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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
A Christmas far from home : an epic tale of courage and survival during the Korean War Weintraub, Stanley, 1929- author. Electronic Library - DS918.2.C35W45 2014 (2014/11/17)
China's Japan policy : adjusting to new challenges Zheng, Yushuo, 1949- Electronic Library - DS740.5.J3Z537 2015 (2014/11/17)
Berber government : the Kabyle polity in pre-colonial Algeria Roberts, Hugh, 1950- Hodges Library - DT193.5.B45R63 2014 (2014/11/12)
China from empire to nation-state Wang, Hui, 1959- author. Hodges Library - DS721.W33713513 2014 (2014/11/12)
How I stopped being a Jew Sand, Shlomo, author. Hodges Library - DS143.S228154 2014 (2014/11/12)
Promoting US investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Hendrickson, Roshen, author. Hodges Library - DT38.7.H46 2014 (2014/11/12)
Sri Lanka's secrets : how the Rajapaksa regime gets away with murder Grant, Trevor, (Journalist) author. Hodges Library - DS489.84.G736 2014 (2014/11/12)
The decline of the Mughal Empire Hodges Library - DS461.D43 2014 (2014/11/12)
The sacred routes of Uyghur history Thum, Rian Richard, author. Hodges Library - DS731.U4T48 2014 (2014/11/12)
Ancient lives : new discoveries : eight mummies, eight stories Taylor, John H., 1958- author. Hodges Library - DT62.M7T39 2014 (2014/11/10)
Early African entertainments abroad : from the Hottentot Venus to Africa's first Olympians Lindfors, Bernth, author. Electronic Library - DT16.5.L57 2014 (2014/11/10)
Japan and the war on terror : military force and political pressure in the US-Japanese alliance Penn, Michael L., 1958- author. Hodges Library - DS881.45.P466 2014 (2014/11/10)
Japan's modern history, 1857-1937 : a new political narrative Banno, Junji, 1937- author. Hodges Library - DS881.3.B349613 2014 (2014/11/10)
Jewish war under Trajan and Hadrian Horbury, William. Hodges Library - DS122.8.H73 2014 (2014/11/10)
Red Nile : a biography of the world's greatest river Twigger, Robert, 1964- Hodges Library - DT115.T94 2014 (2014/11/10)
Sgt. Reckless : America's war horse Hutton, Robin L. AgVetMed Library - DS919.H88 2014 (2014/11/10)
The Ashgate research companion to the Korean War Hodges Library - DS918.A85 2014 (2014/11/10)
The Great War at sea : a naval history of the First World War Sondhaus, Lawrence, 1958- author. Hodges Library - DS580.S66 2014 (2014/11/10)
The Indian Ocean region [electronic resource] : a strategic net assessment, a report of the CSIS Bur Cordesman, Anthony H., author. Electronic Library - DS341.C67 2014 (2014/11/10)
Australia as US client state : the geopolitics of de-democratization and insecurity Paul, Erik, author. Electronic Library - DU117.17.P38 2014 (2014/11/03)
Memoirs of a grandmother [electronic resource] : scenes from the cultural history of the Jews of Rus Wengeroff, Pauline, 1833-1916. Electronic Library - DS135.B383W46613 2010 (2014/11/03)
After the empires : the creation of novel political-cultural projects in East Asia Preston, P. W. (Peter Wallace), 1949- Hodges Library - DS518.1.P74 2014 (2014/10/29)
In the unlikeliest of places : how Nachman Libeskind survived the Nazis, gulags, and Soviet communis Berkovits, Annette Libeskind, 1943- author. Hodges Library - DS134.72.L52B47 2014 (2014/10/29)
Inventing the way of the samurai : nationalism, internationalism, and bushid in modern Japan Benesch, Oleg, author. Hodges Library - BJ971.B8B464 2014 (2014/10/29)
Iran divided : the historical roots of Iranian debates on identity, culture, and governance in the t Hunter, Shireen, author. Hodges Library - DS274.H86 2014 (2014/10/29)
Pilgrim and preacher : the audiences and observant spirituality of Friar Felix Fabri (1437 Beebe, Kathryne, 1978- author. Hodges Library - DS106.B44 2014 (2014/10/29)
Soldier in the Sinai : a general's account of the Yom Kippur war Sakal, Emanuel, author. Hodges Library - DS128.1.S2613 2014 (2014/10/29)
The Chinese way Ding, Min, 1967- author. Hodges Library - DS779.43.D56 2015 (2014/10/29)
The Vietnam War : an international history in documents Hodges Library - DS557.4.V575 2014 (2014/10/29)
The bullet and the ballot box : the story of Nepal's Maoist revolution Adhikari, Aditya. Hodges Library - DS495.6.A332 2014 (2014/10/29)
The independence of South Sudan : the role of mass media in the responsibility to prevent Soderlund, Walter C. author. Hodges Library - DT159.94.S63 2014 (2014/10/29)
Building colonialism : archaeology and urban space in East Africa Rhodes, Daniel T., author. Electronic Library - DT365.3.R49 2014 (2014/10/28)
Muslim politics in Bihar : changing contours Sajjad, Mohammad, author. Electronic Library - DS432.M84S25 2014 (2014/10/28)
Autobiographical memory in an Aboriginal Australian community : culture, place and narrative Monchamp, Anne Marie, 1973- Hodges Library - DU125.A49M66 2014 (2014/10/21)
Israel : is it good for the Jews? Cohen, Richard M., author. Hodges Library - DS102.95.C64 2014 (2014/10/21)
Overreach : delusions of regime change in Iraq MacDonald, Michael, 1952- author. Hodges Library - DS79.757.M55 2014 (2014/10/21)
Rhetoric and the decolonization and recolonization of East Timor Hicks, David, 1939- author. Hodges Library - DS649.53.H53 2014 (2014/10/21)
Rwanda 1994 : the myth of the Akazu genocide conspiracy and its consequences Collins, Barrie, author. Hodges Library - DT450.435.C65 2014 (2014/10/21)
Spare not the brave : the Special Activities Group in Korea Kiper, Richard L., 1945- author. Hodges Library - DS919.K57 2014 (2014/10/21)
Surviving the hell of Auschwitz and Dachau : a teenage struggle toward freedom from hatred Schwartz, Leslie, 1930- author. Hodges Library - DS134.42.A97A3 2013 (2014/10/21)
The Kojiki : an account of ancient matters Kojiki. English. Hodges Library - DS855.K6213 2014 (2014/10/21)
The Kurdish liberation movement in Iraq : from insurgency to statehood Voller, Yaniv, author. Hodges Library - DS70.8.K8V66 2014 (2014/10/21)
A war of words [electronic resource] : [the man who talked 4000 Japanese into surrender] McDonald, Hamish. Electronic Library - DU116.2.B38M33 2014 (2014/10/20)
From India to Israel : identity, immigration and the struggle for religious equality Hodes, Joseph, 1976- author. Electronic Library - DS135.I6H63 2014 (2014/10/20)
Half past ten in the afternoon : an Englishman's journey from Aneiza to Makhah Budd, James, 1942 or 1943- author. Electronic Library - DS208.B83 2014 (2014/10/20)
Historical dictionary of Kenya Maxon, Robert M., author. Electronic Library - DT433.515.O36 2014 (2014/10/20)
Roma in Europe : the politics of collective identity formation Bunescu, Ioana, author. Electronic Library - DX210.B86 2014 (2014/10/20)
The accidental diplomat : the autobiography of Maurice Baker Baker, Maurice, 1920- author. Electronic Library - DS610.73.B35A3 2014 (2014/10/20)
Amarna sunrise : Egypt from golden age to age of heresy Dodson, Aidan, 1962- author. Hodges Library - DT87.4.D63 2014 (2014/10/15)
Body counts : the Vietnam War and militarized refuge(es) Espiritu, Yen Le, 1963- author. Hodges Library - DS559.63.E87 2014 (2014/10/15)
China and beyond in the mediaeval period : cultural crossings and inter-regional connections Hodges Library - DS747.46.C45 2014 (2014/10/15)
Defining neighbors : religion, race, and the early Zionist-Arab encounter Gribetz, Jonathan Marc, 1980- author. Hodges Library - DS149.G738 2014 (2014/10/15)
