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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
50 visions of mathematics [electronic resource] QA93.A18 2014 (2014/07/28)
A dictionary of epidemiology. (2014/07/28)
A teacher's guide to successful classroom management and differentiated instructions Birnie, Billie F. LB3013.B542 2014 (2014/07/28)
Adapting high hydrostatic pressure (HPP) for food processing operations Koutchma, Tatiana N., author. TP371.75.K68 2014 (2014/07/28)
Adaptive, dynamic, and resilient systems QA76.9.A3A34 2014 (2014/07/28)
An introduction to biblical ethics : walking in the way of wisdom McQuilkin, J. Robertson, 1927- BS680.E84M45 2014 (2014/07/28)
Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics [electronic resource] : 2012-2013. Hastings, Samantha K. (2014/07/28)
Brave new Canada : meeting the challenge of a changing world Burney, Derek H. (Derek Hudson), 1939-, author. F1034.2.B87 2014 (2014/07/28)
By fables alone : literature and state ideology in late-eighteenth--early-nineteenth-century Russia Zorin, Andrei, author. (2014/07/28)
Celiac disease and gluten : multidisciplinary challenges and opportunities Wieser, Herbert, author. RC862.C44W54 2014 (2014/07/28)
Cognition in major depressive disorder McIntyre, Roger S., author. RC537.M35 2014 (2014/07/28)
Coming of Age in Franco's Spain : Anti-Fascist Rites of Passage in Sender, Delibes, Laforet, Matute, Thomas, Michael D., 1948- PQ6147.B55T48 2014 (2014/07/28)
Conversos in the responsa of Sephardic halakhic authorities in the 15th century Zsom, Dora, 1977- author. KBM2450.M37Z75 2014 (2014/07/28)
Early Yiddish epic PJ5128.E27 2014 (2014/07/28)
Economic normalization with Cuba : a roadmap for US policymakers Hufbauer, Gary Clyde, author. E183.8.C9H84 2014 (2014/07/28)
Emerging theory and practice in neuroprosthetics R856.E52 2014 (2014/07/28)
Enhancing the human experience through assistive technologies and e-accessibility Kouroupetroglou, Christos, 1979- HV1569.5.K676 2014 (2014/07/28)
Epidemiology matters : a new introduction to methodological foundations Keyes, Katherine M., author. RA652.2.C55K49 2014 (2014/07/28)
Epiphanius I : Ancoratus und Panarion Haer. 1-33 Epiphanius, Saint, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus, approximately 310-403. BR65.E652 2013 (2014/07/28)
Exploring new ways to provide enduring strategic effects for the Department of Defense Murdock, Clark A., author. UA23.3.M872 2014 (2014/07/28)
Finite element analysis and design of steel and steel-concrete composite bridges Ellobody, Ehab, author. TG380.E45 2014 (2014/07/28)
Full frontal feminism : a young woman's guide to why feminism matters. Valenti, Jessica. (2014/07/28)
Game theory applications in network design. [electronic resource] Kim, Sungwook. (2014/07/28)
Handbook of research on trends in European higher education convergence LA628.H36 2014 (2014/07/28)
Heidegger and theology Wolfe, J. E. (Judith Elisabeth), 1979- author. B3279.H49W625 2014 (2014/07/28)
Historical dictionary of Libya St. John, Ronald Bruce, author. DT223.3.S7 2014 (2014/07/28)
Human subjects research regulation : perspectives on the future R853.H8H863 2014 (2014/07/28)
Hydrothermal and supercritical water processes Brunner, Gerd, author. TJ268.B78 2014 (2014/07/28)
Insiders versus outsiders : exploring the dynamic relationship between mission and ethos in the New BS2545.I33I57 2014 (2014/07/28)
Israeli nation-state : political, constitutional, and cultural changes DS113.3.I97 2014 (2014/07/28)
Jacob of Sarug's Homily on the creation of Adam and the resurrection of the dead Jacob, of Serug, 451-521, author. BR65.J283D3 2014 (2014/07/28)
Leading with sense : the intuitive power of savoir-relier Gauthier, Valérie, 1962- author. HD57.7.G38 2014 (2014/07/28)
Learning from failures : decision analysis of major disasters Labib, Ashraf, author. HD49.L33 2014 (2014/07/28)
Moses bar Kepha : commentary on Myron Moses bar Kēphā, 813?-903, author. BX177.M674 2014 (2014/07/28)
Music and the making of modern science Pesic, Peter, author. Q172.5.M87P47 2014 (2014/07/28)
Native tongue, stranger talk : the Arabic and French literary landscapes of Lebanon Hartman, Michelle, author. PJ8078.H37 2014 (2014/07/28)
Network topology in command and control : organization, operation, and evolution Grant, T. J., 1947- UB212.G73 2014 (2014/07/28)
Normalites : the first professionally prepared teachers in the United States Kolodny, Kelly Ann, author. (2014/07/28)
