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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
A history of political ideas from antiquity to the Middle Ages [electronic resource] Nemo, Philippe, 1949- Electronic Library - JC51.N4413 2013 (2014/08/01)
A most uncertain crusade [electronic resource] : the United States, the United Nations, and human ri Brucken, Rowland. Electronic Library - JC599.U5B75 2013 (2014/08/01)
After Occupy : economic democracy for the 21st century Malleson, Tom. Hodges Library - JC423.M296 2014 (2014/08/01)
Ambition in America [electronic resource] : political power and the collapse of citizenship Becker, Jeffrey A., 1968- Electronic Library - JK1764.B398 2014 (2014/08/01)
Ambitious rebels [electronic resource] : remaking honor, law, and liberalism in Venezuela, 1780-1850 Zahler, Reuben, 1968- Electronic Library - JL3881.Z35 2013 (2014/08/01)
Anna Howard Shaw [electronic resource] : the work of woman suffrage Franzen, Trisha, 1951- Electronic Library - JK1899.S6F73 2013 (2014/08/01)
Asia in Washington [electronic resource] : exploring the penumbra of transnational power Calder, Kent E. Electronic Library - JZ1318.C25 2014 (2014/08/01)
Becoming bureaucrats [electronic resource] : socialization at the front lines of government service Oberfield, Zachary W. Electronic Library - $$hJF1601 (2014/08/01)
Big bets & black swans [electronic resource] : a presidential briefing book : policy recommendations Electronic Library - JZ1480.B54 2014 (2014/08/01)
Breaking democracy's spell Dunn, John, 1940- author. Hodges Library - JC423.D8 2014 (2014/08/01)
Bridging mobilities [electronic resource] : ICTs appropriation by Cameroonians in South Africa and t Nyamnjoh, Henrietta Mambo, author. Electronic Library - JV6225.N933 2014 (2014/08/01)
Building peace from within [electronic resource] Electronic Library - JZ5584.A35B857 2014 (2014/08/01)
Catastrophe and redemption [electronic resource] : the political thought of Giorgio Agamben Whyte, Jessica (Jessica Stephanie) Electronic Library - JC265.A34W49 2013 (2014/08/01)
Chains of justice [electronic resource] : the global rise of state institutions for human rights Cardenas, Sonia. Electronic Library - JC571.C278 2014 (2014/08/01)
Challenges for the democratisation process in Tanzania [electronic resource] : moving towards consol Ewald, Jonas, author. Electronic Library - JQ3515.E933 2011 (2014/08/01)
Chomsky's challenge to American power [electronic resource] : a guide for the critical reader Greco, Anthony F., 1947- Electronic Library - JZ1312.G74 2014 (2014/08/01)
Confessions of a presidential speechwriter [electronic resource] Smith, Craig R. Electronic Library - JA85.2.U6S654 2014 (2014/08/01)
Creolizing political theory [electronic resource] : reading Rousseau through Fanon Gordon, Jane Anna, 1976- Electronic Library - JC179.R9G67 2014 (2014/08/01)
Delivering the people's message [electronic resource] : the changing politics of the presidential ma Azari, Julia R., 1979- author. Electronic Library - JK528.A93 2014 (2014/08/01)
Democracy for breakfast [electronic resource] : unveiling mirage democracy in contemporary Africa Mentan, Tatah, 1948- author. Electronic Library - JQ1879.A15M364 2013 (2014/08/01)
Democracy, dictatorship, and term limits [electronic resource] Baturo, Alexander. Electronic Library - JC423.B2637 2014 (2014/08/01)
Democratization without justice in Spain [electronic resource] : the politics of forgetting Encarnación, Omar Guillermo, 1962- Electronic Library - JN8221.E525 2014 (2014/08/01)
German colonialism revisited [electronic resource] : African, Asian, and Oceanic experiences Electronic Library - JV2035.G37 2013 (2014/08/01)
Hannah Arendt and the Negro question [electronic resource] Gines, Kathryn T., 1978- Electronic Library - JC251.A74G56 2014 (2014/08/01)
Identity, citizenship, and political conflict in Africa [electronic resource] Keller, Edmond J. (Edmond Joseph), 1942- Electronic Library - JQ1879.A15K45 2014 (2014/08/01)
