JoAnne Deeken, Project PI
Louisa Trott, Project Coordinator

Carol Roberts, Conservation Manager
Larry Butler, Micrographics Manager
Albert Sullivan, Micrographics Technician
Jami Awalt, Director of Preservation and Digitization

Student Library Assistant (present)
Data collation and quality review:
Patrick Hervey

Advisory Board
Amber Roessner, Bill Dockery, Carroll Van West, Chuck Sherrill, Daryl Phillips, Greg Sherrill, Jack Mooney, Mary Fanslow, Paula Casey, Taneya Koonce

Newspaper Essays
Joshua Hodge – research assistant
Amber Roessner – author
Louisa Trott – author and editor

Student Library Assistants (past)
Data collation and quality review:
Jennifer Dobbins
Amanda Wilson
Caitlyn Little
Leslie Principe
Christopher Thomas

Graduate Assistant (past)
Newspaper essays researcher:
Shiela Hawkins

In Memoriam.  Thank you, Dwight Teeter, for your service on TNDP’s Advisory Board, and for your contribution to making Tennessee’s historical newspapers accessible to a wider audience.