consultationA major component of Studio services is connecting creative people with innovative machines and technology. We’ve learned from experience that working smarter, not harder, will result in a richer, more organized project. To this end, The Studio offers consultation and instructional services.

Consultation Sessions

By appointment, Studio staff can provide one-on-one consultation for users to assist in the selection of appropriate software and learning resources, project management support, and creative assistance. If you’ve got an assignment and you need help getting started, consider requesting a consultation time with a Studio staff member.

Instruction Sessions

To assist with media-based class assignments, instructors can request an instruction session for their class with Studio staff. This can range from an orientation to the services offered in The Studio to a demonstration of a piece of software needed to complete the project. Any software we offer as a short course can be taught, but we will also teach some other programs.

Short Courses

We are currently revising our short course instructional materials, and are working to offer short courses again in Fall 2014. If you want to get instruction in a particular software, please check out our tutorial collection located in The Studio or request a consultation session to help you get started.