De-Stress for Success at Pendergrass!

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Feeling anxious about upcoming exams? Need to take a break, relax, and unwind? Stop by Pendergrass Library during finals week for our De-Stress for Success events! Activities are free, fun, and open to all UT students:

Ongoing Activities (Wednesday, December 2-Thursday, December 10)

  • HABIT therapy dogs
  • Free snacks
  • Crafts: coloring, snowflake making, and origami
  • Puzzles and games

Wednesday, December 2 (Study Day)

  • 5pm: Free coffee and tea

Thursday, December 3

  • 9am: Study tips slideshow
  • 12-2pm: Free luncheon
  • 2-5pm: Free massages

Friday, December 4

  • 9am: Free coffee
  • 12pm: Mindfulness slideshow
  • 2-5pm: Free massages

Monday, December 7

  • 12pm: Winter slideshow
  • 2-5pm: Free massages
  • 5pm: Free coffee and tea

Tuesday, December 8

  • 9am: Free coffee
  • 2-5pm: Free massages

Wednesday, December 9

  • 12pm: Animals slideshow
  • 2-5pm: Free massages

Thursday, December 10

  • 9am: Trivia slideshow

De-Stress for Success during finals

Are you stressing about finals week? Need some time to relax and unwind?

Come to the library to “De-Stress for Success,” starting Study Day, Wednesday, Dec. 2, and continuing through Wednesday, Dec. 9.

HABIT therapy dogs will visit all libraries (Hodges, Music, and Pendergrass AgVetMed). Ongoing de-stress activities include: (1) free snacks, coloring, and games at Hodges; (2) free snacks, free scantrons, coloring, and a graffiti wall at the DeVine Music Library; (3) free snacks, coloring, snow flake making, origami, puzzles and games at Pendergrass AgVetMed Library).


*** Check back often. Dates and times may change. ***

Wed., Dec. 2 11 am – 4 pm Academic coaching & free snacks
[sponsored by: Student Success Center]
Greve, 324
noon – 2 pm Chill Out Study Break
[sponsored by: Institutional Research & Assessment]
1-10 pm Tutoring
[sponsored by: Student Success Center]
Hodges Commons
2:30-3:30 pm Yoga Hodges 253
5 pm Coffee & herbal tea* Pendergrass
5-7 pm Hot Chocolate & Chill w/SGA* Hodges
7-9 pm Sweet TreatZ w/ Zeta Phi Beta* Hodges
10 pm – midnight Late Night Breakfast (cost $3)
[sponsored by: Multicultural Student Life]
Thurs., Dec. 3 8 am Coffee* Music
9 am Study Tips Slideshow Pendergrass
10 am – noon Free 15 min. massages Music
noon – 2 pm Buffet lunch Pendergrass
1-4 pm Free 15 min. massages Hodges
2-2:30 pm Mindful Meditation Session Hodges 258
2-5 pm Free 15 min. massages Pendergrass
TBD HABIT dogs all libraries
Fri., Dec. 4 8 am Coffee* Music
9 am Coffee* Pendergrass
10 am – noon Free 15 min. massages Music
noon Mindfulness slideshow Pendergrass
1-4 pm Free 15 min. massages Hodges
2-2:30 pm Mindful Meditation Session Hodges 258
2-5 pm Free 15 min. massages Pendergrass
TBD HABIT dogs all libraries
Mon., Dec. 7 8 am Coffee* Music
9 am Coffee* Pendergrass
10 am – noon Free 15 min. massages Music
noon Winter Wonderland Slideshow Pendergrass
1-4 pm Free 15 min. massages Hodges
2-2:30 pm Mindful Meditation Session Hodges 258
2-5 pm Free 15 min. massages Pendergrass
TBD HABIT dogs all libraries
Tues., Dec. 8 9 am Coffee* Pendergrass
10 am – noon Free 15 min. massages Music
1-4 pm Free 15 min. massages Hodges
2-2:30 pm Mindful Meditation Session Hodges 258
2-5 pm Free 15 min. massages Pendergrass
TBD HABIT dogs all libraries
Wed., Dec. 9 10 am – noon Free chair massages Music
noon Funny Animals Slideshow Pendergrass
1-4 pm Free 15 min. massages Hodges
2-2:30 pm Mindful Meditation Session Hodges 258
2-5 pm Free 15 min. massages Pendergrass
TBD HABIT dogs all libraries

*Free food and drink while supplies last.

Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

man meditating in forestWhat is Stress?

Stress is the body’s response to a threat, real or perceived.  Stress can be a good thing when it helps us be more alert and focused.  If you are running away from a tiger, your heart rate increases and your body directs energy to help you flee or fight.

Of course, this isn’t so great if the “tiger” is an exam.  If our stress stays high over a long period of time, it can lead to many physical and emotional problems.

So how can you lower your stress?  Some strategies include breathing deeply, taking a nap, exercising, starting a hobby, or volunteering.  You can also use mindfulness meditation techniques to clear your mind.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and the surrounding environment.  It involves acceptance: paying attention to thoughts and feelings without judging them.

In other words, mindfulness is a way of not attaching to thoughts and feelings, but letting them come and go.  If you are anxious or depressed about something, mindfulness can help you be aware of your feelings without prolonging them.

Mindfulness has benefits for your body, mind, heart, and work.  It can help you eat healthier and fight off illness.  Learn to reduce stress and negative emotions.  Enhance empathy and relationships, and improve memory, learning, and focus.

Mindfulness Practice

Breathing exercise: Find a quiet place to sit and concentrate on your natural breathing.  Notice when thoughts or feelings come into your mind, but try not to get carried off with them.  Picture letting them go like clouds passing away in the sky.

Body or walking scan: Focus attention along your body, from toe to head, being aware and accepting of what you sense.  If you are walking, focus on the movement of your body as you take step after step.

Raisin exercise: Slowly use all senses, one after another, to observe a raisin (or other food) in detail, being fully present in the moment.  For example, feel the raisin in your hands, taste it on your tongue, observe its texture with your eyes.

Loving-kindness: Extend feelings of compassion broader and broader.  Start with yourself, then expand to someone close to you, to an acquaintance, then to someone giving you a hard time, and finally to everyone.

Guided meditation: Listen to an audio MP3 that walks you through a meditation exercise.  Exercises are available to help you reduce stress before an exam, sleep better, overcome depression and anxiety, and more.  Check out these resources from the University of Maine, Loyola University Maryland, and the Inner Health Studio.

Mindfulness at UT

Want to get more involved with mindfulness at the University of Tennessee?  Consider joining the Mindfulness and Meditation Club!  Visit the club’s website, Facebook page, or contact for more information.

Veterinary medicine students, also check out this mindfulness guide to learn how mindfulness can benefit you in healthcare and medical fields.

Digital Humanities: developer Wayne Graham to speak

wayne3Wayne Graham, head of research and development at the University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab, will offer a public lecture as part of the Illuminations Digital Humanities Series at 3:00 p.m., Friday, November 20, in the Hodges Library Auditorium.

Graham’s research and development team at the Scholars’ Lab cater to the digital research and scholarly analysis needs of faculty and advanced students in the humanities and social sciences.

Graham’s own research interests include public humanities, augmented and virtual reality, photogrammetry, and scholarly interface design.

As a “full-stack” developer, Graham’s technical expertise is in web application languages, systems design, and technical training for humanities-based research questions. Before joining the Scholars’ Lab in 2009, he worked as a historical researcher, TEI specialist, web developer, systems architect, dabbling in computer graphics, high-performance computing, and emerging technologies coordination.

The Illuminations Digital Humanities Series is sponsored by the Humanities Center, the University Libraries, and the ORE Scholarly Projects Fund. Each year, the series invites thinkers, scholars, and technologists in the digital humanities to share their work and wisdom with the greater DH and digital scholarship community. View upcoming speakers at

Pendergrass Leisure Reading Birthday Party, November 18

Pendergrass Library’s Leisure Reading Collection is turning one year old!

You’re invited to come celebrate our “birthday” on Wednesday, November 18, from 2-3 p.m. in the Pendergrass Library Alcove adjoining the Leisure Reading Collection.

Enjoy birthday cake, get featured on our social media, and take a fun book home with you for the upcoming break.  Don’t forget to tweet #PendergrassLeisureBday!

Want to know which leisure books we have available?  Visit our Goodreads account to see a complete list.

What: Pendergrass Library Leisure Reading Birthday Party

When: Wednesday, November 18, 2-3 p.m.

Where: Pendergrass Library Alcove

Workshop on Open Scholarship: Increase the impact of your research

NewRulesOpen scholarship is changing how knowledge is created and shared.

