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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Environmental aesthetics : crossing divides and breaking ground Hodges Library - BH301 .E58E58 2014 (2014/07/22)
A student's guide to the history and philosophy of yoga Connolly, Peter, 1951- author. Electronic Library - B132.Y6C638 2014 (2014/07/21)
A dialogue on free will and science Mele, Alfred R., 1951- Hodges Library - BJ1461.M45 2014 (2014/07/17)
A history of Pythagoreanism Hodges Library - B243.H57 2014 (2014/07/17)
A history of balance, 1250-1375 : the emergence of a new model of equilibrium and its impact on medi Kaye, Joel, 1946- author. Hodges Library - B721.K35 2014 (2014/07/17)
Aboutness Yablo, Stephen. Hodges Library - B840.Y33 2014 (2014/07/17)
Adorno and art : aesthetic theory contra critical theory Hellings, James. Hodges Library - B3199.A34H45 2014 (2014/07/17)
An introduction to the principles of morals and legislation Bentham, Jeremy, 1748-1832. Hodges Library - B1574.B33I5 1996 (2014/07/17)
Articulating medieval logic Parsons, Terence. Hodges Library - BC34.P377 2014 (2014/07/17)
Assessment sensitivity : relative truth and its applications MacFarlane, John (John Gordon) Hodges Library - BD221.M33 2014 (2014/07/17)
Emplotting virtue : a narrative approach to environmental virtue ethics Treanor, Brian, author. Hodges Library - BJ1531.T74 2014 (2014/07/17)
Evidentialism and epistemic justification McCain, Kevin, 1980- author. Hodges Library - BD161.M17 2014 (2014/07/17)
From individual to collective intentionality : new essays : Hodges Library - B105.I56F76 2014 (2014/07/17)
Gratitude : an intellectual history Leithart, Peter J., author. Hodges Library - BJ1533.G8L45 2014 (2014/07/17)
Happiness, democracy, and the cooperative movement : the radical utilitarianism of William Thompson Kaswan, Mark J., 1962- author. Hodges Library - BJ1481.K35 2014 (2014/07/17)
Hume's epistemology in the Treatise : a veritistic interpretation Schmitt, Frederick F., 1951- author. Hodges Library - B1489.S36 2014 (2014/07/17)
Impassioned Belief Ridge, Michael, author. Hodges Library - BJ1012.R53 2014 (2014/07/17)
Kant and rational psychology Dyck, Corey, author. Hodges Library - B2779.D93 2014 (2014/07/17)
Kierkegaard and the rise of modern psychology Klempe, Sven Hroar, author. Hodges Library - B4377.K57 2014 (2014/07/17)
Luce Irigaray's phenomenology of feminine being Lehtinen, Virpi, 1970- author. Hodges Library - B2430.I74L44 2014 (2014/07/17)
Lyotard, literature and the trauma of the differend Sawyer, Dylan, 1981- author. Hodges Library - B2430.L964S29 2014 (2014/07/17)
Marx and Weber on oriental societies : in the shadow of western modernity Sunar, Lütfi, author. Hodges Library - B3305.M74S768 2014 (2014/07/17)
Naturalizing epistemic virtue Hodges Library - BD176.N38 2014 (2014/07/17)
One : being an investigation into the unity of reality and of its parts, including the singular obje Priest, Graham, author. Hodges Library - BD395.P75 2014 (2014/07/17)
Ontology in Heidegger and Deleuze. A comparative analysis Rae, Gavin. Hodges Library - $$hB790-5739 (2014/07/17)
Phenomenology and the transcendental Hodges Library - B823.P44 2014 (2014/07/17)
Realism, science, and pragmatism Hodges Library - B835.R3265 2014 (2014/07/17)
Reverence : renewing a forgotten virtue Woodruff, Paul, 1943- author. Hodges Library - BJ1533.H8W66 2014 (2014/07/17)
Staying alive : personal identity, practical concerns, and the unity of a life Schechtman, Marya, 1960- author. Hodges Library - BD236.S34 2014 (2014/07/17)
The Great War and the origins of Humanitarianism, 1918-1924 Cabanes, Bruno, author. Hodges Library - BJ1475.3.C33 2014 (2014/07/17)
The mirror of the world : subjects, consciousness, and self-consciousness Peacocke, Christopher, author. Hodges Library - BD438.5.P43 2014 (2014/07/17)
The place of prejudice : a case for reasoning within the world Sandel, Adam Adatto, author. Hodges Library - BJ1031.S26 2014 (2014/07/17)
The possibility of Inquiry : Meno's Paradox from Socrates to Sextus Fine, Gail. Hodges Library - B187.K7F56 2014 (2014/07/17)
The secret connexion : causation, realism, and David Hume Strawson, Galen, author. Hodges Library - B1498S87 2014 (2014/07/17)
Understanding moral sentiments : Darwinian perspectives? Hodges Library - BJ21.U53 2014 (2014/07/17)
Bridging the analytical continental divide : a companion to contemporary western philosophy Electronic Library - B804.F459713 2014 (2014/07/14)
Our broad present : time and contemporary culture Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich, author. Electronic Library - BD632.G86 2014 (2014/07/14)
Philosophic thoughts : essays on logic and philosophy Jason, Gary James, 1949- Electronic Library - B945.J371 2014 (2014/07/14)
Disputed moral issues : a reader Hodges Library - BJ1012.D56 2014 (2014/07/11)
