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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Corporeality : the body and society Electronic Library - CC72.4.C677 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Documentary filmmaking for archaeologists [electronic resource] Pepe, Peter, 1952- Electronic Library - CC85.P47 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Handheld XRF for art and archaeology [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC79.X73H36 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Near Eastern Archaeology. Volume 64, Number 4 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - CC1.A447 2003eb (2014/03/27)
Near Eastern Archaeology. Volume 67, Number 1 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - CC1.A447 2004eb (2014/03/27)
Near Eastern archaeology. Volume 65, Number 1 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - CC1.A447 2003eb (2014/03/27)
Near Eastern archaeology. Volume 66, No. 1-2, March - June 2003 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - CC1.A447 2004eb (2014/03/27)
Near Eastern archaeology. Volume 66, Number 3 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - CC1.A447 2004eb (2014/03/27)
Near Eastern archaeology. Volume 66, Number 4, December 2003 American Schools of Oriental Research. Electronic Library - CC1.A447 2004eb (2014/03/27)
Shovel ready [electronic resource] : archaeology and Roosevelt's New Deal for America Electronic Library - CC101.U6S56 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The value of an archaeological open-air museum is in its use [electronic resource] : understanding a Paardekooper, Roeland. Electronic Library - CC55.P33 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Climate change archaeology : building resilience from research in the world's coastal wetlands Van de Noort, Robert, author. Hodges Library - CC81.V36 2013 (2014/03/17)
Education, values and ethics in international heritage : learning to respect Atkinson, Jeanette. Hodges Library - CC135.A847 2014 (2014/03/11)
Identifying and interpreting animal bones : a manual Beisaw, April M. Hodges Library - CC79.5.A5B44 2013 (2014/02/26)
A new deal for southeastern archaeology [electronic resource] Lyon, Edwin A. Electronic Library - CC101.U6L96 1996eb (2014/02/05)
A passion for the past [electronic resource] : the odyssey of a transatlantic archaeologist Noël Hume, Ivor. Electronic Library - CC115.N64A3 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Anthropological approaches to zooarchaeology [electronic resource] : complexity, colonialism, and an Electronic Library - CC79.5.A5A56 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Appendices to [electronic resource] : A living landscape : Bronze Age settlement sites in the Dutch Arnoldussen, Stijn. Electronic Library - CC75.A76 2008eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeological approaches to cultural identity [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC79.E85A73 1994eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeological chemistry [electronic resource] Pollard, A. M. Electronic Library - CC79.C5P64 2008eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeological chemistry [electronic resource] Pollard, A. Mark. Electronic Library - CC79.C5P65 1996eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeological essays in honor of Irving B. Rouse [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC173.A7 1978eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeology [electronic resource] : the discipline of things Olsen, Bjørnar. Electronic Library - CC72.O46 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeology and memory [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC83.A73 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeology and the politics of vision in a post-modern context [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC165.A62 2008eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeology research trends [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC65.A75 2008eb (2014/02/05)
Archaeology to delight and instruct [electronic resource] : active learning in the university classr Electronic Library - CC83.A73 2007eb (2014/02/05)
Bioarchaeological science [electronic resource] : what we have learned from human skeletal remains Weiss, Elizabeth. Electronic Library - CC79.5.H85W44 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Body parts and bodies whole [electronic resource] : changing relations and meanings Electronic Library - CC79.5.H85B63 2010eb (2014/02/05)
Built environments, constructed societies [electronic resource] : inverted spatial analysis Vis, Benjamin N. Electronic Library - CC72.4.V57 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Costly giving, giving Guaízas [electronic resource] : towards an organic model of the exchange of Mol, Angus A. A. Electronic Library - CC73.M65 2007eb (2014/02/05)
DNA for archaeologists [electronic resource] Matisoo-Smith, Lisa. Electronic Library - CC79.5.H85M38 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Debating archaeology [electronic resource] Binford, Lewis R. (Lewis Roberts), 1931-2011. Electronic Library - CC173.B56 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Encounters, materialities, confrontations [electronic resource] : archaeologies of social space and Electronic Library - CC72.4.E53 2007eb (2014/02/05)
Experimentation and interpretation [electronic resource] : the use of experimental archaeology in th Electronic Library - CC81.5.E965 2010eb (2014/02/05)
