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Title (Link to Catalog Record) Author Location (Date Added)
Black baseball entrepreneurs, 1902-1931 : the Negro National and Eastern Colored Leagues Lomax, Michael E., author. GV863.A1L67 2014 (2014/07/31)
Education, justice and the human good : fairness and equality in the education system LC213.2.E393 2014 (2014/07/31)
Empirical model discovery and theory evaluation : automatic selection methods in econometrics Hendry, David F. HB139.H454 2014 (2014/07/31)
Frederic Jameson : the project of dialectical criticism Tally, Robert T., author. PN98.C6T35 2014 (2014/07/31)
George Eliot and money : economics, ethics and literature Coleman, Dermot, author. PR4692.E25C65 2014 (2014/07/31)
Inequality in the promised land : race, resources, and suburban schooling Lewis-McCoy, R. L'Heureux, author. LC213.2.L48 2014 (2014/07/31)
Rationing is not a four-letter word : setting limits on health care Rosoff, Philip M. RA410.5.R67 2014 (2014/07/31)
Rhetoric as genocide : death as a text Voth, Ben, 1967- HV6322.7.V68 2014 (2014/07/31)
Taiwan in transformation : retrospect and prospect Huang, Junjie, 1946- HN748.2.H83 2014 (2014/07/31)
The Iowa State Fair Ullrich, Kurt, author, photographer. S555.I8U45 2014 (2014/07/31)
The fountain of knowledge : the role of universities in economic development Breznitz, Shiri M., author. LC67.6.B72 2014 (2014/07/31)
The future of energy Towler, Brian F., author. HD9502.A2T694 2014 (2014/07/31)
The objectification spectrum : understanding and transcending our diminishment and dehumanization of Rector, John (John M.), author. HM1091.R43 2014 (2014/07/31)
The schooled society : the educational transformation of global culture Baker, David, 1952 January 5- author. LC192.B35 2014 (2014/07/31)
1835 : the founding of Melbourne & the conquest of Australia Boyce, James K., author. DU228.3.B693 2013eb (2014/07/29)
Africa in contemporary perspective : a textbook for undergraduate students DT19.8.A32 2013eb (2014/07/29)
An introduction to linguistics and language studies McCabe, Anne (Anne M.), author. P121.M344 2011eb (2014/07/29)
Aspects of cognitive ethnolinguistics Bartmiński, Jerzy, author. P35.B378 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Atoms, molecules and clusters in electric fields : theoretical approaches to the calculation of elec QC173.4.P64A76 2006eb (2014/07/29)
Battlers & billionaires : the story of inequality in Australia Leigh, Andrew, author. HN843.5.L454 2013eb (2014/07/29)
Breaking ground in corpus-based interpreting studies P306.94.B743 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Brian Moore's Black robe : novel, screenplay(s) and film Schumacher, Antje, author. PR9199.3.M617S3 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Conflicts in interpretation P325.C564 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Drawn to sound : animation film music and sonicity ML2075.D73 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Dub in Babylon : understanding the evolution and significance of dub reggae in Jamaica and Britain f Partridge, Christopher H. (Christopher Hugh), 1961- author. ML3532.P37 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Earogenous zones : sound, sexuality and cinema ML2075.E37 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Earth, empire, and sacred text : Muslims and Christians as trustees of creation Johnston, David L., 1952- author. BP166.23.J64 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Evidentiality and perception verbs in English and German Whitt, Richard J., author. PF3318.W55 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Formation et décomposition des États en Europe au 20e siècle = : formation and disintegration International Congress of Historical Sciences (21st : 2010 : Amsterdam, Netherlands) D443.I565 2012eb (2014/07/29)
France and the Mediterranean : international relations, culture and politics DE85.5.F8F72 2012eb (2014/07/29)
From form to meaning : freshman composition and the long sixties, 1957-1974 Fleming, David, 1961- author. PE1405.U6F6 2011eb (2014/07/29)
From language to multimodality : new developments in the study of ideational meaning P325.F766 2008eb (2014/07/29)
Harnessing linguistic variation to improve education P120.V37H37 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Helen Waddell and Maude Clarke : Irishwomen, friends, and scholars : with Helen Waddell's Women in t FitzGerald, Jennifer, 1948- author. D116.7.W34F57 2012eb (2014/07/29)
How effective is correctional education, and where do we go from here? : the results of a comprehens HV9081.H69 2014eb (2014/07/29)
ICTIS 2011 multimodal approach to sustained transportation system development - information, technol International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety (1st : 2011 : Wuhan, China), issui TA1005.I58 2011eb (2014/07/29)
Intelligent M & A : navigating the mergers and acquisitions minefield Moeller, Scott, author. HD2746.5.M645 2014eb (2014/07/29)
Intersecting philosophical planes : philosophical essays Olivier, Bert, 1946- author. B805.O45 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Java all-in-one for dummies Lowe, Doug, author. QA76.73.J38L69 2014eb (2014/07/29)
Java for dummies Burd, Barry, author. QA76.73.J38B873 2014eb (2014/07/29)
Language impact : evolution - system - discourse Fill, Alwin Frank, author. P302.F519 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Language, cognition and space : the state of the art and new directions P165.L37 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Language, interaction and frontotemporal dementia : reverse engineering the social mind QP399.L373 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Literacy and social responsibility : multiple perspectives LB1576.L55254 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Made by robots : challenging architecture at the large scale NA2542.35.M334 2014eb (2014/07/29)
Metaphor analysis : research practice in applied linguistics, social sciences and the humanities P301.5.M48M46115 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Modality and its learner variety in Japanese Faquire, Razaul Karim, 1963- author. PL629.M63F37 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Modeling ungrammaticality in optimality theory P37.5.S67M63 2009eb (2014/07/29)
Pakistan and the new nuclear taboo : regional deterrence and the international arms control regime Abbasi, Rizwana, 1978- author. JZ5675.A25 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Pathways : a study of six post-communist countries JN96.A58P38 2009eb (2014/07/29)
Philosophical essays : critic rationalism as historical-objective transcendentalism Preti, Giulio, author. B3636.P672P74 2011eb (2014/07/29)
Phonological argumentation : essays on evidence and motivation P217.P477 2009eb (2014/07/29)
Politeness and audience response in Chinese-English subtitling Yuan, Xiaohui, 1979- author. P306.2.Y83 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Primary education in Ireland, 1897-1990 : curriculum and context Walsh, Thomas, 1976- author. LA669.62.W36 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Renewing democratic deliberation in Europe : the challenge of social and civil dialogue HN373.5.R464 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Researching online foreign language interaction and exchange : theories, methods and challenges P53.285.R474 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Sense and nonsense in Australian history Hirst, John, author. DU108.H573 2009eb (2014/07/29)
Sermon of one hundred days. Part One Seongcheol, Venerable, author. BQ4165.S64813 2010eb (2014/07/29)
Social crime prevention in late modern Europe : a comparative perspective HV7431.S635 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Spaces for happiness in the twentieth-century German novel : Mann, Kafka, Hesse, Jünger Corkhill, Alan, 1948- author. PT772.C66 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Strategic attention in language testing : metacognition in a yes Thoma, Dieter, author. PE1114.T49 2009eb (2014/07/29)
Subcultures and new religious movements in Russia and East-Central Europe HM646.S828 2009eb (2014/07/29)
Technomad : global raving cuntercultures St. John, Graham, 1968- author. HQ796.S77 2009eb (2014/07/29)
The Europeanization of migration policy : the Schengen Acquis between the priorities of legal harmon Fischer, Robert (Political scientist), author. JV7590.F55 2012eb (2014/07/29)
The annual register : world events 2009 D856.A568 2010eb (2014/07/29)
The annual register : world events 2010 D856.A568 2011eb (2014/07/29)
The annual register : world events 2011 D862.A568 2012eb (2014/07/29)
The language factor in international business : new perspectives on research, teaching and practice PE1479.B87L364 2012eb (2014/07/29)
The semantics of english negative prefixes Hamawand, Zeki, author. PE1359.N44H36 2009eb (2014/07/29)
The social media MBA guide to ROI : how to measure and improve your return on investment Holloman, Christer, author. HM851.H647 2014eb (2014/07/29)
The unbearable Bassington Subuddhi, Sukānta, author. PS3555.G292S255 1912eb (2014/07/29)
Thinking images : the essay film as a dialogic form in European cinema Montero, David, 1977- author. PN1995.9.E96M595 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Time and the short story PN3373.T564 2012eb (2014/07/29)
Trading economics : a guide to the use of economic statistics for traders & practitioners + website Williams, Trevor, 1957- author. HG176.5.W55 2014eb (2014/07/29)
Women and fundamentalism in Islam and Catholicism : negotiating modernity in a globalized world Madigan, Patricia, 1950- author. BL458.M33 2011eb (2014/07/29)

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