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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Buddhists : understanding Buddhism through the lives of practitioners Electronic Library - BQ840.B83 2014 (2014/07/21)
Confronting secularism in Europe and India : legitimacy and disenchantment in contemporary times Electronic Library - BL2765.E85C66 2014 (2014/07/21)
Historical dictionary of Sikhism Fenech, Louis E., author. Electronic Library - BL2017.3.M35 2014 (2014/07/21)
Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians : religious dynamics in a Sasanian context "Between Contact and Contrast": Jews and Christians in the Sasanian Empire. Workshop (2010 : Bochum) Electronic Library - BL2270.J49 2010 (2014/07/21)
"Guidance, not governance" : Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof and Reform responsa Friedman, Joan S., 1953- author. Hodges Library - BM755.F693F75 2013 (2014/07/17)
At freedom's limit : Islam and the postcolonial predicament Abbas, Sadia, author. Hodges Library - BP161.3.A235 2014 (2014/07/17)
Bar mitzvah : a history Hilton, Michael. Hodges Library - BM707.H53 2014 (2014/07/17)
Friendship as sacred knowing : overcoming isolation Kimbriel, Samuel, 1986- author. Hodges Library - BL51.K59527 2014 (2014/07/17)
Leadership and authority in Central Asia : an Ismaili community in Tajikistan Mastibekov, Otambek, author. Hodges Library - BP195.I8M37 2014 (2014/07/17)
Material spirit : religion and literature intranscendent Hodges Library - BL51.M47425 2014 (2014/07/17)
Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c. 1050-1614 Catlos, Brian A., author. Hodges Library - BP65.A1C38 2014 (2014/07/17)
Rebbe : The life and teachings of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the most influential Rabbi in modern Telushkin, Joseph, 1948- Hodges Library - BM755.S288T45 2014 (2014/07/17)
Religious networks in the Roman empire : the spread of new ideas Collar, Anna, 1979- Hodges Library - BL805.C65 2013 (2014/07/17)
Ritual textuality : pattern and motion in performance Tomlinson, Matt, 1970- author. Hodges Library - BL600.T64 2014 (2014/07/17)
Shiblī : his life and thought in the Sufi tradition Avery, Kenneth, author. Hodges Library - BP80.S5365A94 2014 (2014/07/17)
The Oxford handbook of Sikh studies Hodges Library - BL2018.O95 2014 (2014/07/17)
The Tsar's foreign faiths : toleration and the fate of religious freedom in imperial Russia Werth, Paul W. (Paul William), 1968- author. Hodges Library - BL980.R8W47 2014 (2014/07/17)
The downfall of Abba Hillel Silver and the foundation of Israel Shiff, Ofer, author. Hodges Library - BM755.S544S55 2014 (2014/07/17)
The walking Qurʼan : Islamic education, embodied knowledge, and history in West Africa Ware, Rudolph T., author. Hodges Library - BP43.A358W37 2014 (2014/07/17)
Got religion? : how churches, mosques, and synagogues can bring young people back Riley, Naomi Schaefer. Electronic Library - BL625.47.R56 2014 (2014/07/14)
Islam, peace and social justice [electronic resource] : a christian perspective Van Gorder, A. Christian. Electronic Library - BP173.43.V36 2014 (2014/07/14)
Islamic theological themes : a primary source reader Electronic Library - BP166.I85 2014 (2014/07/14)
Religion and politics : European and global perspectives Electronic Library - BL65.P7R45 2014 (2014/07/14)
Religion in Dutch society [electronic resource] : documentation of a national survey on religious an Electronic Library - BL980.N5R45 2013 (2014/07/14)
Scottish Gods : religion in modern Scotland, 1900-2012 Bruce, Steve, 1954- author. Electronic Library - BL980.S3B78 2014 (2014/07/14)
Wrestling with the demons of the Pahlavi Widēwdād : transcription, translation, and commentary Moazami, Mahnaz, author. Electronic Library - BL1515.5.V4M63 2014 (2014/07/14)
Ancient religions of the Austronesian world : from Australasia to Taiwan Baldick, Julian. Electronic Library - BL2600.B35 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Bringing Zen home : the healing heart of Japanese women's rituals Arai, Paula Kane Robinson. Electronic Library - BQ9270.2.A73 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Buddhism between Tibet and China Electronic Library - BQ626.B825 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Buddhism in the Shadow of Brahmanism [electronic resource] Bronkhorst, Johannes, 1946- Electronic Library - BQ4610.B7B76 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Buddhist teaching in India Bronkhorst, Johannes, 1946- author. Electronic Library - BQ336.B76 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Burning money : the material spirit of the Chinese lifeworld Blake, C. Fred, 1942- Electronic Library - BL1812.R57B53 2011eb (2014/07/08)
China's creation and origin myths [electronic resource] : cross-cultural explorations in oral and wr Electronic Library - BL1812.C74C45 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Confucianism [electronic resource] : a modern interpretation Chang, Chi Yun. Electronic Library - BL1853.C43 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Conscience and its enemies : confronting the dogmas of liberal secularism George, Robert P., author. Electronic Library - BL2747.8.G435 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Contesting secularism [electronic resource] : comparative perspectives Electronic Library - BL65.P7C664 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Createdness and ethics [electronic resource] : the doctrine of creation and theological ethics in th Schaeffer, Hans. Electronic Library - BL227.S33 2006eb (2014/07/08)