A priori knowledge [electronic resource] : toward a phenomenological explanation Piazza, Tommaso, 1972- Electronic Library - BD181.3.P53 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Action in context [electronic resource] Electronic Library - B105.A35A28 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Aesthetics beyond the arts [electronic resource] : new and recent essays Berleant, Arnold, 1932- Electronic Library - BH39.B3943 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Against the current [electronic resource] : selected philosophical papers Rosado Haddock, Guillermo E. Electronic Library - B29.R67 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Aporetics : rational deliberation in the face of inconsistency Rescher, Nicholas, author. Electronic Library - B187.A66R47 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Applied ontology [electronic resource] : an introduction Munn, Katherine. Electronic Library - BD331.M86 2008eb (2014/07/08)
Ausgewählte Schriften Kapp, Ernst, 1888- Electronic Library - B29.K343 1968eb (2014/07/08)
Austrian phenomenology [electronic resource] : Brentano, Husserl, Meinong, and others on mind and ob Rollinger, R. D. Electronic Library - B829.5.R65 2008eb (2014/07/08)
Autobiography Rescher, Nicholas. Electronic Library - B945.R454A3 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Beauty will save the world : recovering the human in an ideological age Wolfe, Gregory, author. Electronic Library - BH301.C92W65 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Beneath the veil of the strange verses [electronic resource] : reading scandalous texts Alberg, Jeremiah, 1957- Electronic Library - BD450.A45635 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Body, mind and self in Hume's critical realism [electronic resource] Wilson, Fred. Electronic Library - B1498.W55 2008eb (2014/07/08)
Boethius and Aquinas McInerny, Ralph, 1929-2010. Electronic Library - B659.Z7M35 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Boethius on mind, grammar, and logic [electronic resource] : a study of Boethius' Commentaries on Pe Suto, Taki. Electronic Library - B439.B643S88 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Collective epistemology [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BD161.C65 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Concepts of sharedness [electronic resource] : essays on collective intentionality Schmid, Hans Bernhard. Electronic Library - B105.I56S36 2008eb (2014/07/08)
Confucianism and spiritual traditions in modern China and beyond [electronic resource] Electronic Library - B5233.C6C65 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Consciousness and subjectivity [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BD438.5.C66 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Consciousness, reality and value [electronic resource] : essays in honour of T.L.S. Sprigge Electronic Library - B1663.S57C66 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Criticism of earth [electronic resource] : on Marx, Engels, and theology Boer, Roland, 1961- Electronic Library - B3305.M74B59 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Deleuze and Guattari [electronic resource] : aesthetics and politics Porter, Robert. Electronic Library - B2430.D454P67 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Dialectics [electronic resource] : a classical approach to inquiry Rescher, Nicholas. Electronic Library - B945.R453D53 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Digital cast of being [electronic resource] : metaphysics, mathematics, cartesianism, cybernetics, c Eldred, Michael. Electronic Library - BD331.E43 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Dong Zhongshu, a "Confucian" heritage and the Chunqiu fanlu [electronic resource] Loewe, Michael. Electronic Library - B128.T824L64 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Duration, temporality, self [electronic resource] : prospects for the future of Bergsonism Fell, Elena, 1975- Electronic Library - B2430.B43F44 2012eb (2014/07/08)
E-Physicalism [electronic resource] : a physicalist theory of phenomenal consciousness Velásquez, Reinaldo J. Bernal. Electronic Library - B825.V45 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Epiphenomenal semantics [electronic resource] : cognition, context and convention Krawczak, Karolina. Electronic Library - B840.K73 2013eb (2014/07/08)
Epistemic obligations [electronic resource] : truth, individualism, and the limits of belief Reichenbach, Bruce R. Electronic Library - BJ1451.R45 2012eb (2014/07/08)
Epistemological studies [electronic resource] Rescher, Nicholas. Electronic Library - BD161.R47 2009eb (2014/07/08)
Ethical personalism Guèye, Cheikh. Electronic Library - B828.5.G84 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Existence, culture, and persons [electronic resource] : the ontology of Roman Ingarden Electronic Library - B4691.I534E95 2005eb (2014/07/08)
Exploring textual action [electronic resource] Electronic Library - B809.3.E96 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Facets of sociality [electronic resource] Electronic Library - BD450.F335 2007eb (2014/07/08)
Finitude [electronic resource] : a study of cognitive limits and limitations Rescher, Nicholas. Electronic Library - BD411.R47 2010eb (2014/07/08)
Forms of life and language games [electronic resource] Electronic Library - B3376.W564F67 2011eb (2014/07/08)
Forschungsstelle und Dokumentationszentrum für österreichische Philosophie Electronic Library - B3309.M24S37 2013eb (2014/07/08)

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