In the thick of the fight [electronic resource] : the writing of Emily Wilding Davison, militant suf Collette, Carolyn P. Electronic Library - JN979.C65 2013 (2014/08/01)
Islamist parties and political normalization in the Muslim world [electronic resource] Electronic Library - $$hJQ1852.A979 (2014/08/01)
Majoritarian cities [electronic resource] : policy making and inequality in urban politics Kraus, Neil, 1968- Electronic Library - JS331.K73 2013 (2014/08/01)
Maxwell's demon and the golden apple [electronic resource] : global discord in the new millennium Schweller, Randall L. Electronic Library - JZ1318.S366 2014 (2014/08/01)
Money, power, and ideology [electronic resource] : political parties in post-authoritarian Indonesia Mietzner, Marcus, author. Electronic Library - JQ779.A45M535 2013b (2014/08/01)
New policies for new residents [electronic resource] : immigrants, advocacy, and governance in Japan Milly, Deborah J., 1952- author. Electronic Library - JV8723.M55 2014 (2014/08/01)
North Korean nuclear operationality [electronic resource] : regional security and nonproliferation Electronic Library - JZ6009.K7N66 2013 (2014/08/01)
On the doorstep of Europe [electronic resource] : asylum and citizenship in Greece Cabot, Heath. Electronic Library - $$hJV8118 (2014/08/01)
Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good : Frameworks for Engagement Hodges Library - JC596.P747 2014 (2014/08/01)
Referendums and ethnic conflict [electronic resource] Qvortrup, Mads Electronic Library - JF491.Q95 2014 (2014/08/01)
Snarl [electronic resource] : in defense of stalled traffic and faulty networks Miller, Ruth Austin, 1975- Electronic Library - JC423.M6196 2013 (2014/08/01)
Sovereignty [electronic resource] : moral and historical perspectives Johnson, James Turner, author. Electronic Library - JC327.J55 2014 (2014/08/01)
Speaking with the people's voice [electronic resource] : how presidents invoke public opinion Drury, Jeffrey P. Mehltretter, author. Electronic Library - JA85.2.U6D78 2014 (2014/08/01)
Still ours to lead [electronic resource] : America, rising powers, and the tension between rivalry a Jones, Bruce D. Electronic Library - JZ1480.J66 2014 (2014/08/01)
Subsidizing democracy [electronic resource] : how public funding changes elections and how it can wo Miller, Michael Gerald, author. Electronic Library - JK1991.M65 2014 (2014/08/01)
The Republican party in the age of Roosevelt [electronic resource] Rosen, Elliot A. Electronic Library - JK2356.R49 2014 (2014/08/01)
The changing face of representation [electronic resource] : the gender of U.S. senators and constitu Fridkin, Kim L. Electronic Library - $$hJK1161 (2014/08/01)
The courtiers of civilization [electronic resource] : a study of diplomacy Sofer, Sasson. Electronic Library - JZ1305.S663 2013 (2014/08/01)
The democratic horizon : hyperpluralism and the renewal of political liberalism Ferrara, Alessandro, 1953- author. Hodges Library - JC423.F4345 2014 (2014/08/01)
The great silent majority [electronic resource] : Nixon's 1969 speech on Vietnamization Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs, author. Electronic Library - J82.E21C35 2014 (2014/08/01)
The human rights paradox [electronic resource] : universality and its discontents Electronic Library - JC571.H769684 2014 (2014/08/01)
The making of a southern democracy [electronic resource] : North Carolina politics from Kerr Scott t Eamon, Tom. Electronic Library - JK4189E35 2014 (2014/08/01)
The myth of the democratic peacekeeper [electronic resource] : civil-military relations and the Unit Sotomayor, Arturo C. Electronic Library - JZ6374.S67 2014 (2014/08/01)
The political economy of conflict in Eurasia [electronic resource] : organized crime and armed confl Electronic Library - JC328.6.P6 2014 (2014/08/01)
