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United States Local History (F1-975)

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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War [microform] - (2014/04/17)
Bourbon Street : a history Campanella, Richard, author. Hodges Library - F379.N575B682 2014 (2014/04/15)
Chasing the Santa Fe Ring : power and privilege in territorial New Mexico Caffey, David L., 1947- author. Hodges Library - F801.C27 2014 (2014/04/15)
Small-town dreams : stories of Midwestern boys who shaped America Miller, John E., 1945- Hodges Library - F350.5.M55 2014 (2014/04/15)
Summer in the city : John Lindsay, New York, and the American dream Hodges Library - F128.52.S86 2014 (2014/04/15)
West Texas : a history of the giant side of the state Hodges Library - F386.W46 2014 (2014/04/15)
Chattanooga, 1865-1900 : a city set down in Dixie Ezzell, Tim. Hodges Library - F444.C457E98 2013 (2014/04/08)
Houston's Hermann Park : a century of community Bradley, Barrie Scardino, 1945- Hodges Library - F394.H87H473 2014 (2014/04/08)
"Pidge," Texas Ranger [electronic resource] Parsons, Chuck. Electronic Library - F391.R65P373 2013eb (2014/03/27)
A companion to California history Electronic Library - F861.C76 2014eb (2014/03/27)
A companion to Los Angeles [electronic resource] Electronic Library - F869.L857C66 2010eb (2014/03/27)
A delicate balance [electronic resource] : constructing a conservation culture in the South Carolina Halfacre, Angela C. Electronic Library - F277.A86H35 2012eb (2014/03/27)
A stripe of Tammany's tiger [electronic resource] Eisenstein, Louis, 1915- Electronic Library - F128.5.E37 2013eb (2014/03/27)
America's first black socialist [electronic resource] : the radical life of Peter H. Clark Taylor, Nikki Marie, 1972- Electronic Library - F496.C53T39 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Archaeology, narrative, and the politics of the past [electronic resource] : the view from southern King, Julia A., 1956- Electronic Library - F187.C5K56 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Cultural construction of empire [electronic resource] : the U.S. Army in Arizona and New Mexico Lahti, Janne. Electronic Library - F811.L35 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Democracy, dialogue, and community action [electronic resource] : truth and reconciliation in Greens Jovanovic, Spoma, 1958- Electronic Library - F264.G8J68 2012eb (2014/03/27)
French and Indians in the heart of North America, 1630-1815 [electronic resource] Electronic Library - F352.F85 2013eb (2014/03/27)
From Okinawa to the Americas : Hana Yamagawa and her reminiscences of a century Yamagawa, Hana, 1894-1995. Electronic Library - F870.R97Y36 2011eb (2014/03/27)
History along the way [electronic resource] : stories beyond the Texas roadside markers Utley, Dan K. Electronic Library - F387.U86 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Jane's window [electronic resource] : my spirited life in West Texas and Austin Sibley, Jane Dunn, 1924- Electronic Library - F394.A953S53 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Let the people in [electronic resource] : the life and times of Ann Richards Reid, Jan. Electronic Library - F391.4.R53R45 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Making a promised land [electronic resource] : Harlem in twentieth-century photography and film Massood, Paula J., 1965- Electronic Library - F128.68.H3M37 2013eb (2014/03/27)
New Jersey [electronic resource] : a history of the Garden State Electronic Library - F134.N49 2012eb (2014/03/27)
New Netherland and the Dutch origins of American religious liberty [electronic resource] Haefeli, Evan, 1969- Electronic Library - F122.1.H34 2012eb (2014/03/27)
On the rim of the Caribbean [electronic resource] : colonial Georgia and the British Atlantic world Pressly, Paul M. Electronic Library - F289.P74 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Sacrificing soldiers on the National Mall [electronic resource] Hass, Kristin Ann, 1965- Electronic Library - F203.5.M2H377 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Seedtime on the Cumberland [electronic resource] Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson, 1908-1986. Electronic Library - F442.2.A7 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Sight unseen [electronic resource] : how Frémont's first expedition changed the American landscape Menard, Andrew, 1948- Electronic Library - F592.M46 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Spaces of conflict, sounds of solidarity [electronic resource] : music, race, and spatial entitlemen Johnson, Gaye Theresa. Electronic Library - F869.L89A2533 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Still fighting the Civil War [electronic resource] : the American South and Southern history Goldfield, David R., 1944- Electronic Library - F209.G65 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Strangers on their native soil [electronic resource] : opposition to United States' governance in Lo Vernet, Julien (Julien Paul) Electronic Library - F374.V47 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The South Carolina encyclopedia guide to the counties of South Carolina [electronic resource] Electronic Library - F277.A15S68 2012eb (2014/03/27)
The encyclopedia of New York City [electronic resource] Electronic Library - F128.3.E75 2010eb (2014/03/27)
The enemy never came [electronic resource] : the Civil War in the Pacific Northwest McArthur, Scott. Electronic Library - F852.M127 2012eb (2014/03/27)