The struggle for Pakistan : a Muslim homeland and global politics Jalal, Ayesha, author. Hodges Library - DS383.5.A2J338 2014 (2014/10/15)
'Hauhau' : the Pai Marire search for Maori identity Clark, Paul, 1949- Electronic Library - DU420.C56 1975eb (2014/10/14)
A faraway, familiar place [electronic resource] : an anthropologist returns to Papua New Guinea Smith, Michael French. Electronic Library - DU744.35.K33S65 2013eb (2014/10/14)
A heritage of ruins [electronic resource] : the ancient sites of Southeast Asia and their conservati Chapman, William. Electronic Library - DS523.C47 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Alice Springs [electronic resource] Hogan, Eleanor. Electronic Library - DU398.A45H64 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Ancestry of experience : a journey into Hawaiian ways of knowing Holmes, Leilani, 1952- Electronic Library - DU624.5.H59 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Australian history live! [electronic resource] : eyewitness accounts from the past Electronic Library - DU110.A87 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Axis of deceit : the extraordinary story of an Australian whistleblower Wilkie, Andrew, author. Electronic Library - DS79.76.W54 2004eb (2014/10/14)
Biko : a life Mangcu, Xolela. Electronic Library - DT1949.B55M36 2014eb (2014/10/14)
Building sanctuary [electronic resource] : the movement to support Vietnam War resisters in Canada, Squires, Jessica. Electronic Library - DS559.8.D7S68 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Buraimi : the struggle for power, influence and oil in Arabia Morton, Michael Quentin. Electronic Library - DS244.M67 2013eb (2014/10/14)
China into its second rise [electronic resource] : myths, puzzles, paradoxes, and challenge to theor Hsiung, James C. Electronic Library - DS735.H75 2012eb (2014/10/14)
China's destiny and Chinese economic theory Chiang, Kai-shek, 1887-1975. Electronic Library - DS740.C513 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Chronicle of the discovery and conquest of Guinea. Volume II (chapters XLI-XCVI) [electronic resourc Zurara, Gomes Eanes de, ca. 1410-1473 or 4. Electronic Library - DT543.65.Z87 2010eb (2014/10/14)
Citizen strangers [electronic resource] : Palestinians and the birth of Israel's liberal settler sta Robinson, Shira, 1972- Electronic Library - DS113.7.R56 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Colonial rule and social change in Korea, 1910-1945 Electronic Library - DS916.55.C65 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Conflict resolution in africa : the case of the organisation of african unity (OAU) Ankrah, Marvin Nii, author. Electronic Library - DT30.5.A55 2014eb (2014/10/14)
Conquer and govern : early Chinese military texts from the Yi Zhou shu McNeal, Robin. Electronic Library - DS747.I25M35 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Contemporary funeral rituals of Sa'dan Toraja : from Aluk Todolo to "new" religions Budiman, Michaela, author. Electronic Library - DS632.T7B835 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Crossing the river [electronic resource] Eilati, Shalom, 1933- Electronic Library - DS135.L53E3513 2008eb (2014/10/14)
Days of revolution : political unrest in an Iranian village Hegland, Mary Elaine. Electronic Library - DS318.81.H44 2014eb (2014/10/14)
Development of capital markets in member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Coope Romero-Torres, Jennifer , author. Electronic Library - DS331.5.R66 2013eb (2014/10/14)
East European Jews in Switzerland Electronic Library - DS135.S9E27 2013eb (2014/10/14)

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