Commons construction updates

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This is a reminder that construction crews will be in the Hodges Library starting on Monday, May 21.  They will begin to prepare the area by covering the marble floor and hanging dust barriers. We could see demolition begin as early as Tuesday, May 22 in Room 245.

We are still in the process of clearing Commons South, but it is virtually shut down at this point.  Since the DART machine and copiers have yet to be moved we have not taped off Commons South so that students may still have access to that equipment. But that will occur at some point next week and then it will be entirely closed to the public.  We will be moving the rest of the furniture and Steelcase systems that are integrated with networking and power from Commons South by the end of the week.

Services and individual offices normally in the areas affected by the construction have been relocated.

 Service Locations:

Circulation moved to the Melrose entrance

The Information/Laptop Checkout Desk in Commons North is closed.  Library users may checkout laptops from the main Circulation desk.

The Research Assistance Desk has moved to room 135 on the 1st floor (Reference Room).

The Studio is has relocated to room 211.

OIT Help Desk and Computer Support has moved to Commons North

Equipment locations:

The scan-to-print scanner formerly located just inside Commons South has been relocated to Commons North in the area with the white canvas screens

The adaptive technology workstation with the adjustable height desk is now located in Commons North in the area with the white canvas screens

The Sorensen video phone formerly located in the first group viewing room in 245 has been relocated to the area with the white canvas screens

There is a VCR, monitor, and headphones in the area with the white canvas screens

This coming week, two copiers, one all star and one copycard, will be moved to Commons North beside the OIT Lab Services desk. The DART machine will go into storage.

Students needing to add money to their volcard accounts have the following options:

IUS Temporary Office Locations:

Mary Greer Room (shared workspace) – Greg

Viewing Room 252.  (shared workspace)

Joe Ferguson 321-C

Steven Milewski 322-C

Cathy Jenkins 321-D

Will Veale 322-B

Phones: Circ / Media

The main library line 974-4351 is operational as always

946-2100 is operational at the Circulation Desk

974-4473 is operational in the Mary Greer room

The credit card line is operational at the temporary Circulation desk

The fax line is operational in the Mary Greer room

All Circulation lines excluding Greg’s number and Steve M.’s number have been forwarded to 946-2100.

Greg’s line goes straight to voicemail, so you may still refer specific questions to that number 946-2101

Steve’s line goes straight to voicemail, so you may direct video streaming, Disability Services, and other questions to that number 974-2647

The Information Desk number 974-4171 has been forwarded to 946-2100

 The Studio / Instruction / Outreach

All lines with voicemail go straight to voicemail

All lines without voicemail are forwarded to an unpublished number on a phone in room 252

The Studio line has been relocated to room 211

Research Assistance

The Research Assistance Desk line 974-6873 has been relocated to the Research Desk in the Reference Room.  The number previously on that desk 974-4180 is forwarded to that line.

Commons renovations update

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Construction preparation is now taking place, as demolition is scheduled to begin May 24th.  All staff areas and service points are being cleared to accommodate the demolition and construction work. Protective measures will be taken throughout the affected area as work proceeds, including dust barriers and air quality devices, covering for the marble floors, and protection for ceiling tiles.

The construction dumpster will be parked at the Melrose entrance, but there will not be a trailer outside as the superintendent will have an office inside the library. There will be trucks making deliveries on occasion, but construction crews will not park their vehicles on the sidewalk at the entrance. Most building materials will move in and out of the Melrose entrance.

Service points and staff members with offices on the second floor are all being relocated. Early work, including demolition of walls will occur in the current Circulation, Studio, and Instruction staff areas. The current timeline of events indicates an end to construction the week of September 3rd. Furniture plan is still in progress, but there is a sample board currently on an easel in front of Commons North with flooring, paint, and fabric selections chosen for the area. Please feel free to direct any questions you may have to Rita Smith,

Music Library summer hours

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The Music Library will temporarily close on May 26th as the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSS) undergoes renovations this summer but will remain open through May 25th with the following revised and extended hours:

Beginning Tuesday, May 8th:

Monday – Thursdays – 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Fridays – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturdays – Closed
Sundays 2:00pm-6:00 PM

Please note: The Music Library will be open 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on May 25th, and will close for the summer that day at 6:00 PM.

