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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
101+ careers in gerontology Grabinski, C. Joanne, 1941- HQ1064.U5G66 2015 (2014/11/24)
@WAR : the rise of the military-Internet complex Harris, Shane. U163.H37 2014 (2014/11/24)
A Woman's Dilemma : Mercy Otis Warren and the American Revolution Zagarri, Rosemarie, 1957- (2014/11/24)
A practical guide to teaching computing and ICT in the secondary school T58.5.P72 2015 (2014/11/24)
Advanced health assessment of women : clinical skills and procedures Carcio, Helen Nelson, author, editor. RG110.C37 2015 (2014/11/24)
Advances in cancer research. Volume 124, Emerging applications of molecular imaging to oncology RC270.3.D53A38 2014 (2014/11/24)
Advances in thermal energy storage systems : methods and applications TJ260.A38 2015 (2014/11/24)
Africa in Scotland, Scotland in Africa : historical legacies and contemporary hybridities DT16.S35A47 2014 (2014/11/24)
After migration and religious affiliation : religions, Chinese identities, and transnational network DS732.A39 2014 (2014/11/24)
Afternoon men : a novel Powell, Anthony, 1905-2000, author. PR6031.O74A73 2015 (2014/11/24)
Aging and health : a systems biology perspective QP86.A35917 2015 (2014/11/24)
Akira Kurosawa Wild, Peter, 1972- author. PN1998.3.K87W553 2014 (2014/11/24)
Alkaloids : a treasury of poisons and medicines Funayama, Shinji, 1951- author. RS431.A53F86 2014 (2014/11/24)
All my puny sorrows Toews, Miriam, 1964- author. (2014/11/24)
An exponential function approach to parabolic equations [electronic resource] Lin, Jin Yuan author. QA377.L55 2015 (2014/11/24)
An introduction to essential algebraic structures Dixon, Martyn R. (Martyn Russell), 1955- author. QA172.D59 2015 (2014/11/24)
An introduction to sociolinguistics Wardhaugh, Ronald. (2014/11/24)
Anthropology now and next : essays in honor of Ulf Hannerz GN33.A448 2015 (2014/11/24)
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder : a handbook for diagnosis and treatment. RJ496.A86A883 2014 (2014/11/24)
Autophagy. Volume 5 : cancer, other pathologies, inflammation, immunity, infection, and aging QH603.L9A98 2014 (2014/11/24)
BEST WRITING ON MATHEMATICS [electronic resource]. (2014/11/24)
Bayesian inference in the social sciences HA29.B38345 2014 (2014/11/24)
Behind every good decision : how anyone can use business analytics to turn data into profitable insi Jain, Piyanka. HD30.28.J34 2015 (2014/11/24)
Beneficiation of phosphate ore Kawatra, S. K., author. TN538.P43K39 2014 (2014/11/24)
Bremen als Brennpunkt reformierter lrenik : eine sozialgeschichtliche Darstellung anhand der Biograf Santen, Leo van, 1963- author. BR350.C76S26 2014 (2014/11/24)
Britain, Europe and national identity : self and other in international relations Gibbins, Justin, 1972- author. HC240.25.G7G53 2014 (2014/11/24)
Capital war : how foreign companies fight their war in China Kangmao, Wang, author. HD41.K364 2014 (2014/11/24)
Causality : philosophical theory meets scientific practice Illari, Phyllis McKay, author. Q175.32.C38I45 2014 (2014/11/24)
Charlie's first war : South Africa, 1899-1900 Tweddell, C. H., 1869-1921. DT1916.T93 2014 (2014/11/24)
Children in the ancient Near Eastern household Garroway, Kristine Henriksen, author. DS56.G37 2014 (2014/11/24)
China-EU green cooperation GE170.C55 2014 (2014/11/24)
Clinical neuroendocrinology QP356.4.C55 2014 (2014/11/24)
Coastal risk management in a changing climate HT391.C49816 2014 (2014/11/24)
Cognitive plasticity in neurologic disorders (2014/11/24)
Colour studies : a broad spectrum P305.19.C64C76 2014 (2014/11/24)
Complete cleft care : cleft and velopharyngeal insufficiency treatment in children RD524.C66 2015 (2014/11/24)
Computational models of argument. [electronic resource] (2014/11/24)
Confucian culture and democracy JQ1499.A91C66 2014 (2014/11/24)
Consciousness Weisberg, Josh, author. B808.9.W45 2014 (2014/11/24)
