaken by the Dut Veer, Gerrit de. Electronic Library - G680.V44 2010eb (2014/02/05)
American iconographic [electronic resource] : National Geographic, global culture, and the visual im Hawkins, Stephanie L., 1971- Electronic Library - G1.N275H39 2010eb (2014/02/05)
An empire of ice [electronic resource] : Scott, Shackleton, and the heroic age of Antarctic science Larson, Edward J. (Edward John) Electronic Library - G872.B8L37 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Beginning ArcGIS desktop development using .NET [electronic resource] Pouria Amirian. Amirian, Pouria. Electronic Library - G70.212.A457 2013eb (2014/02/05)
Capital cities [electronic resource] : international perspectives = Les capitales : perspectives int Electronic Library - G140.C37 1993eb (2014/02/05)
Capitalist globalisation, corporated tourism and their alternatives [electronic resource] Higgins-Desbiolles, Freya. Electronic Library - G155.A1H52 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Carteret's voyage round the world, 1766-1769. Volume I [electronic resource] Carteret, Philip, d. 1796. Electronic Library - G156.C37 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Cold War holidays [electronic resource] : American tourism in France Endy, Christopher. Electronic Library - G155.F8E48 2004eb (2014/02/05)
Competitive strategies and policies for tourism destinations [electronic resource] : quality, innova Electronic Library - G155.A1C5349 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Cross-cultural destination image assessment [electronic resource] : cultural segmentation versus the El Kadhi, Wassim. Electronic Library - G156.5.H47E44 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Cultural heritage and the challenge of sustainability [electronic resource] Barthel-Bouchier, Diane L., 1949- Electronic Library - G140.5.B37 2013eb (2014/02/05)
Cultural resources for tourism [electronic resource] : patterns, processes and policies Electronic Library - G156.5.H47C85 2008eb (2014/02/05)
Esmeraldo de situ orbis [electronic resource] Pacheco Pereira, Duarte, d. 1533. Electronic Library - G282.P33 2010eb (2014/02/05)
European geographic information infrastructures [electronic resource] : opportunities and pitfalls Electronic Library - G70.215.E85E93 1998eb (2014/02/05)
FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa [electronic resource] : short- and long-term impacts on tourism Andrews, Katrin. Electronic Library - G155.S57A53 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Forgotten footprints : lost stories in the discovery of Antarctica Harrison, John, 1952- Hodges Library - G870.H37 2012 (2014/02/05)
From maps to metaphors [electronic resource] : the Pacific world of George Vancouver Electronic Library - G246.V3F76 1993eb (2014/02/05)
Geographers [electronic resource] . Vol. 31 : biobibliographical studies Electronic Library - G67.G4631 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Geographic information systems [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G70.212.G4255 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Global Positioning System [electronic resource] : theory and applications. Volume II Electronic Library - G109.5.G56 1996eb (2014/02/05)
Governments and geographic information [electronic resource] Masser, Ian. Electronic Library - G70.212.M29 1998eb (2014/02/05)
Heritage and tourism in "the global village" [electronic resource] Boniface, Priscilla. Electronic Library - G155.A1B555 1993eb (2014/02/05)
Hosts and guests [electronic resource] : the anthropology of tourism Electronic Library - G155.A1H67 1989eb (2014/02/05)
Imaging the future [electronic resource] : geo-visualisation for participatory spatial planning in E Electronic Library - G70.215.E85I63 2007eb (2014/02/05)
Introducing geographic information systems with ArcGIS [electronic resource] a workbook approach to Kennedy, Michael. Electronic Library - G70.212.K466 2013eb (2014/02/05)
Islands [electronic resource] : from Atlantis to Zanzibar Fischer, Steven R. Electronic Library - G500.F57 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Jewish travel in antiquity [electronic resource] Hezser, Catherine, 1960- Electronic Library - G277.H49 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Jupiter's children [electronic resource] Campion, Mary. Electronic Library - G530.J86C25 1998eb (2014/02/05)
Kinect for Windows SDK programming guide [electronic resource] : build motion-sensing applications w Jana, Abhijit. Electronic Library - G70.4.J36 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Lessons and legacies of the international polar year [electronic resource] : 2007-2008 Electronic Library - G587.N3 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Managing quality cultural tourism [electronic resource] Boniface, Priscilla. Electronic Library - G155.A1B556 1995eb (2014/02/05)
N by E [electronic resource] Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971. Electronic Library - G743.K4 1996eb (2014/02/05)
Narrative of two voyages to the River Sierra Leone during the years 1791-1792-1793 [electronic resou Falconbridge, A. M. (Anna Maria) Electronic Library - G475.F34 2000eb (2014/02/05)
Narratives of the voyages of Pedro Sarmiento de Gambóa to the straits of Magellan [electronic reso Sarmiento de Gamboa, Pedro. Electronic Library - G161.N37 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Narratives of travel and tourism [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G155.A1N36 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Narratives of voyages towards the North-West, in search of a passage to Cathay and India, 1496 to 16 Electronic Library - G640.N37 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Official tourism websites [electronic resource] : a discourse analysis perspective Hallett, Richard W. Electronic Library - G149.7.H35 2010eb (2014/02/05)
One firm anchor [electronic resource] : the church and the merchant seafarer, an introductory histor Miller, R. W. H. (Robert William Henry), 1946- Electronic Library - G540.M55 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Philosophical issues in tourism [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G155.A1P49 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Promoting the national spatial data infrastructure through partnerships [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G70.2.P77 1994eb (2014/02/05)
Psychogeography [electronic resource] Coverley, Merlin. Electronic Library - G71.5.C68 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Re-investing authenticity [electronic resource] : tourism, place and emotions Electronic Library - G155.A1T592432 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Recent advances in remote sensing and GIS in Sub-Sahara Africa [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G70.5.A357R43 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Richard Hakluyt and his successors [electronic resource] : a volume issued to commemorate the centen Hakluyt Society. Electronic Library - G69.H2H35 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Romania as a tourist destination and the Romanian hotel industry [electronic resource] Electronic Library - G155.R78R66 2007eb (2014/02/05)
Rural tourism development [electronic resource] : localism and cultural change George, E. Wanda, 1943- Electronic Library - G155.C2G46 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Sailing to the far horizon [electronic resource] : the restless journey and tragic sinking of a tall Bitterman, Pamela Sisman. Electronic Library - G530.S724B58 2004eb (2014/02/05)
Stories of practice [electronic resource] : tourism policy and planning Electronic Library - G155.A1S6688 2011eb (2014/02/05)
Stove by a whale [electronic resource] : Owen Chase and the Essex Heffernan, Thomas Farel, 1933- Electronic Library - G545.C48H43 1981eb (2014/02/05)
Sustainable tourism in Southern Africa [electronic resource] : local communities and natural resourc Electronic Library - G155.S57S87 2009eb (2014/02/05)
The Behavioural environment [electronic resource] : essays in reflection, application, and re-evalua Electronic Library - G71.5.B44 1989eb (2014/02/05)

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