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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Atheist mind, humanist heart : rewriting the Ten commandments for the twenty-first century Bayer, Lex, 1978- Hodges Library - BL2747.3.B39 2014 (2014/11/18)
Heirs to forgotten kingdoms : journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East Russell, Gerard. Hodges Library - BL1060.R87 2014 (2014/11/18)
Psychological perspectives on religion and religiosity Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin. Hodges Library - BL53.B373 2015 (2014/11/18)
Religion and spirituality for diverse women : foundations of strength and resilience Hodges Library - BL458.R44 2014 (2014/11/18)
The Bhagavad Gita : a biography Davis, Richard H., 1951- author. Hodges Library - BL1138.66.D38 2015 (2014/11/18)
The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin : global Jihadism in Russia's North Caucasus and beyond Hahn, Gordon M., author. Hodges Library - BP182.H2715 2014 (2014/11/18)
The clerics of Islam : religious authority and political power in Saudi Arabia Mouline, Nabil, author. Hodges Library - BP63.S33M6813 2014 (2014/11/18)
Transhumanism and the body : the world religions speak Hodges Library - BL604.B64T73 2014 (2014/11/18)
Hindu ritual at the margins : innovations, transformations, reconsiderations Electronic Library - BL1226.2.H47 2014 (2014/11/17)
Religion and immigration [electronic resource] : migrant faiths in North America and Western Europe Kivisto, Peter, 1948- Electronic Library - BL625.9.I55K58 2014 (2014/11/17)
Routledge handbook of religions in Asia Electronic Library - BL1033.R68 2014 (2014/11/17)
Angels and the order of heaven in medieval and Renaissance Italy Gill, Meredith Jane, author. Hodges Library - BL477.G53 2014 (2014/11/12)
Mystical science and practical religion : Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh discourse on science and technolog Cimino, Richard P., author. Hodges Library - BL240.3.C48 2014 (2014/11/12)
Political Islam, world politics and Europe : from jihadist to institutional Islamism Tibi, Bassam. Hodges Library - BP173.7.T563 2014 (2014/11/12)
Skeptical theism : new essays Hodges Library - BL200.S44 2014 (2014/11/12)
Urban origins of American Judaism Moore, Deborah Dash, 1946- Hodges Library - BM205.M66 2014 (2014/11/12)
Entanglements : marking place in the field of religion McCutcheon, Russell T., 1961- Electronic Library - BL41.M3493 2014 (2014/11/10)
Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mystical perspectives on the love of God Electronic Library - BL625.J49 2014 (2014/11/10)
Mental culture : classical social theory and the cognitive science of religion Hodges Library - BL53.M49 2013 (2014/11/10)
Methods for the study of religious change : from religious studies to worldview studies Electronic Library - BL65.C53M48 2014 (2014/11/10)
Philosophy of religion : towards a more humane approach Cottingham, John, 1943- author. Hodges Library - BL51.C6785 2014 (2014/11/10)
Redefining pilgrimage : new perspectives on historical and contemporary pilgrimages Hodges Library - BL619.P5R43 2014 (2014/11/10)
Religious conversion : history, experience and meaning Religious conversion (Ashgate (Firm)) Hodges Library - BL639.R447 2014 (2014/11/10)
Sensible religion Hodges Library - BL51.S469 2014 (2014/11/10)
Sharing with the Gods : aparchai and dekatai in ancient Greece Jim, Suk Fong, author. Hodges Library - BL795.F55J55 2014 (2014/11/10)
Textbook gods : genre, text, and teaching religious studies Electronic Library - BL48.T365 2014 (2014/11/10)
The Talmud : a biography : banned, censored and burned. The book they couldn't suppress Freedman, H. (Harry), author. Electronic Library - BM501.F74 2014 (2014/11/10)
The dialectics of the religious and the secular : studies on the future of religion Electronic Library - BL51.D46 2014 (2014/11/10)
Transnational Islam in interwar Europe : Muslim activists and thinkers Electronic Library - BP65.A1T73 2014 (2014/11/10)
Buddhism and tales of the supernatural in early medieval China [elektronische middelen] : a study of Zhang, Zhenjun. aut (NL-LeOCL)380628422 Electronic Library - BQ636.Z44 2014 (2014/11/03)
Divination, politics, and ancient Near Eastern empires Electronic Library - BL613.D59 2014 (2014/11/03)
Growing up between two cultures : problems and issues of Muslim children Electronic Library - BP52.5.G76 2014 (2014/11/03)
Islam and Pakistan's political culture Chak, Farhan Mujahid, author. Electronic Library - BP63.P18C435 2015 (2014/11/03)
Managing religion : the management of Christian religious and faith-based organizations. Volume 1, I Torry, Malcolm, 1955- author. Electronic Library - BL632.T67 2014 (2014/11/03)
Neighboring faiths : Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Middle Ages and today Nirenberg, David, 1964- author. Electronic Library - BL410.N57 2014 (2014/11/03)
Sacred violence : political religion in a secular age Jones, David Martin, 1950- author. Electronic Library - BL65.V55J66 2014 (2014/11/03)
Migrating tales : the Talmud's narratives and their historical context Kalmin, Richard Lee, author. Hodges Library - BM509.N37K35 2014 (2014/10/29)
Naked Seeing : the Great Perfection, the Wheel of Time, and Visionary Buddhism in Renaissance Tibet Hatchell, Christopher. Hodges Library - BQ7805.H38 2014 (2014/10/29)
Religious ideology and the roots of the global Jihad : Salafi Jihadism and international order Turner, John A. (Independent scholar), author. Hodges Library - BP182.T87 2014 (2014/10/29)
