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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Conservative bias : how Jesse Helms pioneered the rise of right-wing media and realigned the Republi Thrift, Bryan Hardin, author. Hodges Library - E840.8.H44T47 2014 (2014/04/15)
Fabricating the absolute fake : America in contemporary pop culture Kooijman, Jaap. Hodges Library - E169.12.K66 2013 (2014/04/15)
Franco sells Spain to America : Hollywood, tourism and public relations as postwar Spanish soft powe Rosendorf, Neal M., 1960- author. Hodges Library - E183.8.S7R67 2014 (2014/04/15)
Henry Clay and the War of 1812 King, Quentin Scott, 1924- author. Hodges Library - E340.C6K56 2014 (2014/04/15)
John F. Kennedy Ling, Peter J. (Peter John), 1956- Hodges Library - E842.L55 2013 (2014/04/15)
Lincoln and religion Szasz, Ferenc Morton, 1940-2010. Hodges Library - E457.2.S97 2014 (2014/04/15)
Living hell : the dark side of the Civil War Adams, Michael C. C., 1945- Hodges Library - E468.9.A34 2014 (2014/04/15)
Pageants, parlors, & pretty women : race and beauty in the twentieth-century South Roberts, Blain. Hodges Library - E185.615.R522 2014 (2014/04/15)
The age of Lincoln and the art of American power, 1848-1876 Nester, William R., 1956- Hodges Library - E415.7.N37 2013 (2014/04/15)
The border crossed us : rhetorics of borders, citizenship, and Latina Cisneros, Josue David, 1981- author. Hodges Library - E184.M5C57 2014 (2014/04/15)
The red Atlantic : American indigenes and the making of the modern world, 1000-1927 Weaver, Jace, 1957- author. Hodges Library - E78.A88W43 2014 (2014/04/15)
To raise up a nation : John Brown, Frederick Douglass, and the making of a free country King, William S., author. Hodges Library - E453.K55 2013 (2014/04/08)
A Quaker goes to Spain : the diplomatic mission of Anthony Morris, 1813-1816 Woolfley, H. L. Dufour. Hodges Library - E358.W66 2013 (2014/04/01)
A traveled first lady : writings of Louisa Catherine Adams Adams, Louisa Catherine, 1775-1852. Hodges Library - E377.2.A34 2014 (2014/04/01)
David L. Jordan : from the Mississippi cotton fields to the state senate, a memoir Jordan, David L., 1933- author. Hodges Library - E185.97.J775A3 2014 (2014/04/01)
Down to the crossroads : civil rights, Black power, and the Meredith march against fear Goudsouzian, Aram. Hodges Library - E185.93.M6G68 2014 (2014/04/01)
Mexican Americans and the question of race Dowling, Julie A., 1975- Hodges Library - E184.M5D69 2014 (2014/04/01)
Red apple : communism and McCarthyism in Cold War New York Deery, Phillip, author. Hodges Library - E743.5.D374 2014 (2014/04/01)
States at war : a reference guide for ... in the Civil War Hodges Library - E468.S79 2013 (2014/04/01)
1863 [electronic resource] : Lincoln's pivotal year Electronic Library - E470.A1169 2013eb (2014/03/27)
21st century urban race politics [electronic resource] : representing minorities as universal intere Electronic Library - E184.A1P47 2013eb (2014/03/27)
A Yankee horseman in the Shenandoah Valley [electronic resource] : the Civil War letters of John H. Black, John H., 1834-1922. Electronic Library - E527.6 12th.B55 2012eb (2014/03/27)
A companion to American cultural history [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E169.1.C684 2008eb (2014/03/27)
A general who will fight [electronic resource] : the leadership of Ulysses S. Grant Laver, Harry S. Electronic Library - E672.L38 2013eb (2014/03/27)
A misplaced massacre [electronic resource] : struggling over the memory of Sand Creek Kelman, Ari, 1968- Electronic Library - E83.863.K45 2013eb (2014/03/27)
American umpire [electronic resource] : the new rules of world order, 1776 to the present Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth. Electronic Library - E183.7.C595 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Among the enemy [electronic resource] : a Michigan soldier's Civil War journal Kimball, William Horton, 1842-1920. Electronic Library - E514.9.K56 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Barry Goldwater and the remaking of the American political landscape [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E748.G64B37 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Becoming White Clay [electronic resource] : a history and archaeology of Jicarilla Apache enclavemen Eiselt, B. Sunday. Electronic Library - E99.J5E57 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Bengali Harlem and the lost histories of South Asian America [electronic resource] Bald, Vivek. Electronic Library - E184.S69B35 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Blacks in and out of the left [electronic resource] Dawson, Michael C., 1951- Electronic Library - E185.615.D395 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Britain and America after World War II : bilateral relations and the beginnings of the Cold War Wevill, Richard. Electronic Library - E183.8.G7W47 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Captives in blue [electronic resource] : the Civil War prisons of the Confederacy Pickenpaugh, Roger. Electronic Library - E611.P53 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Channeling the past [electronic resource] : politicizing history in postwar America Christiansen, Erik, 1974- Electronic Library - E175.C49 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Conspiracy theory in America [electronic resource] DeHaven-Smith, Lance. Electronic Library - E839.5.D44 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Crafting history in the northern plains [electronic resource] : a political economy of the Heart riv Mitchell, Mark D. Electronic Library - E78.N75M58 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Debating the end of history [electronic resource] : the marketplace, utopia, and the fragmentation o Noble, David W. Electronic Library - E175.N628 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Discovering South Carolina's rock art [electronic resource] Charles, Tommy. Electronic Library - E78.S6C43 2010eb (2014/03/27)
