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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Longing, intimacy and loneliness Hodges Library - BF575.D4L66 2014 (2014/04/22)
The psychology of fatigue : work, effort, and control Hockey, Robert. Hodges Library - BF482.H63 2013 (2014/04/22)
What you really need to know about counselling and psychotherapy training : an essential guide McQuaid, Cathy, author. Hodges Library - BF636.64.M37 2014 (2014/04/22)
Boundaries and bridges : perspectives on time and space in psychoanalysis Sabbadini, Andrea, author. Electronic Library - BF173.S33 2014 (2014/04/21)
Helping skills : facilitating exploration, insight, and action Hill, Clara E., 1948- author. Hodges Library - BF636.6.H55 2014 (2014/04/15)
Personal intelligence : the power of personality and how it shapes our lives Mayer, John D., 1953- Hodges Library - BF698.M3437 2014 (2014/04/15)
A companion to astrology in the Renaissance Electronic Library - BF1676.C66 2014 (2014/04/14)
Alchemy and psychotherapy : post-jungian perspectives Electronic Library - BF175.A5494 2014 (2014/04/14)
Creativity research : an inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research handbook Electronic Library - BF408.C69674 2014 (2014/04/14)
Handbook of research on creativity Electronic Library - BF408.H36 2013 (2014/04/14)
La souffrance à l'épreuve de la pensée Electronic Library - BF789.S8S65 2013 (2014/04/14)
Mind, Body, world [electronic resource] : foundations of cognitive science Dawson, Michael Robert William, 1959- author. Electronic Library - BF311.D272 2013 (2014/04/14)
On psychoanalysis, disillusion, and death : dead certainties Ladan, A., author. Electronic Library - BF175.L2313 2014 (2014/04/14)
SPSS explained [electronic resource] Hinton, Perry R. (Perry Roy), 1954- Electronic Library - BF39.H538 2014 (2014/04/14)
The Sage handbook of applied memory Electronic Library - BF371.S34 2014 (2014/04/14)
The new behaviorism Staddon, J. E. R., author. Electronic Library - BF199.S76 2014 (2014/04/14)
The psychology of language : from data to theory Harley, Trevor A., author. Electronic Library - BF455.H2713 2014 (2014/04/14)
Finding the space to lead : a practical guide to mindful leadership Marturano, Janice. Hodges Library - (2014/04/09)
Talking about right and wrong : parent-child conversations as contexts for moral development Electronic Library - BF723.M54T35 2014 (2014/04/09)
Clinical mental health counseling in community and agency settings Gladding, Samuel T. Hodges Library - BF636.6.G62 2014 (2014/04/08)
Mindwise : how we understand what others think, believe, feel, and want Epley, Nicholas, author. Hodges Library - BF575.E55E75 2014 (2014/04/08)
Redirect : the surprising new science of psychological change Wilson, Timothy D. AgVetMed Library - BF632.W55 2011 (2014/04/08)
Reflective thinking in educational settings : a cultural framework Hodges Library - BF441.R395 2014 (2014/04/08)
Beyond the frustrated self : overcoming avoidant patterns and opening to life Dowds, Barbara, author. Electronic Library - BF575.A86D69 2014 (2014/04/07)
Dream science [electronic resource] : exploring the forms of consciousness Pagel, James F. Electronic Library - BF1078.P34 2014 (2014/04/07)
Fear [electronic resource] : a dark shadow across our life span Electronic Library - BF575.F2F43 2014 (2014/04/07)
Pseudoscience and Deception [electronic resource] : The Smoke and Mirrors of Paranormal Claims. Electronic Library - BF1031.P74 2013 (2014/04/07)
Making sense of experimental learning : diversity in theory and practice Hodges Library - BF318.5.M32 1989 (2014/04/03)
Finding Augusta : habits of mobility and governance in the digital era Cooley, Heidi Rae. Electronic Library - BF637.C45C686 2014 (2014/04/02)
A brief history of modern psychology Benjamin, Ludy T., 1945- author. Hodges Library - BF95.B438 2014 (2014/04/01)
Astrology and cosmology in early China : conforming earth to heaven Pankenier, David W. (David William) Hodges Library - BF1714.C5P38 2013 (2014/04/01)
Components of emotional meaning : a sourcebook Hodges Library - BF582.C66 2013 (2014/04/01)
Correspondence : 1904-1938 Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939, author. Hodges Library - BF109.F74A4 2013 (2014/04/01)
Finding the space to lead : a practical guide to mindful leadership Marturano, Janice. Hodges Library - BF637.L4M287 2014 (2014/04/01)
Healing after parent loss in childhood and adolescence : therapeutic interventions and theoretical c Hodges Library - BF723.G75H29 2014 (2014/04/01)
Principles of learning and behavior Domjan, Michael, 1947- Hodges Library - BF319.D66 2015 (2014/04/01)
Research design and methods : a process approach Bordens, Kenneth S. Hodges Library - BF76.5.B67 2014 (2014/04/01)
Scottish Witches and Witch-Hunters Hodges Library - BF1581.S344 2013 (2014/04/01)
Social emotions in nature and artifact Hodges Library - BF39.5.S63 2014 (2014/04/01)
The Oxford handbook of witchcraft in early modern Europe and colonial America Hodges Library - BF1571.O94 2013 (2014/04/01)
The art of thinking : a guide to critical and creative thought Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan. Hodges Library - BF441.R84 2015 (2014/04/01)
