Kris Bronstad, Project PI
Louisa Trott, Project Coordinator

JoAnne Deeken, Project PI, 2010 – October 2015

Carol Roberts, Conservation Manager
Larry Butler, Micrographics Manager
Albert Sullivan, Micrographics Technician
Jami Awalt, Director of Preservation and Digitization

Student Library Assistant (present)
Data collation and quality review:
Patrick Hervey

Advisory Board
Amber Roessner, Bill Dockery, Carroll Van West, Chuck Sherrill, Daryl Phillips, Greg Sherrill, Jack Mooney, Mary Fanslow, Paula Casey, Taneya Koonce

Newspaper Essays
Joshua Hodge – research assistant
Amber Roessner – author
Louisa Trott – author and editor

Student Library Assistants (past)
Data collation and quality review:
Jennifer Dobbins
Amanda Wilson
Caitlyn Little
Leslie Principe
Christopher Thomas

Graduate Assistant (past)
Newspaper essays researcher:
Shiela Hawkins

In Memoriam.  Thank you, Dwight Teeter, for your service on TNDP’s Advisory Board, and for your contribution to making Tennessee’s historical newspapers accessible to a wider audience.