Researchers, graduate students, faculty, and administrators are invited to a presentation and workshop on “Open Scholarship: The New Rules” on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 3:00-4:00 p.m. in 213 Hodges Library. Liaison librarians and librarians from the Scholars’ Collaborative will lead a workshop in how “open” affects your research, publication, impact metrics, and teaching.

RegisterLearn how new methods of scholarly publishing can increase the readership and impact of your research; how to openly and ethically share your work online; and how alternative metrics measure research impact beyond the journal impact factor. You’ll hear from global leaders and work with campus experts in open scholarship.

The “Open Scholarship” workshop is a satellite event of the OpenCon 2015 conference to be held November 14-16 in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop will draw on content from OpenCon 2015: Empowering the Next Generation to Advance Open Access, Open Education and Open Data.

Seating is limited, and refreshments will be served, so please register before November 14 by emailing

Pendergrass Library Now Open!

Starting Tuesday, November 3, Pendergrass Library is OPEN in its normal location on the first floor of the Veterinary Medical Center. Renovations that began in summer have been completed.

Regular library hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – Midnight
  • Friday 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Sunday 1 p.m. – Midnight

Available library services include:

  • Access to Pendergrass collection, including Leisure Reading books and Reference books (note: ask a library staff member for assistance retrieving books)
  • Research assistance
  • Tech support and equipment checkout
  • Regular, large format, and 3D printing
  • Library tours and instruction
  • Statistical consulting (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays by appointment)
  • Writing Center (Wednesdays 12-2 p.m.)
  • Subject area tutoring will begin in Spring 2016

Questions? Contact us:

(865) 974-7338

Live chat at

Slow log-ins in the Commons — an explanation

“I’ve been waiting for an eternity . . . !”

That’s what it can feel like when you’re working in the Commons and waiting on a computer to log-on. However, there’s a very good reason for the wait. We recently spoke with OIT representative who let us know that the long log-in times are caused mainly by all of the profiles that must be built when a student logs-in, plus the 120GB of software that must load. “The profile issue happens because the computers are running security software that puts the machines back into a ‘clean’ state as if no one has logged into the machine (similar to setting up a new machine and logging-in for the first time). OIT is trying multiple strategies to improve everything about this process, and we hope that students will see these changes as they are implemented over the next few months. As for the quantity of software, OIT is currently working on solutions to move some of the larger applications to the Apps server, which will reduce the amount of software loaded locally.”

We know this won’t alleviate the frustration of today’s slow log-in. But now you know why there’s a wait and that OIT is working on a solution.

CrossMark: Decide What Scholarly Content to Trust

What is CrossMark?

Isaac Newton attributed his success to “standing on the shoulders of giants.”  Relying on previously published research is how knowledge progresses.

But did you know that scholarly books, articles, and conference proceedings continue to be cited even after they have been retracted, withdrawn, or revised?  Also multiple sources of content are available on the web: from databases, to authors’ websites, to PDFs on your own computer.  How do you know which version to trust?

The CrossMark update identification service gives students and researchers the information they need to verify they are using the most up-to-date version of a document.  CrossMark also provides information about publication history, such as how the study was funded and reviewed and where to find additional data.

How CrossMark Works

If a publisher subscribes to CrossMark, you will see the CrossMark logo on an article, book chapter, e-book, or other document on the publishers’ website.  Click here to see examples of the CrossMark logo on different types of documents.


Simply click on the CrossMark logo on the PDF document or webpage to see if the document is current or if updates are available.  Click the link to see any corrections or updates to the article.


Additional Resources on CrossMark

Have more questions about research, citations, and scholarly communication?  Contact a Pendergrass subject librarian!

Campus delivery for faculty/grads: specify your “Work Address”

Library Express offers Campus Delivery for UTK faculty, graduate students and staff with departmental offices.

***Before requesting delivery of library materials, you must first update your “patron record” to specify the location of your departmental office.***

Download a PDF of this
research hint here.

Begin by signing in, using the Off-campus users: Sign in button on the library homepage:




Select My Account:


Select Personal Settings, then Edit Details:


Use the Select New Delivery Location drop-down to specify your departmental office and Update:


Now you’re ready to have library materials delivered to your departmental office. Find the desired library holdings in the online catalog. (Make sure you are signed in.) Select Get It / Physical Item / Personal Delivery (Work Address):