Considering Watchmen : Poetics, Property, Politics Hoberek, Andrew, 1967- author. PN6728.W386H63 2014 (2014/11/24)
Cooking basics for dummies [electronic resource] Miller, Bryan, author. TX651.M549 2014 (2014/11/24)
Creativity and problem solving Tracy, Brian. HD53.T73 2015 (2014/11/24)
Critical theory and disability : a phenomenological approach Mladenov, Teodor, author. HV1568.M53 2015 (2014/11/24)
Cyberbullying : causes, consequences, and coping strategies Weber, Nicole L. LB3013.3.W44 2014 (2014/11/24)
DBT skills training manual Linehan, Marsha, author. RC489.D48L56 2014 (2014/11/24)
Dalí [electronic resource] Shanes, Eric. N7113.D3S53 1990 (2014/11/24)
Data fluency : empowering your organization with effective data communication T385.D383 2014 (2014/11/24)
Degrowth [electronic resource] : a vocabulary for a new era. (2014/11/24)
Detecting and combating malicious email Ryan, Julie JCH, author. HF5718.R936 2015 (2014/11/24)
Differential and differential-algebraic systems for the chemical engineer [electronic resource] : so Buzzi-Ferraris, G. (Guido) QA371.B89 2014 (2014/11/24)
Digging deeper : inside Africa's agricultural, food and nutrition dynamics S472.A1D54 2014 (2014/11/24)
Digital integrated circuit design using verilog and systemverilog Mehler, Ronald, author. TK7874.65.M445 2015 (2014/11/24)
Digital publics : cultural political economy, financialization and creative organizational politics Roberts, John Michael, 1970- HM851.R627 2014 (2014/11/24)
Dynamics and terminology : an interdisciplinary perspective on monolingual and multilingual culture- P326.D96 2014 (2014/11/24)
ESD : analog circuits and design Voldman, Steven H., author. TK7871.85.V648 2015 (2014/11/24)
Earth jurisprudence : private property and the environment Burdon, Peter, author. K721.5.B87 2015 (2014/11/24)
Effective anger management for children and youth Ooi, Yoon Phaik, author. (2014/11/24)
Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (xvii). [electronic resource] (2014/11/24)
Emulsifiers in food technology Norn, Viggo, author. TP455.N67 2015 (2014/11/24)
Endocentric structuring of projection-free syntax Narita, Hiroki. P291.N28 2014 (2014/11/24)
Essential business skills for social work managers : tools for optimizing programs and organizations Germak, Andrew J. HV40.G46 2015 (2014/11/24)
Essentials of vehicle dynamics Pauwelussen, J. P. (Joop P.) TL243.P38 2014 (2014/11/24)
Examining robustness and vulnerability of networked systems NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Examining Robustness and Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure (2014/11/24)
Explorations of mathematical models in biology with Maple Shahin, Mazen, 1947- author. QH323.5.S464 2015 (2014/11/24)
Fed-batch fermentation : a practical guide to scalable recombinant protein production in escherichia Moulton, Garner G., author. TP248.65.P76M68 2014 (2014/11/24)
Feminist theory [electronic resource] : from margin to center Hooks, Bell. HQ1426.H675 2000b (2014/11/24)
Few and far : the hard facts on stolen asset recovery K5107.F39 2014 (2014/11/24)
Fieldwork in South Asia : memories, moments, and experiences GN635.S57F48 2014 (2014/11/24)
Financial development and cooperation in Asia and the Pacific HG187.A2F55 2015 (2014/11/24)
Fish and chips : a history Panayi, Panikos, author. HD9461.5.P36 2014 (2014/11/24)
Food and drink in antiquity : readings from the Graeco-Roman World, a sourcebook Donahue, John, author. GT2853.G8D66 2015 (2014/11/24)
Food engineering handbook. Food engineering fundamentals TP370.F567 2015 (2014/11/24)
For God and country? : religious student-soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces Rosman-Stollman, Elisheva, author. DS119.2.R67 2014 (2014/11/24)
Formal ontology in information systems [electronic resource]. (2014/11/24)
France in an era of global war, 1914-1945 : occupation, politics, empire and entanglements DC363.F74 2014 (2014/11/24)

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