From Paris to Pompeii : French romanticism and the cultural politics of archaeology Blix, Göran Magnus, 1971- Electronic Library - CC101.F8B55 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Geological methods for archaeology [electronic resource] Herz, Norman, 1923- Electronic Library - CC77.5.H47 1998eb (2014/02/05)
Interpreting ground-penetrating radar for archaeology [electronic resource] Conyers, Lawrence B. Electronic Library - CC79.G46C668 2012eb (2014/02/05)
Race and practice in archaeological interpretation [electronic resource] Orser, Charles E. Electronic Library - CC72.O77 2004eb (2014/02/05)
Reburying the past [electronic resource] : the effects of repatriation and reburial on scientific in Weiss, Elizabeth. Electronic Library - CC79.5.H85W45 2008eb (2014/02/05)
Reimagining regional analyses [electronic resource] : the archaeology of spatial and social dynamics Electronic Library - CC76.3.R45 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Retrieval of materials with water separation machines [electronic resource] Peterson, Sarah E., 1983- Electronic Library - CC76.P39 2009eb (2014/02/05)
Setting the agenda for American archaeology [electronic resource] : the National Research Council ar Electronic Library - CC95.S48 2001eb (2014/02/05)
Space-- archaeology's final frontier? [electronic resource] : an intercontinental approach Electronic Library - CC79.S63S63 2007eb (2014/02/05)
The Development of southeastern archaeology [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC101.U6D48 1993eb (2014/02/05)
The Politics of the past [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC175.P65 1989eb (2014/02/05)
The archaeology of Bruce Trigger [electronic resource] : theoretical empiricism Electronic Library - CC115.T74A72 2006eb (2014/02/05)
Thin-section petrography of ceramic materials [electronic resource] Peterson, Sarah E., 1983- Electronic Library - CC79.P4P46 2009eb (2014/02/05)
The Oxford handbook of maritime archaeology Hodges Library - CC77.U5O99 2011 (2013/12/10)
Interpreting artefact scatters : contributions to ploughzone archaeology Hodges Library - CC80.I6 1991 (2013/10/01)
Amarna's leatherwork [electronic resource] . Part I, Preliminary analysis and catalogue Veldmeijer, A. J. Electronic Library - CC75.V45 2011eb (2013/09/25)
Cataloging cultural objects [electronic resource] : a guide to describing cultural works and their i Electronic Library - CC135.C37 2006eb (2013/09/25)
Community-based archaeology [electronic resource] : research with, by, and for indigenous and local Atalay, Sonya, 1968- Electronic Library - CC77.C66A83 2012eb (2013/09/25)
The Medici conspiracy [electronic resource] : the illicit journey of looted antiques from Italy's to Watson, Peter, 1943- Electronic Library - CC135.W39 2007eb (2013/09/25)
The bioarchaeology of violence [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC79.5.H85B56 2012eb (2013/09/25)
Van planten en slakken [electronic resource] : bundel aangeboden aan Wim Kuijper als dank voor veert Electronic Library - CC79.5.P5V36 2010eb (2013/09/25)
Relational archaeologies : humans, animals, things Hodges Library - CC75.R455 2013 (2013/09/20)
Archaeology and apprenticeship [electronic resource] : body knowledge, identity, and communities of Electronic Library - CC79.E85A7484 2012 (2013/09/12)
Cultural negotiations [electronic resource] : the role of women in the founding of Americanist archa Browman, David L. Electronic Library - CC110.B76 2013 (2013/09/12)
Shovel ready [electronic resource] : archaeology and Roosevelt's New Deal for America Electronic Library - CC101.U6S56 2013 (2013/09/12)
Negotiating culture : heritage, ownership, and intellectual property Hodges Library - CC135.N44 2013 (2013/09/05)
Archaeologists as activists [electronic resource] : can archaeologists change the world? Electronic Library - CC175.A7166 2010 (2013/08/20)
Designing experimental research in archaeology [electronic resource] : examining technology through Electronic Library - CC83.D47 2010 (2013/08/20)
Eventful archaeologies [electronic resource] : new approaches to social transformation in the archae Electronic Library - CC72.4.E86 2010 (2013/08/20)
Historical archaeology of military sites [electronic resource] : method and topic Electronic Library - CC77.H5H576 2011 (2013/08/20)
Obsidian and ancient manufactured glasses [electronic resource] Electronic Library - CC78.7.O37 2012 (2013/08/20)
Prophet, pariah, and pioneer [electronic resource] : Walter W. Taylor and dissension in American arc Electronic Library - CC115.T39P76 2010 (2013/08/20)
Ships from the depths [electronic resource] : deepwater archaeology Soreide, Fredrik, 1968- Electronic Library - CC77.U5S675 2011 (2013/08/20)
Soils and micromorphology in archaeology Courty, M. A. (Marie-Agnès) Hodges Library - CC79 .S6C68 1989 (2013/08/20)
Surviving sudden environmental change [electronic resource] : understanding hazards, mitigating impa Electronic Library - CC81.S87 2012 (2013/08/20)
The archaeology and historical ecology of small scale economies [electronic resource] Thompson, Victor D. Electronic Library - CC81.T56 2013 (2013/08/20)
The man who thought like a ship [electronic resource] Steffy, Loren C. Electronic Library - CC115.S74S74 2012 (2013/08/20)
An archaeology of land ownership Hodges Library - CC77.L35A72 2013 (2013/08/06)
BIOARCHAEOLOGY OF EAST ASIA: MOVEMENT, CONTACT, HEALTH Hodges Library - CC79.5 .H85B54 2013 (2013/08/06)
A world history of nineteenth-century archaeology [electronic resource] : nationalism, colonialism, Díaz-Andreu García, Margarita. Electronic Library - CC100.D53 2007 (2013/08/01)

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