During this time, Music Library materials will only be available via online requests through the library’s online catalog. The Music Library anticipates re-opening on August 16th, a week before the fall semester begins. Staff will still be available by phone, email, or by appointment throughout the summer:

Map Services hours and move

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Hours of operation have been scaled back for the summer, but they are still open for business. Some of the of the map collections are being prepared to be moved to Hoskins Library this summer (June 4-8) in order to accommodate for the new UT student service project opening up on the ground floor.

Beginning Tuesday, May 8th – August 21st:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Staff Room renovations

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The replacement tile floor is being installed the week of May 7th. Carpet installation and paint is scheduled for the end of May. The requisition for the new furniture is at UT Purchasing for bidding. The anticipated completion date may be as early as July, depending on furniture installation dates.

Discover Life in America Photography Exhibit

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DLIADiscover Life in America is sharing the rich biodiversity of the Great Smoky Mountains with UT Libraries. From now until September, high resolution scans of plants, insects and fungi will adorn the reference room, 135 Hodges Library.

Discover Life in America (DLIA) is the non-profit organization coordinating the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The ATBI seeks to identify every species that exists in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Some scientists estimate that up to 100,000 species live in the Park. To date, a little over 16,000 species have been documented. DLIA’s ATBI program has discovered over 900 species new to science and over 6,500 species previously not known to inhabit the Park.

The high-resolution scans on display in Hodges Library showcase some of the beauty and diversity that exists within the Park. While black bears and elk are mascots of the Smokies, there is another world to discover if you look more closely.

Melrose Streetscape project

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The project will begin with work on the north side of Melrose (estimate that will take 2-3 weeks) and then move to the south side of Melrose for the rest of summer.

This project only encompasses the top part of the Melrose Circle in front Melrose and Hess Halls and the Library. They are going to use the existing curbs in parking lot and sidewalk. Sidewalks and street will be repaved and re-striped. While they are working on some parts of the sidewalk there could be times when we may have to walk around construction.

The entrance and exit at the west end of the upper parking lot will be closed, and turnaround area will be installed at that end. We will see closure of street parking and some temporary loss of a few staff parking spaces while some of the work is completed. There will be some loss of number of spots on the street and in front of Hess Hall on the south side, but not an overall loss of staff parking in the lot.

For most of the project, traffic on Melrose circle will not be closed to thru traffic. When they start the grating and repaving of the road (end of July) they will close thru traffic and we will have to come up Melrose Street in front of our loading dock and enter the parking lot at the lower entrance. They expect this part of the project to last 10 days to 2 weeks.

Weather permitting the work should be complete by the start of fall semester.

Libraries Undergoing Renovations

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The UT, Knoxville campus is dotted with signs featuring Smokey in a hard hat and warnings of “Renovations Ahead!” There’s so much construction underway, that UTK has become a “cone zone.”

The library is no exception. Renovations are underway to the John C. Hodges Main Library and to the Music Library’s temporary home in the Humanities building. Summer visitors to the library will encounter changes to the following areas.

Commons Renovation. The popular Commons in the Hodges Library will undergo major renovations this summer. Virtually the entire 2nd floor will be under construction. Renovations begin May 10 and will be done in stages for the least disruption. Visit for temporary locations of 2nd floor services.

Hodges Room 120. Special Collections (121 Hodges Library) is expanding into the former quiet study area in 120 Hodges Library. Students are encouraged to seek out the library’s other designated quiet study areas, which include the remainder of the 1st floor and the entire 4th and 5th floors.

Music Library. The Music Library will vacate its temporary home in G62-65 Humanities and Social Sciences Building from May 25 until approximately August 16. During the summer closure, Music Library materials will only be available via a paging service. Music Library staff will still be available by phone, email or appointment. Visit the Music Library web site ( for more information.

“De-Stress for Success” at the Music Library

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In conjunction with UT Library’s De-stress for Success events, now through May 8th, the Music Library has a variety of “de-stressing ” initiatives available to help relieve a little final exam stress:  color a picture, borrow a Frisbee or Corn Hole game and take a quick study break outside, enjoy free snacks, or simply be inspired (or amused) by the various music quotes posted throughout the Music Library!  You can also learn more about De-stress for Success activities at Hodges Library!  

And as always, please remember, we are here to assist you in any way we can!  Good luck on your exams!