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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Kerameikos : Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen. Hodges Library - DF287.C4K4 (2014/04/17)
Battle of Dogger Bank : the first dreadnought engagement, January 1915 Philbin, Tobias R., author. Hodges Library - D582.D6P55 2014 (2014/04/15)
Faustina I and II : imperial women of the golden age Levick, Barbara, author. Hodges Library - DG292.5.L48 2014 (2014/04/15)
History of classical scholarship : a biographical dictionary Geschichte der Altertumswissenschaften. English. Hodges Library - DE5.H57 2014 (2014/04/15)
Society and culture in medieval Rouen, 911-1300 Hodges Library - DC801.R86S63 2013 (2014/04/15)
War in the shadows : the Irish-American Fenians who bombed Victorian Britain Kenna, Shane, author. Hodges Library - DA954.K46 2014 (2014/04/15)
Blücher : scourge of Napoleon Leggiere, Michael V., 1969- author. Hodges Library - DD418.6.B6L44 2014 (2014/04/08)
Kingship, legislation and power in Anglo-Saxon England Hodges Library - DA125.K56 2013 (2014/04/08)
Poilu : the World War I notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, barrelmaker, 1914-1918 Barthas, Louis, 1879-1952, author. Hodges Library - D811.B361813 2014 (2014/04/08)
Rebellion : Britain's first Stuart kings, 1567-1642 Harris, Tim, 1958- author. Hodges Library - DA390.H377 2014 (2014/04/08)
Turkey : a regional power in the making Aksu, Kenan, 1978- Hodges Library - DR603.A478 2013 (2014/04/08)
Twilight of the Belle Epoque : the Paris of Picasso, Stravinsky, Proust, Renault, Marie Curie, Gertr McAuliffe, Mary Sperling, 1943- Hodges Library - DC735.M44 2014 (2014/04/08)
A body politic to govern : the political humanism of Elizabeth I Booth, Ted (Historian) Hodges Library - DA355.B66 2013 (2014/04/01)
Britain and the Holocaust : remembering and representing war and genocide Hodges Library - D804.348.B74 2013 (2014/04/01)
Chinese comfort women : testimonies from imperial Japan's sex slaves Qiu, Peipei, 1954- author. Hodges Library - D810.C698Q258 2013 (2014/04/01)
Crisis and ambition : tombs and burial customs in third-century CE Rome Borg, Barbara, author. Hodges Library - DG103.B675 2013 (2014/04/01)
Delphi : a history of the center of the ancient world Scott, Michael, 1981- Hodges Library - DF261.D35S36 2014 (2014/04/01)
Eighteenth-century thing theory in a global context : from consumerism to celebrity culture Hodges Library - D286.E42 2013 (2014/04/01)
Everyday life in Viking-age towns : social approaches to towns in England and Ireland, c. 800-1100 Hodges Library - DA152.2.E94 2013 (2014/04/01)
Hitler and the Nazi cult of film and fame Munn, Michael, author. Hodges Library - DD253.M776 2013 (2014/04/01)
Madam Atatürk : a biography Çalışlar, İpek, author. Hodges Library - DR592.L38C3413 2013 (2014/04/01)
Queenship in the Mediterranean : negotiating the role of the queen in the medieval and early modern Hodges Library - D107.3.Q45 2013 (2014/04/01)
The English Isles : cultural transmission and political conflict in Britain and Ireland, 1100-1500 Hodges Library - DA175.E545 2013 (2014/04/01)
The Jacobean grand tour : early Stuart travellers in Europe Chaney, Edward. Hodges Library - D915.C536 2014 (2014/04/01)
The real Iron lady : working with Margaret Thatcher Shephard, Gillian, 1940- Hodges Library - DA591.T47S54 2013 (2014/04/01)
Theoderic and the Roman imperial restoration Arnold, Jonathan J., 1980- author. Hodges Library - DG507.A76 2014 (2014/04/01)
"Footsteps of liberty and revolt" [electronic resource] : essays on Wales and the French Revolution Electronic Library - DA720.F66 2013eb (2014/03/27)
A cape of Asia [electronic resource] : essays on European history Wesseling, H. L. Electronic Library - D104.W47 2011eb (2014/03/27)
About Europe [electronic resource] : philosophical hypotheses Guénoun, Denis, 1946- Electronic Library - D16.8.G81813 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Africa and France [electronic resource] : postcolonial cultures, migration, and racism Thomas, Dominic Richard David. Electronic Library - DC34.5.A37T48 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Alexander the Great [electronic resource] : themes and issues Anson, Edward. Electronic Library - DF234.A67 2013eb (2014/03/27)
American girls, beer, and Glenn Miller [electronic resource] : GI morale in World War II Cooke, James J. Electronic Library - D810.E8C66 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Antiquity : Greeks and Romans in context Naerebout, F. G. Electronic Library - DE59.N3413 2014eb (2014/03/27)
Bridging the medieval-modern divide [electronic resource] : medieval themes in the world of the refo Electronic Library - D116.B75 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Britain's quest for a role [electronic resource] : a diplomatic memoir from Europe to the UN Hannay, David, Sir. Electronic Library - DA591.H36A3 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Conflict resolution and status : the case of Georgia and Abkhazia, 1989-2008 Francis, Céline. Electronic Library - DK679.A25.F73 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Conspiracy theory in Latin literature [electronic resource] Pagan, Victoria Emma, 1965- Electronic Library - DG211.P343 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Constantine : dynasty, religion and power in the later Roman empire Barnes, Timothy David. Electronic Library - DG315.B376 2014eb (2014/03/27)
Contesting views : the visual economy of France and Algeria Welch, Edward. Electronic Library - DC59.8.A4.W453 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Cousin Bette Balzac, Honoré de, 1799-1850. Electronic Library - DC715.B359 1846eb (2014/03/27)
