Borrow a GPS

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Would you like to borrow a GPS unit?

UT Map Services lends three Garmin GPSmap 62stc, five GPSmap 76CSx, and four Oregon 300 GPS units. These units circulate to students, faculty, and staff. The units are WAAS (wide area augmentation system) enabled and capable of returning accuracy of better than three meters 95 percent of the time. These units also feature a digital compass and a barometric altimeter.

To reserve a GPS unit, please contact UT Map Services at 974-4315.

Using the Garmin GPSmap 62stc, GPSmap 76CSx, and Oregon 300

The Garmin GPSmap 62stc, GPSmap 76CSx, and Oregon 300 can be used for navigation and data collection. Using DNRGPS, a freeware program, it is possible to convert Garmin waypoint files into ESRI shapefiles that can be used in a GIS program.

In addition, Map Services has purchased Garmin Topo 24K (Southeast) and Topo 100K (United States) software that can be downloaded to the Map Services GPS units to provide more detailed background maps.

Summary of GPS Circulation Policy

  • GPS units circulate for seven days.
  • GPS units circulate only to students, faculty, and staff of UT.
  • Patrons are required to sign a statement agreeing to the GPS loan policy.
  • After the first circulation, a record is kept showing that the patron has completed the orientation.
    (See complete policy)

Garmin GPSmap 62stc Receiver Links

GPSmap 62stc Quick Start Manual  —

A 12-page PDF file.

GPSmap 62stc Owner’s Manual  —

A 60-page PDF file.

GPSmap 62stc Description  —

GPSmap 62stc Specifications  —

GPSmap 62stc Review  —

GPSmap 62stc Training Videos  —

GPSmap 62stc Yahoo Group  —

GPSmap 62stc Wiki  —

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Garmin GPSmap 76CSx Receiver Links

GPSmap 76CSx Quick Reference Guide  —

A 2-page PDF file.

GPSmap 76CSx Owner’s Manual  —

A 64-page PDF file.

GPSmap 76CSx Quick Sheet (Backpacker Magazine)  —

GPSmap 76CSx Basic GPS Capture, Edit and Navigation (USDA Forest Service)  —

GPSmap 76CSx Description  —

GPSmap 76CSx Specifications  —

GPSmap 76CSx Review  —

GPSmap 76CSx Yahoo Discussion Group  —

GPSmap 76CSx USB Drivers  —

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Garmin Oregon 300 Receiver Links

Oregon 300 Quick Reference Guide  —

An 8-page PDF file.

Oregon 300 Owner’s Manual  —

A 56-page PDF file.

Oregon Series Quick Sheet (Backpacker Magazine)  —

Oregon 300 Description  —

Oregon 300 Specifications  —

Garmin Oregon Training Videos  —

Garmin Oregon Yahoo Discussion Group  —

Garmin Oregon Wiki  —

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GPS Related Tutorials

GPS Tutorial  —

An excellent introduction to GPS from Trimble.

Other GPSVisualizer Tutorials  —

DNRGPS Help (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)  —

Using DNRGarmin – A Quick Start Guide  —

A detailed PDF from the U.S. Forest Service

Garmin BaseCamp Training Videos  —

Garmin MapSource Software Tutorial  —

Learn how to use this commercial GPS software from Garmin. Also, see the MapSource Users Manual PDF

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Map Service’s Favorite GPS Links  —

Free software download that facilitates the transfer of data between a GPS

unit and a computer.  —

Free website for displaying GPS data on maps, satellite images and much more.

DNRGPS Application (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)  —

Free software download that converts gps waypoint and track data to shapefiles that can be used in GIS programs.

Tennessee Landforms (Tom Dunigan)  —

Find GPS coordinates and download waypoints of natural features in Tennessee.

Tennessee Topographic Map Guide  —

Find out which USGS 7.5 minute (1:24,000 scale) topographic maps show different

national and state parks, forests, and natural areas in Tennessee.

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)  —

U.S. Geological Survey website for finding coordinates and links to maps for

features in the United States.  —

Learn about and participate in the GPS scavenger hunt.

Degree Confluence Project  —

A fascinating look at the world using GPS