Omega-3 fatty acids in brain and neurological health RC386.2.O44 2014 (2014/07/28)
Open skies : transparency, confidence-building, and the end of the Cold War Jones, Peter L. (Peter Leslie), 1961- author. KZ5885.2.J66 2014 (2014/07/28)
Political will and improving public schools : seven reflections for Americans to consider Heller, Daniel A., 1953- LA217.2.H45 2014 (2014/07/28)
Quantum information processing with diamond : principles and applications QC174.12.Q36 2014 (2014/07/28)
Quantum, nano, micro technologies and applied researches : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2 International Conference on Quantum-, Nano-, and Micro-Technologies (2nd : 2013 : Singapore) TK7874.I584 2014 (2014/07/28)
Reexamining economic and political reforms in Russia, 1985-2000 : generations, ideas, and changes Gelʹman, Vladimir, 1965- author. HC336.26.G45 2014 (2014/07/28)
Reforming Ottoman governance : success, failure and the path to decline Andic, Fuat M., author. DR471.A49 2014 (2014/07/28)
Rehabilitation of Metallic Civil Infrastructure Using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites TA664.R46 2014 (2014/07/28)
Renminbi : the internationalization of China's currency Sun, Zhaodong, author. HG1285.S86 2014 (2014/07/28)
Rethinking legitimacy and illegitimacy : a new approach to assessing support and opposition across d Lamb, Robert D. (Robert Dale), author. JC497.L35 2014 (2014/07/28)
Righteous giving to the poor : tzedakah ("charity") in classical rabbinic Judaism : including a brie Ulmer, Rivka, author. BJ1286.C5U46 2014 (2014/07/28)
Strategic alliances for innovation and R & D HD69.S8S7734 2014 (2014/07/28)
Structural health monitoring with piezoelectric wafer active sensors. Giurgiutiu, Victor. (2014/07/28)
Studies in the early text of the Gospels and Acts : the papers of the First Birmingham Colloquium on Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament (1st : 1997) BS2555.2.B52 2013 (2014/07/28)
Syriac christianity in the Middle East and India : contributions and challenges BX101.S975 2013 (2014/07/28)
The Armenian prayers attributed to Ephrem the Syrian BR65.E634A7 2014 (2014/07/28)
The Chemical Bond. Fundamental Aspects of Chemical Bonding QD461.C44 2014 (2014/07/28)
The Satyrica of Petronius : an intermediate reader with commentary and guided review Petronius Arbiter, author. PA6558.A2 2014 (2014/07/28)
The Scots and the Union : then and now Whatley, Christopher A., author. DA807.W477 2014 (2014/07/28)
The comatose patient Wijdicks, Eelco F. M., 1954- author. (2014/07/28)
Tribe and state : the dynamics of international politics and the reign of Zimri-Lim Miglio, Adam, 1977- author. DS99.M3M54 2014 (2014/07/28)
Unmanned [electronic resource] : drone warfare and global security Rogers, Ann, 1964- UG1242.D7R64 2014 (2014/07/28)
Valuable and vulnerable : children in the Hebrew Bible, especially the Elisha cycle Parker, Julie F. BS576.P36 2013 (2014/07/28)
What does the minimum wage do? Belman, Dale. HD4918.B45 2014 (2014/07/28)
Wine science [electronic resource] : principles and applications Jackson, Ron S., author. TP548.J15 2014 (2014/07/28)
Without mastery [electronic resource] : reading and other forces Wood, Sarah, 1963- PN81.W66 2014 (2014/07/28)
Younger-generation Korean experiences in the United States : personal narratives on ethnic and racia E184.K6Y76 2014 (2014/07/28)
[Un]framing the "bad woman" : Sor Juana, Malinche, Coyolxauhqui, and other rebels with a cause Gaspar de Alba, Alicia, 1958- author. HQ1166.G37 2014 (2014/07/28)
American smuggling as white collar crime Karson, Lawrence. HJ6690.K37 2014 (2014/07/23)
Asian slaves in colonial Mexico : from chinos to Indians Seijas, Tatiana. HT1053.S45 2014 (2014/07/23)
Battling the student engagement front : fresh tactics in a tortured turnaround struggle Collins, Justin, 1984- author. LB2825.C5915 2014 (2014/07/23)
Beckett, modernism and the material imagination Connor, Steven, 1955- PR6003.E282Z62115 2014 (2014/07/23)
Community and in-home behavioral health treatment Westbrook, Lynne Rice, author. RC439.57.W47 2014 (2014/07/23)
Compendium of organic synthetic methods. Volume 13 Smith, Michael, 1946 October 17- author. QD262.C53 vol. 13 (2014/07/23)
Counseling in the family law system : a professional counselor's guide Allen, Virginia B. BF636.6.A45 2014 (2014/07/23)
Digital critical editions PN171.D37D54 2014 (2014/07/23)
Dorothy Stopford Price : rebel doctor Mac Lellan, Anne, author. R498.9.S76D67 2014 (2014/07/23)

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