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Interlibrary Services (ILS)

Interlibrary Loan. We locate and deliver materials not available in our libraries’ collections.

Library Express

Library Express (LX) delivers books, bound periodicals and scanned copies from Hodges Library, Hoskins Storage, and Knoxville campus libraries. LX also retrieves books from departmental offices and returns them to the library.

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  • Use our Return Request Form to request item pickup

  • UT Theses and Dissertations

    To request a copy of a UT Thesis or Dissertation use the online request form.

    James D. Hoskins Library Storage & Map Collection

    The Hoskins Library Storage & Map Reading Room provides library patrons scheduled and walk-in access to storage and map materials. It is designed for on-site use when it is necessary to use a number of volumes of a print series or many reels of microfilm.

    Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 4:00
    Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED