Use animals? Certify using Dr. Michael Festing’s new Website at Web site

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From Dr. Festing’s site, first page:  “This site provides an interactive short course on experimental design for research scientists working with laboratory animals. The aim is to reduce the number of animals which are used, improve the quality of the science and save time, money and other scientific resources. Ethical review committees, IACUCs and Ph.D. supervisors might like to ask scientists starting work with animals to visit the site, work through it sequentially, and certify (using the form provided) that they have done so before starting their experiments.”

Where did everything go?

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Wonder where everything has been shuffled during the summer transition? See below:

Summer Commons Service Locations

Questions? Call 946-2100


Circulation / Media / Reserve 2nd floor, Melrose Entrance
Computer Support (OIT) 2nd floor, Room 251
Copier (AllStar) 1st floor, Reference Room
Copier (Copycard) 1st floor, Special Collections
DART Machine 1st floor, Reference Room
DMS (Digital Media Services) 2nd floor, Same Location
HelpDesk (OIT) 2nd floor, Room 251
ITC (Blackboard) 108 Hoskins
Lab Services (OIT) 1st floor, Reference Room
Laptop Checkout 2nd floor, Circulation Desk
Print Express Stations 1st floor, Reference Room
Research Assistance 1st floor, Reference Room
Scan to Print Workstation 1st floor, Reference Room
Sorensen VideoPhone 2nd floor, Studio Room 211
Starbucks 2nd floor, Same Location
START No Summer Service Point
Stat Lab No Summer Service Point
Student Success Center 812 Volunteer Blvd
Studio 2nd floor, Room 211
UT Bookstore 2nd floor, Same Location
VHS Viewing Cart for Checkout 2nd floor, Circulation Desk
Writing Center 1st floor, Rooms 135G-H


  • There are now MAC computers on 1st floor
  • The entire library is open until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate students using the computer lab
  • There are no wireless print release stations in the library this summer. Students needing to print wirelessly may do so at: 113 Presidential Court; 209 Perkins Hall; Room 315 University Center

Melrose Street Closure

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Depending on the details in getting the final contract signed, Melrose Street will be closed next week probably starting on Monday for repaving. The closure will be from in front of Hess Hall down to where the Melrose Street that runs between Tyson House and Hodges Library. Lot 12 will remain open during that time, and you can access it by taking Volunteer Boulevard to Melrose Street, going up that and turning into the lot using the entry that faces Tyson House.

Work is expected to take one week for completion, with an absolute deadline of August 3rd. Although the road and sidewalks will be closed, access to the library will not be impeded.

The construction equipment and dumpster in front of the library will be moved down onto the bike lane on Melrose and will not be replaced after the section of Melrose has been repaved.

Extended hours update from Dean Smith

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Correspondence from Dean Smith:

As you know, the library will expand its hours starting this fall semester. Below you will find a list of initiatives we hope to implement in order to enhance safety and security as a result of these later hours. This is a fluid timeline of the projects we plan to undertake over the next academic year–really just our first stab at rough timeline. I am very excited about these changes. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Hodges Library Facility Enhancements to Improve Safety and Security during 24-Hour Operation:

Immediate needs – goal is to complete improvements in the next 6 months or by the start of 2013.
• Install emergency phones/communication devices on the stacks floors that connect directly to 911 as recommended by campus police.
• Install security cameras located throughout the building based on recommendations from police environment scan and subsequently well integrated into other facility changes to central core and elevator lobbies on stacks floors.
• Make adjustments to sensor at Melrose swipe card doors to prevent unwanted entry.
• Make additional changes to central core of stacks and each elevator lobby, floors 3-6:
o Demolition of large purple walls that block line of sight and thus create open lobby areas opposite elevators
o New signage for new elevator lobbies and digital information kiosks for communicating a variety of messages
o Charging stations in elevator lobby areas on stacks floors
o Improved lighting throughout the stacks floors
o Paint and carpet stacks areas following demolition of walls and installation of new power
• Changes to Volunteer Blvd. doors that deter of breach of entry after midnight. New doors would not only prevent entry as they do now, but also exiting through those doors between midnight and 7 am, while also meeting emergency codes.

Longer range needs – goal is to complete improvements in 1-2 years or by beginning of fall semester 2014.
• More power-ready tables and carrels and the addition of power run directly to those tables and carrels and/or addition of more flush mounted power outlets in the floor. Focus on addition to central core of each floor to encourage congregation of students in these areas for safety reasons. We would want to retain the architectural aesthetic of the building and ease of movement around the floor, making power poles an unacceptable option.
• A new public address system that extends to the entire building, so that emergency announcements can be heard in all locations. Currently there are public and staff areas in Hodges where one cannot hear the PA system.
• Improvements to aging fire alarm system and replacement of sprinkler heads, which by building codes are due for replacement after 25 years of use (ours go back to 1987). We have found out during our current construction project on the second floor that many are defective.

Student Art in the Library — call for submissions

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The library wants to display your work. The Student Art in the Library contest awards a First Prize of $300 and a Second Prize of $150. Submission deadline for the Fall 2012 contest is September 21. If you create any particularly inspired works this summer, keep in the mind the Student Art in the Library contest. The library is looking for two-dimensional works to be displayed in our exhibit area in 135 Hodges Library throughout the fall semester. More info at

Library Will Host Open House for Graduate Students

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2011OpenHouseGraduate students are invited to an Open House at the library.

Friday, August 24, 1:00-2:30 pm
John C. Hodges Library
First Floor Galleria

• Learn how the library supports your research and teaching.

• Meet your department’s subject librarian and learn more about resources in your field.

• Learn about citation management tools like Zotero and Endnote.

• Register for interlibrary loan and Library Express delivery.

• Bring your laptop and activate your wireless account.

Join us for refreshments, door prizes, and a potlatch of donated books.

Closure of Commons North

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In preparation for continued construction on Commons phase 3, Commons North will be closing this week. All the furnishings, services, and equipment will be moved out.

Work on the Commons South and the Studio area is moving along but not ready for re-opening. Those who want to use a computer will need to go to the first floor Reference Room or check out a laptop for use on the wireless network. OIT lab services student assistants will move to the reference room to assist users at the computers.

The Studio continues to operate out of room 211. The OIT Help desk and Computer Support services will be moving to Room 251.

Construction will begin soon on the area in the vicinity of Starbucks. It should not affect Starbucks schedule except of a possible very brief outage in off peak hours.

We are in the thick of the construction work now and we could see some second shift work in the evening so that the construction does not run behind.