The mayors [electronic resource] : the Chicago political tradition Electronic Library - F548.25.M39 2013eb (2014/03/27)
To render invisible [electronic resource] : Jim Crow and public life in New South Jacksonville Cassanello, Robert. Electronic Library - F319.J1C37 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Trailblazer [electronic resource] : a biography of Jerry Brown McFadden, Chuck, 1937- Electronic Library - F866.2.B732M44 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Hidden history : African American cemeteries in central Virginia Rainville, Lynn. Hodges Library - F232.A3R35 2014 (2014/03/25)
Robert Love's Warnings : Searching for Strangers in Colonial Boston Dayton, Cornelia Hughes, author. Hodges Library - F73.4.D39 2014 (2014/03/25)
Smoky Mountain living. Special Collections - F443 .G7S66 (2014/03/18)
Emily D. West and the "Yellow Rose of Texas" myth Tucker, Phillip Thomas, 1953- author. Hodges Library - F390.W47T83 2014 (2014/03/17)
In the shadow of Hitler : Alabama's Jews, the Second World War, and the Holocaust Puckett, Dan J., author. Hodges Library - F335.J5P83 2014 (2014/03/17)
Journey to the sun : Junipero Serra's dream and the founding of California Orfalea, Gregory, 1949- Hodges Library - F864.S44O74 2014 (2014/03/17)
Chattanooga, 1865-1900 : a city set down in Dixie Ezzell, Tim. Special Collections - F444 .C457E98 2013 (2014/03/13)
The girls of Atomic City : the untold story of the women who helped win World War II Kiernan, Denise. AgVetMed Library - (2014/03/13)
Everything sings : maps for a narrative atlas Wood, Denis, author. Hodges Library - F264 .R1W66 2013 (2014/03/12)
Debating American identity : Southwestern statehood and Mexican immigration Noel, Linda C., 1966- author. Hodges Library - F820.M5N64 2014 (2014/03/11)
Old and new New Englanders : immigration & regional identity in the Gilded Age Adams, Bluford, author. Hodges Library - F9.A33 2014 (2014/03/11)
Race and masculinity in Southern memory : history of Richmond, Virginia's Monument Avenue, 1948-1996 Barbee, Matthew Mace, 1978- author. Hodges Library - F234.R575M662 2014 (2014/03/11)
Terra incognita : an annotated bibliography of the Great Smoky Mountains, 1544-1934 Bridges, Anne. Hodges Library - F443 .G7B75 2014 (2014/03/11)
General information regarding Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina-Tennessee. United States. Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Reservations. Special Collections - F443.G7U63 1933 (2014/03/05)
Saltscapes : the kite aerial photography of Cris Benton Benton, Cris, photographer. Hodges Library - F869.S343B46 2013 (2014/03/05)
Boston and the dawn of American independence Deming, Brian, 1954- Hodges Library - F73.4.D46 2013 (2014/02/26)
James Madison, the South, and the trans-Appalachian West, 1783-1803 Zemler, Jeffery Allen, 1958- Hodges Library - F213.Z46 2014 (2014/02/26)
Citizen explorer : the life of Zebulon Pike Orsi, Jared, 1970- Hodges Library - F592.P653O77 2014 (2014/02/21)
Creating and contesting Carolina : proprietary era histories Hodges Library - F272.C895 2013 (2014/02/21)
In peace and freedom : my journey in Selma LaFayette, Bernard, Jr. Hodges Library - F334.S4L34 2013 (2014/02/21)
Smoky Mountain living. Special Collections - F443 .G7S66 (2014/02/17)
Between Islam and the American dream : an immigrant Muslim community in post-9 Wang, Yuting, author. Hodges Library - F358.2.M88W26 2014 (2014/02/11)
The Irish-American experience in New Jersey and metropolitan New York : cultural identity, hybridity Hodges Library - F145.I6I75 2014 (2014/02/11)
The art & legacy of Bernardo Miera y Pacheco : New Spain's explorer, cartographer, and artist Hodges Library - F799.A78 2013 (2014/02/11)
"Answer at once" [electronic resource] : letters of mountain families in Shenandoah National Park, 1 Electronic Library - F232.S5A46 2009eb (2014/02/05)
"Liberty to the downtrodden" [electronic resource] : Thomas L. Kane, romantic reformer Grow, Matthew J. Electronic Library - F826.K27G76 2009eb (2014/02/05)
"The most segregated city in America" [electronic resource] : city planning and civil rights in Birm Connerly, Charles E., 1946- Electronic Library - F334.B69N428 2005eb (2014/02/05)
"This State of wonders" [electronic resource] : the letters of an Iowa frontier family, 1858-1861 Electronic Library - F621.T45 1986eb (2014/02/05)
'Unfortunate emigrants' [electronic resource] : narratives of the Donner Party Electronic Library - F868.N5U54 1996eb (2014/02/05)
1500 California place names [electronic resource] : their origin and meaning Bright, William, 1928-2006. Electronic Library - F859.G8 1998eb (2014/02/05)
1957 excavations, Glen Canyon area [electronic resource] Gunnerson, James H. Electronic Library - F832.G5G86 1959eb (2014/02/05)
1958 excavations, Glen Canyon area [electronic resource] Lipe, William D. Electronic Library - F832.G5L57 1960eb (2014/02/05)
1959 excavations, Glen Canyon area [electronic resource] Lipe, William D. Electronic Library - F832.G5L57 1960eb (2014/02/05)
1960 excavations, Glen Canyon area [electronic resource] Sharrock, Floyd W. Electronic Library - F832.G5S53 1961eb (2014/02/05)
1961 Excavations, Harris Wash, Utah [electronic resource] Fowler, Don D., 1936- Electronic Library - F832.G3F69 1963eb (2014/02/05)
1961 excavations, Glen Canyon area [electronic resource] Sharrock, Floyd W. Electronic Library - F832.G5S53 1963eb (2014/02/05)
900 miles on the Butterfield Trail [electronic resource] Greene, A. C., 1923- Electronic Library - F593.G8145 1994eb (2014/02/05)

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