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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Congo : the epic history of a people Reybrouck, David van, author. Hodges Library - DT652.R4913 2014 (2014/04/22)
Invasion of Laos, 1971 : Lam Son 719 Sander, Robert D., 1946- author. Hodges Library - DS557.8.L3S26 2014 (2014/04/22)
The Golden Age shtetl : a new history of Jewish life in East Europe Petrovskiĭ-Shtern, Ĭokhanan. Hodges Library - DS135.E83P48 2014 (2014/04/22)
The fishing fleet : husband-hunting in the Raj De Courcy, Anne, author. Hodges Library - DS428.D43 2014 (2014/04/22)
China's rise and regional integration in East Asia : hegemony or community? Electronic Library - DS518.15.C54 2014 (2014/04/21)
The Decoration on the Cult Chapel Walls of the Old Kingdom Tombs at Giza : A New Approach to their I Roeten, Leo, author. Electronic Library - DT73.G5R64 2014 (2014/04/21)
The first European description of Japan, 1585 : a critical English-language edition of striking cont Fróis, Luís, -1597, author. Electronic Library - DS822.2.F6613 2014 (2014/04/21)
A sliver of light : three Americans imprisoned in Iran Bauer, Shane. Hodges Library - DS318.9.B38 2014 (2014/04/15)
Being Malay in Indonesia : histories, hopes and citizenship in the Riau Archipelago Long, Nicholas J., author Hodges Library - DS632.M27L66 2013 (2014/04/15)
Bending adversity : Japan and the art of survival Pilling, David (Editor), author. Hodges Library - DS806.P51 2014b (2014/04/15)
Collision of empires : Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and its international impact Hodges Library - DT387.8C637 2013 (2014/04/15)
Squatters into citizens : the 1961 Bukit Ho Swee fire and the making of modern Singapore Loh, Kah Seng, author. Hodges Library - DS610.9.B84L64 2013 (2014/04/15)
The Cambridge companion to Nelson Mandela Hodges Library - DT1974.C36 2014 (2014/04/15)
Unconventional warfare in South Asia : shadow warriors and counterinsurgency Gates, Scott. Hodges Library - DS341.G37 2014 (2014/04/15)
Ancient Persia : a concise history of the Achaemenid Empire, 550-330 BCE Waters, Matthew W. (Matthew William), author. Hodges Library - DS281.W38 2014 (2014/04/08)
Progress and its impact on the Nagas : a clash of worldviews Thong, Tezenlo. Hodges Library - DS432.N3T48 2014 (2014/04/08)
Sacred landscape in medieval Afghanistan : revisiting the Faḍa'il-i Balkh Azad, Arezou, 1970- author. Hodges Library - DS374.B28A93 2013 (2014/04/08)
Assimilating Seoul : Japanese rule and the politics of public space in colonial Korea, 1910-1945 Henry, Todd A., 1972- author. Hodges Library - DS925.S457H46 2014 (2014/04/01)
Brothers in arms : Chinese aid to the Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979 Mertha, Andrew, 1965- author. Hodges Library - DS554.58.C65M47 2014 (2014/04/01)
Critical issues in contemporary Japan Hodges Library - DS891.C75 2014 (2014/04/01)
Framing Jewish culture : boundaries and representations Hodges Library - DS143.F73 2014 (2014/04/01)
Lust, commerce, and corruption : an account of what I have seen and heard Buyō Inshi, active 19th century, author. Hodges Library - DS822.2.B8813 2014 (2014/04/01)
Reading Arabia : British Orientalism in the age of mass publication, 1880-1930 Long, Andrew C., author. Hodges Library - DS63.2.G7L66 2014 (2014/04/01)
Stranger in my own country : a Jewish family in modern Germany Mounk, Yascha, 1982- author. Hodges Library - DS134.42.M68A3 2014 (2014/04/01)
Warlords, strongman governors, and the state in Afghanistan Mukhopadhyay, Dipali, author. Hodges Library - DS371.42.M85 2014 (2014/04/01)
Yankel's tavern : Jews, liquor, & life in the Kingdom of Poland Dynner, Glenn, 1969- author. Hodges Library - DS134.55.D96 2013 (2014/04/01)
A history of Pan-African revolt [electronic resource] James, C. L. R. (Cyril Lionel Robert), 1901-1989. Electronic Library - DT21.J3 2012eb (2014/03/27)
A living man from Africa [electronic resource] : Jan Tzatzoe, Xhosa chief and missionary, and the ma Levine, Roger S. Electronic Library - DT1768.X57L48 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Aboard the democracy train : a journey through Pakistan's last decade of democracy Hoodbhoy, Nafisa. Electronic Library - DS389.H3966 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Along an African border [electronic resource] : Angolan refugees and their divination baskets Silva, Sónia. Electronic Library - DT3058.L89S45 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Apartheid vertigo [electronic resource] : the rise in discrimination against Africans in South Afric Matsinhe, David Mário. Electronic Library - DT1756.M385 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Arab-Jewish activism in Israel-Palestine [electronic resource] Svirsky, Marcelo. Electronic Library - DS119.76.S89 2012eb (2014/03/27)
At the edges of states [electronic resource] : dynamics of state formation in the Indonesian borderl Eilenberg, Michael. Electronic Library - DS646.34.K37E55 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Avoiding Armageddon [electronic resource] : America, India, and Pakistan to the brink and back Riedel, Bruce O. Electronic Library - DS341.3.U6R54 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Becoming Soviet Jews [electronic resource] : the Bolshevik experiment in Minsk Bemporad, Elissa. Electronic Library - DS135.B382M563 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Bioarchaeology and behavior [electronic resource] : the people of the ancient Near East Electronic Library - DS56.B485 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Black Jews in Africa and the Americas [electronic resource] Parfitt, Tudor. Electronic Library - DS135.A25P368 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Body of victim, body of warrior [electronic resource] : refugee families and the making of Kashmiri Robinson, Cabeiri deBergh. Electronic Library - DS380.K38R63 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Number 328 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - DS101.A447 2002eb (2014/03/27)
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Number 329 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - DS101.A447 2003eb (2014/03/27)
Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Number 330 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - DS101.A447 2003eb (2014/03/27)
Calling in the soul [electronic resource] : gender and the cycle of life in a Hmong village Symonds, Patricia V. Electronic Library - DS570.M5S95 2004eb (2014/03/27)
Cameroon's contemporary culture and politics : prospects and problems Krieger, Milton. Electronic Library - DT572.K754 2014eb (2014/03/27)
Cauldron of resistance [electronic resource] : Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and 1950s southern Chapman, Jessica M. (Jessica Miranda), 1977- Electronic Library - DS556.9.C454 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Children of war : child soldiers as victims and participants in the Sudan Civil War Ryan, Christine (Christine Emily) Electronic Library - $$hDT157.672 .R93 2012eb (2014/03/27)
China 1966-1976, cultural revolution revisited [electronic resource] : can it happen again? Wu, Guang. Electronic Library - DS778.7.W8 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Cold days in hell [electronic resource] : American POWs in Korea Latham, William C. (William Clark), 1961- Electronic Library - DS921.L36 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Connections and complexity [electronic resource] : new approaches to the archaeology of South Asia Electronic Library - DS338.C66 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Crossing the Strait [electronic resource] : Morocco, Gibraltar and Great Britain in the 18th and 19t Brown, James A. O. C. Electronic Library - DT317.B76 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Cyprus and the politics of memory : history, community and conflict Electronic Library - DS54.9.B793 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Determinants of Inflation in GCC Kandil, Magda. Electronic Library - DS201.2.K363 2009eb (2014/03/27)
Diplomacy and nation-building in Africa : Franco-British relations and Cameroon at the end of empire Torrent, Mélanie. Electronic Library - DT575.5.T67 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Does everyone want democracy? [electronic resource] : insights from Mongolia Sabloff, Paula L. W. Electronic Library - DS798.84.S235 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Egypt, Canaan and Israel [electronic resource] : history, imperialism, ideology and literature : pro Electronic Library - DS112.E28 2009eb (2014/03/27)
Empire, Islam, and politics of difference [electronic resource] : Ottoman rule in Yemen, 1849-1919 Kuehn, Thomas. Electronic Library - DS247.Y47K84 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Fighting from a distance [electronic resource] : how Filipino exiles helped topple a dictator Fuentecilla, Jose V. Electronic Library - DS686.5.F84 2013eb (2014/03/27)
First heroes : the POWs left behind in Vietnam Colvin, Rod, 1950- Electronic Library - DS559.4.C65 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Forest of struggle [electronic resource] : moralities of remembrance in upland Cambodia Zucker, Eve Monique. Electronic Library - DS554.42.Z83 2013eb (2014/03/27)
From dictatorship to democracy : an insider's account of the Iraqi opposition to Saddam Bayātī, Ḥāmid. Electronic Library - DS79.7.B39 2011eb (2014/03/27)
From frontier policy to foreign policy [electronic resource] : the question of India and the transfo Mosca, Matthew W. Electronic Library - DS754.18.M69 2013eb (2014/03/27)
From the 21st century B.C. to the 21st century A.D. : proceedings of the International Conference on International Conference on Neo-Sumerian Studies (2010 : Madrid, Spain), issuing body. Electronic Library - DS70.5.U7I56 2010eb (2014/03/27)
Gandhi's printing press [electronic resource] : experiments in slow reading Hofmeyr, Isabel. Electronic Library - DS481.G3H53 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Germans in Queensland [electronic resource] : 150 years Electronic Library - DU274.G47 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Growing up in Adelaide in the 1950's [electronic resource] Electronic Library - DU320.G76 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Guahan : a bibliographic history Goetzfridt, Nicholas J. Electronic Library - DU647.G675 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Harbin to Hanoi [electronic resource] : the colonial built environment in Asia, 1840 to 1940 Electronic Library - DS33.3.H37 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Hard times in the hometown : a history of community survival in modern Japan Dusinberre, Martin, 1976- Electronic Library - DS894.79.Y349K363 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Hernando de los Ríos Coronel and the Spanish Philippines in the golden age [electronic resource] Crossley, John N. Electronic Library - DS674.9.R46C76 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Historical dictionary of Ho Chi Minh City Corfield, Justin. Electronic Library - DS559.93.S2C67 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Homer's Turk [electronic resource] : how classics shaped ideas of the East Toner, J. P. Electronic Library - DS61.85.T66 2013eb (2014/03/27)
How I found Livingstone : travels, adventures and discoveries in central Africa, including four mont Stanley, Henry M. (Henry Morton), 1841-1904. Electronic Library - DT351.S736 1871eb (2014/03/27)
Hu Jintao [electronic resource] : China's silent ruler Brown, Kerry, 1967- Electronic Library - DS779.29.H785B76 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Human sacrifice and the supernatural in African history Mbogoni, Lawrence Ezekiel Yona. Electronic Library - DT15.M36 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Indentured identities [electronic resource] : resistance and accommodation in plantation-era Fiji Gounder, Farzana. Electronic Library - DU600.G784 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Innocent on the Bounty [electronic resource] : the court-martial and pardon of midshipman Peter Heyw Heywood, Peter, 1773-1831. Electronic Library - DU800.H49 2013eb (2014/03/27)

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