Creating Christian Granada [electronic resource] : society & religious culture in an Old-World front Coleman, David, 1967- Electronic Library - DP302.G66C65 2003eb (2014/03/27)
Cultural interactions and social strategies on the Pontic shores [electronic resource] : burial cust Petersen, Jane Hjarl. Electronic Library - DJK64.P48 2010eb (2014/03/27)
Different horrors, same hell [electronic resource] : gender and the Holocaust Electronic Library - D804.47.D54 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Disappearing traces [electronic resource] : Holocaust testimonials, ethics, and aesthetics Glowacka, Dorota, 1960- Electronic Library - D804.348.G56 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Elizabeth Sinkler Coxe's tales from the grand tour, 1890-1910 [electronic resource] Electronic Library - D919.E44 2006eb (2014/03/27)
Empire de Electronic Library - DK18.E46 2013eb (2014/03/27)
England's wars of religion, revisited [electronic resource] Electronic Library - DA403.E54 2011eb (2014/03/27)
French Muslims : new voices in contemporary France Gemie, Sharif. Electronic Library - DC34.5.M87.G465 2010eb (2014/03/27)
Friedrich Katz [electronic resource] : essays zu Leben und Wirken eines transnationalen Historikers Electronic Library - DB36.9.K38F75 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Generals of the Army [electronic resource] : Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold, Bradley Electronic Library - D736.G46 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Gibraltar [electronic resource] : a modern history Grocott, Chris. Electronic Library - DP302.G4G76 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Glorify the empire [electronic resource] : Japanese avant-garde propaganda in Manchukuo Culver, Annika A. Electronic Library - D810.P7J33 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Great expectations [electronic resource] : futurity in the long eighteenth century Electronic Library - DA480.G744 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Haiti's new dictatorship [electronic resource] : the coup, the earthquake and the UN occupation Podur, Justin. Electronic Library - D862.P63 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Hammarskjold [electronic resource] : a life Lipsey, Roger. Electronic Library - D839.7.H36L57 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Hero of the angry sky [electronic resource] : the World War I diary and letters of David S. Ingalls, Ingalls, David S. (David Sinton), 1899-1985. Electronic Library - D606.I54 2013eb (2014/03/27)
King John : an underrated king Seel, G. E. (Graham E.), 1963- Electronic Library - DA208.S44 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Landscape history discoveries in the North West : proceedings of a conference sponsored by English h Electronic Library - DA714.L363 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Landscapes of the metropolis of death [electronic resource] : reflections on memory and imagination Kulka, Otto Dov. Electronic Library - D804.3.K79 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Laying the BRICS of a new global order : from Yekaterinburg 2009 to eThekwini 2013 Electronic Library - D887.L29 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Letters from Gallipoli : New Zealand soldiers write home Electronic Library - D547.N5L48 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Lost letters of medieval life [electronic resource] : English society, 1200-1250 Electronic Library - DA170.L67 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Madrid [electronic resource] : the history Stewart, Jules. Electronic Library - DP354.S74 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Memory, narrative and the great war : rifleman Patrick Macgill and the construction of wartime exper Taylor, David. Electronic Library - D523.T395 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Modern Kazakhstan [electronic resource] : image and realities Electronic Library - DK906.M63 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Municipal virtues in the Roman Empire : the evidence of Italian honorary inscriptions Forbis, Elizabeth. Electronic Library - DG78.F67 1996eb (2014/03/27)
Muslims in Europe [electronic resource] : integration and counter-extremism efforts Electronic Library - D1056.2.M87M863 2012eb (2014/03/27)
National regeneration in Vichy France [electronic resource] : ideas and policies, 1930-1944 Lackerstein, Debbie. Electronic Library - DC397.L18 2012eb (2014/03/27)
National relations [electronic resource] : public diplomacy, national identity and the Swedish Insti Glover, Nikolas, 1979- Electronic Library - DL860.G56 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Negotiating pasts in the Nordic countries [electronic resource] : interdisciplinary studies in histo Electronic Library - DL44.95.N44 2009eb (2014/03/27)
New history of the Peloponnesian War [electronic resource] Kagan, Donald. Electronic Library - DF229.K34 2012eb (2014/03/27)
New images of Nazi Germany [electronic resource] : a photographic collection Electronic Library - DD256.5.N494 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Nightmares of an East Prussian childhood [electronic resource] : a memoir of the Russian occupation Stritzke, Ilse, 1934- Electronic Library - D811.5.S877 2013eb (2014/03/27)
On Glasgow and Edinburgh [electronic resource] Crawford, Robert, 1959- Electronic Library - DA890.G5C87 2013eb (2014/03/27)
On the fringes of diplomacy [electronic resource] : influences on British foreign policy, 1800-1945 Electronic Library - DA530.O58 2011eb (2014/03/27)

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