Finding Books

  • Want to Look for Books at the UT Libraries?
  • Let's Start
  • You May Borrow
  • You Will Find
  • Library Locations
  • Hodges Library Maps
  • To Find a Book
  • E-Books & Online Sources
  • Good Search Strategy
  • Search with Synonyms
  • Borrowing an Item
  • Getting Help

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Want to Look for Books at the UT Libraries?


The directions on this part of the screen will tell you what to do on the library's website on the right.


Click the forward arrow in the dark gray box below to move to the next step.  We'll look for a book on a topic.


Let's Start

...with a simple keyword search.


In the main search box on the right, type Dolly Parton. Then hit your enter key. 


How many results did you find about Dolly Parton?



Click the arrow below for the next step.

You May Borrow

...anything with a green Available next to it.

If Checked out is in red, then the item isn't available to borrow.


        Available or Checked Out



You Will Find

...books, CDs, videos, and other materials using the main library search.


Scroll down the list of results. Look for the icons next to each item that identify the format, like this:



NOTE: The main search will NOT find journal articles.  Learn how to find articles here.


Library Locations

...appear next to "available" or "checked out."

Items may be in Hodges Library, or in branch locations, such as the Music Library.


Scroll down the results. Find each item's library location.


Which UTK library locations have an item about Dolly Parton?

Hodges Library Maps


The View Map button helps you locate books.

                     View Map Button


Only books located in the Hodges Library Stacks (floors 3-6) or in the Hodges Library Children's Collection (floor 3) have a map button.


Choose an item with a map and click the View Map button to see how it works. 


Hodges Library Maps



A yellow pin points to the shelf where the book is located.


Scroll to the right and click the CLOSE button at the top of the map.


To Find a Book need one more thing: the call number.


The call number is like an item's address.  Write down the entire call number or take a picture of it with your phone -- you need the entire call number to locate your book.


Call Number

M = Music

ML = Literature on Music

ML 420 = Vocal Music Biography

E-Books & Online Sources

To find e-books or other online sources, look under the total number of matching results at the top.


There’s a link to Show only: Online access results. Click Online access now.

     Online Access


Access an e-resource by clicking the blue Online resource below the title.


Click the “X” at the top next to Online access to see all results again.

Good Search Strategy

Finally, did you know that library search engines work best when you search keywords only?


Keywords are the most important words in a research statement or question. In this research question:


What influence did Alfred Hitchcock have on cinema?


The keywords are Hitchcock and cinema.


Try this search now: Hitchcock AND cinema

Search with Synonyms

You should always try more than one search using synonyms or related terms.


Replace cinema with film and try this search instead: Hitchcock AND film


Which search brought you the most results?



If you’re looking for a specific item, simply enter the title or author in the search box.

Borrowing an Item easy!  Just bring the item and your VolCard (UT ID) to the main desk on the second floor of Hodges.




Your VolCard is also your library card at the Ag-Vet Med Library and Music Library.


Look for our self-checkout machines, too.

Getting Help

Finally, look for the Ask Us Now or Chat link on any page. 


Ask Us Now lets you chat, email, or text a librarian for help.

                   Ask Us Now


For more on Ask Us Now, go to:

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