Dead sea scrolls [electronic resource] . Volume 1, 1947-1960 : a full history Fields, Weston W. Electronic Library - BM487.F528 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Dignity & discipline : reviving full ordination for Buddhist nuns Electronic Library - BQ6150.D54 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Encountering the stranger [electronic resource] : a Jewish-Christian-Muslim trialogue Electronic Library - BL626.33.E53 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Encounters of the children of Abraham from ancient to modern times [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BL80.3.E49 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Excursions into the thought-world of the Pāli discourses [electronic resource] Anālayo, Bhikkhu. Electronic Library - BQ4165.A53 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Fantasy and belief [electronic resource] : alternative religions, popular narratives and digital cul Kirby, Danielle, 1980- Electronic Library - BL65.C8K567 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Fractured spectrum [electronic resource] : perspectives on Christian-Muslim encounters in Nigeria Electronic Library - BP172.F63 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Francis Mercury van Helmont's Sketch of Christian Kabbalism [electronic resource] Helmont, Franciscus Mercurius van, 1614-1699. Electronic Library - BM525.H395 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Fringes of religious experience [electronic resource] : cross-perspectives on William James's The va Electronic Library - BL53.F75 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Global Islamophobia [electronic resource] : Muslims and moral panic in the West Electronic Library - BP52.G56 2012eb (2014/07/08)
God in proof [electronic resource] : the story of a search, from the ancients to the Internet Schneider, Nathan, 1984- Electronic Library - BL473.S36 2013eb (2014/07/08)
God's rational warriors [electronic resource] : the rationality of faith considered Ledwig, Marion. Electronic Library - BL51.L43 2008eb (2014/07/08)
Gods and arms [electronic resource] : on religion and armed conflict Electronic Library - BL65.W2G63 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Handbook of Tibetan iconometry [electronic resource] : a guide to the arts of the 17th century Electronic Library - BQ7576.H36 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Handbook of hyper-real religions [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BL65.C8H363 2012eb (2014/07/08)
If you're lucky, your heart will break : field notes from a Zen life Ford, James Ishmael, author. Electronic Library - BQ9286.2.F67 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Imagining holiness : classic Hasidic tales in modern times Lewis, Justin Jaron, 1961- Electronic Library - BM532.L495 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Is God the only reality? [electronic resource] : science points to a deeper meaning of the universe Templeton, John, 1912- Electronic Library - BL240.2.T434 1994eb (2014/07/08)
Is theology a science? [electronic resource] : the nature of the scientific enterprise in the scient Munchin, David. Electronic Library - BL240.3.M85 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Islam and the challenge of civilization [electronic resource] Meddeb, Abdelwahab. Electronic Library - BP161.3.M43 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Islamic mysticism [electronic resource] : a short history Knysh, Alexander D. Electronic Library - BP188.1.K59 2000eb (2014/07/08)
Law and narrative in the Bible and in neighbouring ancient cultures [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BM520.2.L34 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Living by vow : a practical introduction to eight essential zen chants and texts Okumura, Shohaku, 1948- author. Electronic Library - BQ9273.O58 2012eb (2014/07/08)
More than mythology [electronic resource] : narratives, ritual practices and regional distribution i Electronic Library - BL860.M67 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Narratives of tampering in the earliest commentaries on the Qurʻan [electronic resource] Nickel, Gordon D. Electronic Library - BP130.45.N53 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Neither monk nor layman : clerical marriage in modern Japanese Buddhism Jaffe, Richard M., 1954- Electronic Library - BQ5355.M37J35 2011eb (2014/07/08)
On the question of the "Cessation of prophecy" in ancient Judaism [electronic resource] Cook, L. Stephen. Electronic Library - BM645.P67C66 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Philosophy and salvation in Greek religion [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BL785.P466 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Prayer and poetry in the Dead Sea Scrolls and related literature [electronic resource] : essays on p Electronic Library - BM669.G58 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Prophet Muhammad [electronic resource] : the first Sufi of Islam Moon, Farzana. Electronic Library - BP161.3.M66 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Reading with an "I" to the heavens [electronic resource] : looking at the Qumran Hodayot through the Harkins, Angela Kim, 1973- Electronic Library - BM488.T5H37 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Reform and modernity in Islam : the philosophical, cultural and political discourses among Muslim re Ahmed, Safdar. Electronic Library - BP60.A36 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Reinventing religious studies [electronic resource] : key writings in the history of a discipline Electronic Library - BL41.R45 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Religion in Calabar : the religious life and history of a Nigerian town Hackett, Rosalind I. J. Electronic Library - BL2470.N5H33 1989eb (2014/07/08)
Religion, culture and national community in the 1670s [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BL65.C8R45 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Religious identity and national heritage [electronic resource] : empirical-theological perspectives International Society for Empirical Research in Theology. Conference (2010 : Rome, Italy) Electronic Library - BL53.I595 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Research in the social scientific study of religion [electronic resource] . Volume 21 Electronic Library - BL60.R4721 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Rethinking Islamic studies [electronic resource] : from orientalism to cosmopolitanism Electronic Library - BP42.R48 2010eb (2014/07/08)

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