New Books @ the Library: The virtues of ignorance : complexity, sustainability, and the limits of knowledge

“Demonstrating that knowledge-based worldviews are more dangerous than useful, The Virtues of Ignorance looks closely at the relationship between the land and the future generations who will depend on it. The authors argue that we can never improve upon nature but that we can, by putting this new perspective to work in our professional and personal lives, live sustainably on Earth.”
Taken from Google Books

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Brook Trout Restoration

In an effort to bolster native brook trout population in the area, an eight-mile stretch of Lynn Camp Prong and its tributary Marks Creek is open to rainbow trout fishing. Anglers are allowed to keep all the rainbow trout they catch from June 2 through June 14 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m regardless of its size. Park biologist will then re-stock brown trout in the designated area. Anglers are required to check in at the Park Service Station ¼ mile up Middle Prong Trail at the end of Upper Tremont Road.

Rainbow trout were introduced in the late 1880 and are now the dominant trout species in Tennessee.

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