The ethnographic state : France and the invention of Moroccan Islam Burke, Edmund, 1940- author. Hodges Library - BP64.M6B88 2014 (2014/10/29)
Theopoetics of the word : a new beginning of word and world Vahanian, Gabriel, 1927-2012, author. Hodges Library - BL51.V324 2014 (2014/10/29)
Controversies in contemporary religion : education, law, politics, society, and spirituality Electronic Library - BL87.C68 2014 (2014/10/28)
Flowers on the rock : global and local Buddhisms in Canada Electronic Library - BQ742.F56 2014 (2014/10/28)
Media, religion, and culture : an introduction Mahan, Jeffrey H., author. Electronic Library - BL638.M34 2014 (2014/10/28)
Death to the infidels : radical Islam's war against the Jews Bard, Mitchell Geoffrey, 1959- author. Hodges Library - BP173.J8B274 2014 (2014/10/21)
From comrades to bodhisattvas : moral dimensions of lay Buddhist practice in contemporary China Fisher, Gareth, author. Hodges Library - BQ4960.C6F58 2014 (2014/10/21)
Life after faith : the case for secular humanism Kitcher, Philip, 1947- author. Hodges Library - BL2747.6.K58 2014 (2014/10/21)
The Amazons : lives and legends of warrior women across the ancient world Mayor, Adrienne, 1946- author. Hodges Library - BL820.A6M39 2014 (2014/10/21)
Islamic Sufi networks in the western Indian Ocean (c. 1880-1940) : ripples of reform Bang, Anne K., author. Electronic Library - BP188.8.A356B36 2014 (2014/10/20)
Spirituality : a guide for the perplexed Sheldrake, Philip, author. Electronic Library - BL624.S497 2014 (2014/10/20)
Dynamics of religion in Southeast Asia : magic and modernity Hodges Library - BL2050.D96 2014 (2014/10/15)
Faithful to science : the role of science in religion Steane, Andrew M., author. Hodges Library - BL240.3.S74 2014 (2014/10/15)
From Jupiter to Christ : on the history of religion in the Roman imperial period Rüpke, Jörg, author. Hodges Library - BL803.R87513 2014 (2014/10/15)
Given to the goddess : South Indian devadasis and the sexuality of religion Ramberg, Lucinda, 1962- author. Hodges Library - BL1237.58.D48R3635 2014 (2014/10/15)
Islam and development : exploring the invisible aid economy Hodges Library - BP173.75.I7663 2014 (2014/10/15)
Religion and power : no logos without mythos Martin, David, 1929- author. Hodges Library - BL65.P7M348 2014 (2014/10/15)
Zen-brain horizons : toward a living zen Austin, James H., 1925- author. Hodges Library - BQ9288.A966 2014 (2014/10/15)
A culture of conspiracy [electronic resource] : apocalyptic visions in contemporary America Barkun, Michael. Electronic Library - BL503.2.B37 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Aftermath [electronic resource] : surviving the loss of God Crosby, John F., 1955- Electronic Library - BL473.C76 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Ancient synagogue seating capacities [electronic resource] : methodology, analysis and limits Spigel, Chad S. Electronic Library - BM653.2.S65 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Appraising the Nigerian problem through education and religious dialogue : a cognitive approach Onyenali, Rowland. Electronic Library - BL2470.N5O59 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Attraction and danger of alien religion [electronic resource] : studies in early Judaism and Christi Sandelin, Karl-Gustav. Electronic Library - BM535.S26 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Between Allah & Jesus : what Christians can learn from Muslims Kreeft, Peter. Electronic Library - BP172.K744 2010eb (2014/10/14)
Convenient myths : the axial age, dark green religion, and the world that never was Provan, Iain W. (Iain William), 1957- Electronic Library - BL55.P76 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Crazy for wisdom [electronic resource] : the making of a mad yogin in fifteenth-century Tibet Larsson, Stefan, 1968- Electronic Library - BQ960.T757L37 2012eb (2014/10/14)
Daisaku Ikeda and dialogue for peace Electronic Library - BQ8449.I387D35 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Early Buddhist transmission and trade networks [electronic resource] : mobility and exchange within Neelis, Jason Emmanuel. Electronic Library - BQ270.N44 2011eb (2014/10/14)
From deprived to revived : religious revivals as adaptive systems Heimola, Mikko, 1979- Electronic Library - BL60.H435 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Hearing the mermaid's song : the Umbanda religion in Rio de Janeiro Hale, Lindsay, author. Electronic Library - BL2592.U5H35 2009eb (2014/10/14)
Immigrants to the Pure Land : the modernization, acculturation, and globalization of Shin Buddhism, Ama, Michihiro. Electronic Library - BQ8712.9.U6A43 2011eb (2014/10/14)
Islamic theology, philosophy and law : debating Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya Electronic Library - BP166.1.I726 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Israelite prophecy and the Deuteronomistic history : portrait, reality, and the formation of a histo Electronic Library - BM645.P67I87 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Jewish customs of Kabbalistic origin : their history and practice Faierstein, Morris M. Electronic Library - BM650.F354 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Jews, Christians, and the Roman Empire : the poetics of power in late antiquity Electronic Library - BM177.J495 2013eb (2014/10/14)
Lex et sacramentum im Mittelalter Kölner Mediävistentagung (15th : 1966) Electronic Library - BL65.L33K65 1966eb (2014/10/14)

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