The rise : creativity, the gift of failure, and the search for mastery Lewis, Sarah Elizabeth, 1979- Hodges Library - BF408.L625 2014 (2014/04/01)
Youth on religion : the development, negotiation and impact of faith and non-faith identity Madge, Nicola, author. Hodges Library - BF697.M22773 2014 (2014/04/01)
Minding the self : Jungian meditations on contemporary spirituality Stein, Murray, 1943- Electronic Library - BF175.4.R44S7394 2014 (2014/03/31)
Bounce forward [electronic resource] : how to transform crisis into success Cawthorn, Sam. Electronic Library - BF632.C39 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Continuity and innovation in the magical tradition [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF1589.C78 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Developing cognitive control processes : mechanisms, implications, and interventions Minnesota Symposium on Child Psychology (37th : 2011 : University of Minnesota), issuing body. Electronic Library - BF723.C5M56 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Effective NLP skills [electronic resource] Youell, Richard. Electronic Library - BF637.N46Y68 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Enduring trauma through the life cycle [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF175.5.P75E53 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Essentials of processing assessment Dehn, Milton J. Electronic Library - BF431.D38 2014eb (2014/03/27)
Exemplar methods and research : strategies for investigation Electronic Library - BF713.E946 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Explaining psychological statistics Cohen, Barry H., 1949- Electronic Library - BF39.C644 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Handbook of experimental phenomenology [electronic resource] : visual perception of shape, space and Electronic Library - BF241.H33 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Handbook of positive emotions Electronic Library - BF204.6.H356 2014 (2014/03/27)
Humor and health promotion [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF575.L3H866 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Intimacy : understanding the subtle power of human connection Marar, Ziyad. Electronic Library - BF575.I5M37 2012eb (2014/03/27)
It's a jungle in there [electronic resource] : how competition and cooperation in the brain shape th Rosenbaum, David A. Electronic Library - BF201.R67 2014 (2014/03/27)
Lead [electronic resource] Burnison, Gary, 1961- Electronic Library - BF637.L4B87 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Living on the edge [electronic resource] : breaking up to break down to breakthrough McCormick, Elizabeth Wilde. Electronic Library - BF335.M33 2002eb (2014/03/27)
Make your brain work [electronic resource] : how to maximize your efficiency, productivity and effec Brann, Amy. Electronic Library - BF481.B69 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Managing stress [electronic resource] : from theory to application Electronic Library - BF575.S75M323 2011eb (2014/03/27)
Motivation, consciousness and self-regulation [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF503.M668 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Psychoanalysis and severe handicap [electronic resource] : the hand in the cap Villa, Angelo. Electronic Library - BF727.H3V55 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Psychology at work in Asia [electronic resource] : proceeds of the 3rd and 4th Asian Psychological A Electronic Library - BF80.7.A85P79 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Radicalizing enactivism [electronic resource] : basic minds without content Hutto, Daniel D. Electronic Library - BF311.H89 2013eb (2014/03/27)
Surfaces [electronic resource] : a history Amato, Joseph Anthony. Electronic Library - BF353.A43 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The Americanization of narcissism Lunbeck, Elizabeth, author. Electronic Library - BF575.N35L86 2014 (2014/03/27)
The Wiley handbook on the development of children's memory Electronic Library - BF723.M4W55 2014eb (2014/03/27)
The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of childhood cognitive development [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF723.C5B5 2010eb (2014/03/27)
The handbook of operator fatigue [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF482.H36 2012eb (2014/03/27)
The necessity of strangers [electronic resource] : the intriguing truth about insight, innovation, a Gregerman, Alan S. Electronic Library - BF408.G673 2013eb (2014/03/27)
The psychology of risk [electronic resource] Assailly, Jean-Pascal. Electronic Library - BF637.R57A87 2010eb (2014/03/27)
Touching space, placing touch [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF275.T68 2012eb (2014/03/27)
Trauma and forgiveness : consequences and communities Alford, C. Fred. Electronic Library - BF175.5.P75A44 2013 (2014/03/27)
Trends in cognitive sciences [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BF311.T74 2012eb (2014/03/27)

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