Program Overview from the 2015 B.O.S.S. Event

  •  Keynote Activity by Dr. Anthony DePass from Long Island University: “Everything Science: No Junk in My DNA”
  • “Help! My child is going to College!” Parent Information Panel
  •   Free lunch and STEM Browse Fair for those who register
  •   Hot-Topic Break-out Sessions including:
    • Food Science Makes Ice Cream Interactive
    • The Science Behind Tree Planting
    • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
    • The Nuts & Bolts of Engineering
  • Closing Ceremony and Prizes


Keynote Presenter

DePassAnthony L. DePass is an Associate Professor of Biology at Long Island University-Brooklyn, where he is the Director of the LIU MBRS RISE Program, Director of the NSF ADVANCE program for gender equity in STEM, Director of Understanding Intervention that Broaden Participation in Science Careers, and Co-PI of the NSF NOYCE program for teacher training in STEM disciplines.


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