The presidential expectations gap [electronic resource] : public attitudes concerning the presidency Waterman, Richard W. Electronic Library - JK516.W377 2014 (2014/08/01)
The republic of men [electronic resource] : gender and the political parties in interwar France Read, Geoff, 1975- Electronic Library - JN2997.R43 2014 (2014/08/01)
The uncertain legacy of crisis [electronic resource] : European foreign policy faces the future Youngs, Richard, 1968- Electronic Library - JZ1570.A5Y68 2013 (2014/08/01)
This bright light of ours [electronic resource] : Stories from the Voting Rights Fight Gitin, Maria. Electronic Library - $$hJK1846 (2014/08/01)
Understanding Tahrir Square [electronic resource] : what transitions elsewhere can teach us about th Grand, Stephen R. Electronic Library - JQ1850.A91G73 2014 (2014/08/01)
Violence after war [electronic resource] : explaining instability in post-conflict states Boyle, Michael J., 1976- Electronic Library - JC328.6.B686 2014 (2014/08/01)
Vying for Allah's vote [electronic resource] : understanding Islamic parties, political violence, an Ullah, Haroon K., author. Electronic Library - JQ629.A979U453 2014 (2014/08/01)
Pakistan and the new nuclear taboo : regional deterrence and the international arms control regime Abbasi, Rizwana, 1978- author. Electronic Library - JZ5675.A25 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Pathways : a study of six post-communist countries Electronic Library - JN96.A58P38 2009eb (2014/07/29)
The Europeanization of migration policy : the Schengen Acquis between the priorities of legal harmon Fischer, Robert (Political scientist), author. Electronic Library - JV7590.F55 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Rethinking legitimacy and illegitimacy : a new approach to assessing support and opposition across d Lamb, Robert D. (Robert Dale), author. Electronic Library - JC497.L35 2014 (2014/07/28)
Failed states and fragile societies : a new world disorder? Hodges Library - JC328.7.F35 2014 (2014/07/25)
Ideologues and presidents Langston, Thomas S. Hodges Library - JK518.L35 2014 (2014/07/25)
Museums and migration : history, memory and politics Hodges Library - JV6021.M88 2014 (2014/07/25)
Restraint : a new foundation for U.S. grand strategy Posen, Barry, author. Hodges Library - JZ1312.P67 2014 (2014/07/25)
Secrets and democracy : from arcana imperii to WikiLeaks Quill, Lawrence, 1971- author. Hodges Library - JF1525.S4Q85 2014 (2014/07/25)
The Chinese constitution of central Asia : regions and intertwined actors in international relations Godehardt, Nadine, author. Hodges Library - JZ1734.A5G64 2014 (2014/07/25)
The role, position and agency of cusp states in international relations Hodges Library - JZ5330.R65 2014 (2014/07/25)
Knowing the adversary : leaders, intelligence, and assessment of intentions in international relatio Yarhi-Milo, Keren, 1978- Electronic Library - JF1525.I6Y37 2014 (2014/07/23)
Michael Manley and Jamaican democracy, 1972-1980 : the word is love Ledgister, F. S. J. Electronic Library - JL639.A15L434 2014 (2014/07/23)
Necropolitics, racialization, and global capitalism : historicization of biopolitics and forensics i Gržinić, Marina, 1958- Electronic Library - JA80.G79 2014 (2014/07/23)
Power and architecture : the construction of capitals and the politics of space Electronic Library - JC423.P63 2014 (2014/07/23)
Reconfiguring citizenship : social exclusion and diversity within inclusive citizenship practices Electronic Library - JF801.R43 2014 (2014/07/23)
Understanding Shiite leadership : the art of the middle ground in Iran and Lebanon Mishal, Shaul, 1945- Electronic Library - JQ1789.A15M57 2014 (2014/07/23)
We shall bear witness : life narratives and human rights Electronic Library - JC571.W3 2014 (2014/07/23)
A new era of nonviolence : the power of civil society over war Hastings, Tom H. Electronic Library - JZ6390.H37 2014 (2014/07/22)

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