FDR and the Jews [electronic resource] Breitman, Richard, 1947- Electronic Library - E807.B745 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Faith and race in American political life [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E184.A1F314 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Fanny & Joshua [electronic resource] : the enigmatic lives of Frances Caroline Adams & Joshua Lawren Smith, Diane Monroe. Electronic Library - E467.1.C47S65 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Fighting colonialism with hegemonic culture [electronic resource] : native American appropriation of Schwarz, Maureen Trudelle, 1952- Electronic Library - E98.P99S38 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Fractured homeland [electronic resource] : federal recognition and Algonquin identity in Ontario Lawrence, Bonita. Electronic Library - E99.A349L39 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Freedom's witness [electronic resource] : the Civil War correspondence of Henry McNeal Turner Turner, Henry McNeal, 1834-1915. Electronic Library - E635.T87 2013eb (2014/03/27)
History of the American Negro [electronic resource] Caldwell, A. B. Electronic Library - E185.96.C35 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Imagining Geronimo [electronic resource] : an Apache icon in popular culture Clements, William M., 1945- Electronic Library - E99.A6G473 2013eb (2014/03/27)
In the Eastern fluted point tradition [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E78.E2E265 2013eb (2014/03/27)
In the words of Frederick Douglass : quotations from liberty's champion Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895. Electronic Library - E449.D75A25 2012eb (2014/03/27)
James Buchanan and the coming of the Civil War [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E436.J36 2013eb (2014/03/27)
John F. Kennedy [electronic resource] : the new frontier president Snead, David L. (David Lindsey) Electronic Library - E841.S58 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Late Pleistocene archaeology and ecology in the far Northeast [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E78.E2L35 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Letters from America [electronic resource] Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-1859. Electronic Library - E165.T535213 2010eb (2014/03/27)
Lincoln and Oregon country politics in the Civil War era [electronic resource] Etulain, Richard W. Electronic Library - E526.E88 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Lincoln as hero [electronic resource] Williams, Frank J. Electronic Library - E457.W729 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Lincoln's tragic pragmatism [electronic resource] : Lincoln, Douglas, and moral conflict Burt, John, 1955- Electronic Library - E457.4.B97 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Mabel McKay [electronic resource] : weaving the dream Sarris, Greg. Electronic Library - E99.P65S29 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Man of fire [electronic resource] : selected writings Galarza, Ernesto. Electronic Library - E184.M5G35 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Misalliance [electronic resource] : Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and the fate of South Vietnam Miller, Edward Garvey. Electronic Library - E183.8.V5M54 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Morality's muddy waters [electronic resource] : ethical quandaries in modern America Cotkin, George, 1950- Electronic Library - E839.C68 2010eb (2014/03/27)
Nine mile canyon [electronic resource] : the archaeological history of an American treasure Spangler, Jerry D. Electronic Library - E78.U55S63 2012eb (2014/03/27)
No billionaire left behind [electronic resource] : satirical activism in America Haugerud, Angelique, 1952- Electronic Library - E902.H385 2013eb (2014/03/27)
On records [electronic resource] : Delaware indians, colonists, and the media of history and memory Newman, Andrew. Electronic Library - E99.D2N49 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Perjury : the Hiss-Chambers case Weinstein, Allen. Electronic Library - E748.H59.W44 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Qaluyaarmiuni nunamtenek qanemciput [electronic resource] = Our Nelson Island stories : meanings of Rearden, Alice. Electronic Library - E99.Y96R43 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Rambles of a runaway from southern slavery [electronic resource] Goings, Henry, b. ca. 1810. Electronic Library - E450.G65 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Relative histories : mediating history in Asian American family memoirs Davis, Rocío G. Electronic Library - E184.A75D383 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Soils, climate & society [electronic resource] : archaeological investigations in ancient America Electronic Library - E59.A35S75 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Standing firmly by the flag [electronic resource] : Nebraska Territory and the Civil War, 1861-1867 Potter, James E. (James Edward), 1945- Electronic Library - E518.P67 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Student activism and civil rights in Mississippi [electronic resource] : protest politics and the st Marshall, James P., 1942- Electronic Library - E185.93.M6M27 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The American military : a narrative history Lookingbill, Brad D., 1969- Electronic Library - E181.L67 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The Cabot voyages and Bristol discovery under Henry VII [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E127.W7 2010eb (2014/03/27)
The Indiana Jackass Regiment in the Civil War [electronic resource] : a history of the 21st Infantry Faller, Phillip E., 1940- Electronic Library - E506.5 21st.F35 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The Irish in the Atlantic world [electronic resource] Electronic Library - E184.I6I6845 2010eb (2014/03/27)
The Presidency of Bill Clinton : the legacy of a new domestic and foreign policy Electronic Library - E885.P747 2012eb (2014/03/27)
The collected letters of Henry Northrup Castle [electronic resource] Castle, Henry Northrup, 1862-1895. Electronic Library - E169.1.C37 2012eb (2014/03/27)

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